Kanako Yamazaki


Kanako Yamazaki has few galleries and I do not have time to look up her stats, but I wanted to give you someone to look at over the weekend. She’s an AV model and strangely enough the only photos I could find of her were uncensored. Lucky you.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan










Many Galleries (Mostly the same)

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0 thoughts on “Kanako Yamazaki”

  1. I’d like it if the most nude shots came last, a nice build up. She’s really cute btw.

  2. Skinny skank, sorry that’s my first thought after viewing the post.

    Reminds me of a typical american skinny skank, only asian of course.

  3. IMO, she cleans up better than most of the run-of-the-mill AV girls.

    In the better pictures (like most of the ones used in this post) she’s pretty cute, I think. Nice poses, good smile…sweet, even.

    In the other raunchier pictures, she is nothing special, though. Too bad.

  4. Of course she’s a naughty girl, she does AV. I think I wanted to say her looks and poses have that attitude and I bet she’s a natural, away from the cameras.

  5. Not only is she below average, she looks dirty.

    The first 2 pictures are ok but suddenly it looks like she’s about to fart in my face.

    No thanks with this one.

  6. Let’s see, we like them dirty, but not too dirty?
    Anyway, I think she’s cute and doesn’t look like every other AV idol out there. she seems to have been photographed more naturally that most of the ladies we see here, which can lead to some rougher shots, but on the whole I like her.

  7. So, she is a porn star and she likes to play dirty or dirty play.
    Her body, I think she is shape less.

  8. Different but not below average. She’s fine, looks very approachable. Sweet.

    Dirty or not dirty, what the heck is that? No one can honestly say that they get a woman naked and they DON’T want her to be dirty!

  9. Wouldn’t kick her outta my bed. Love a gal who isn’t afraid to show off her privates like that.

  10. Girls like this are way hot to me. I like a girl with a couple minor flaws like the bruises or even a scar or two.

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