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Cat Alfonso is one of two hot Filipinas that I just found out about and wanted to put together an article for. To me, Cat looks like a cross between Charmane Star and Sabrine Maui and overall I find her to be very sexy. Hopefully you will think so as well.From what I can tell, she started out as a webcam model. She has a website, however it has not been updated since 2008, most likely due to her moving on to do glamour/lingerie/fashion modeling. It would have been nice if she still posed topless because I find her to be very sexy.


Birth Date: September 8, 1980
Hometown: West Covina, Ca
Ethnicity: Filipina
Height: 5′6″
Weight: 120 lbs
Measurements: 32-26-37
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown











Old MySpace page
Cat XOXO @ Hot Asian Girls
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  1. I’ve come across Cat a few times and I have always stopped for a peek. She’s kinda more my type than most of the other Pinays on this site… I think because she has more natural shots instead of the ones that are so heavy on the photo shop… ya know???

    I like her… she’s one I’d love to meet in person. How far is West Covina from San Diego… haha!

  2. Wow is all I can say.

    She’s got a great body and a good look. She should stick with this type of modeling.

  3. Where exactly in West Covina, I have some friends who live there. I’ll just stop in and say hi (JK). She’s pretty hot, but in an odd change of events I actually like this girl more when she smiles. Usually like the sultry look but she has a great smile.

  4. She’s got a very pretty face. It’s hard to believe that she is Filipino.

    Would look even better with a tasteful boob job, full c-cups.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! She has a simply amazing body, tattoo and all, and I just love that smile too!

  6. I wouldn’t be so certain she’s all-natural Eddy – as small as her breasts might be, there are some signs that she actually has implants.

  7. A sexy filipina with dark brown skin, beautiful legs, a wonderful smile in a pretty face, toned stomach, long dark hair. What else does a man need in life? Nothing else, my friends. Cat has got it all.

    The 5th photo, where she is smiling and hidding her boobs with the hair, is the one that made me surrender! Superb. And 28 years old is my favorite age for a woman.

  8. Her twitter posts are pathetic… Sounds like she can’t walk and chew gum simultaneously…

  9. daznlover said it best, agree on all counts!

    Is it just me, that first pic made me flash on Vanessa Hudgens? A-S going the Disney route?

  10. Natural, no way! The only pics that show her boobs both show the right one going more south than the left one. Both look fake and like they were shaped by two different sculptors. They don’t seem symmetrical or natural at all.

    In all other regards, smokin body and very nice face! Pretty!

  11. As I mentioned previously, I dig perky breasts, but why would someone pay to have implants this small? And are her hips really 37 (or 39 as mentioned in one of the links)? Doesn’t look that way to me, but I’d love to do the measuring for myself.

    Uberdork – does that mean you don’t think Filipinas are normally pretty? Them’s fighting words…..

  12. I find her very sexy too, she looks way better when she is smiling. The first photo is great, did I mention I find her sexy πŸ˜‰

  13. @Halloweendm: yep, that’s exactly what I was talking about. Also, her right nipple sits much higher than should be the case if they were natural. Small doesn’t necessarily mean natural!

    @Wings: I often wonder about this too! As I always say, if you gonna make ’em fake, make ’em big! Otherwise leave ’em natural. Perhaps she just doesn’t want people to think they’re fake. πŸ™‚

  14. I don’t know if her breasts are real, or not. But it isn’t that unusual for women to NATURALLY have unmatched breasts.

    IMO, Doc is the expert, and I usually defer to him. He seems unsure, here, though. So I will come down on the natural side.

    I’m all for natural, but in this case, I could live with a slight modification, to add fullness and symmetry. And I am the complete opposite side of this than Doc, when I say, the breasts should be proportional to the woman. Cartoonishly big, and round, breasts are very off-putting, IMO.

    Cat’s not my favorite, but she does have a nice shape, and a great smile.

  15. Pretty and sexy woman.

    For me, if you are going to make them fake, make them as real-looking as possible. This usually means for slimmer women like Cat, who do not have much to work with in the first place, that smaller is better. Like with Naho Ozawa. I tend to only like boob jobs that keep me guessing about whether or not they are real, and these seem to be quite rare, especially outside of Japan. I think Cat would look great completely flat-chested. And I totally concur with Bigfoot Dean about cartoonishly big and round (as-drawn-with-a-compass) breasts being very off-putting, very wince-inducing.

  16. I’m positive that Cat had augmentation done. She probably wanted to retain a natural look, but she would be so much hotter with like a C cup to go with her frame. And these days, I’m not worrying about whether someone is all natural or not. Who hasn’t had work done these days? As long as they look good, I could care less.

  17. Yes Candyman – exactly. This obsession over “all-natural” that a lot of people have is really quite ridiculous these days.

  18. Doc, question. Assuming she was flat chested, which happens with some filipinas, if she wanted a C cup, how would that be solved regarding the necessary extra skin tissue needed?

  19. Skin has a remarkable capacity to stretch, particularly amongst Asians (or at least orientals – I’m not sure about islanders). As a rule of thumb, you can jump two cup sizes in a single op without too much trouble (so A to C should be fine).

  20. Given that some of my all-time favorites have been surgically enhanced, and that that enhancement has added to their appealβ€”Miho Ariga, Nastuki Abe, and Akira Fubuki come to mindβ€”I am no hard line opponent of cosmetic surgery. But given the unfortunate and regrettable results of most breast enhancement operations (especially from the perspective of those who want women, the whole package, to look like real human beings rather than cartoon characters or plastic dolls), any β€œobsession” of some with naturalness is not ridiculous, but very understandable. Of course some women deliberately set out to make themselves look like Barbie or Little Annie Fanny (usually failing miserably, but…), and some men like it. But certainly we should not dismiss those among us who prefer women to look like bona fide representatives of the female of the species as millions of years of evolution have made them.

  21. I don’t have a problem with guys wanting girls to look natural at all, but the obsession with the ideal that a girl should not have cosmetic surgery is IMHO quite silly – and in this day and age largely meaningless, as it is actually very rare.

    Oh yes: I’m a big fan of Akira and Miho too. πŸ™‚

  22. Preferably I would see someone who is all natural, but as long as someone gets “good” surgery, then I don’t have a problem with that. But there’s always going to be something that is used to enhance the look of most of these models, whether it’s surgery, makeup, or photoshop. So I don’t get all worked over needing to see someone all natural.

  23. I’m not saying she should have enhanced herself to DD’s, it’s just that there is a lot of different sizes she could have picked if indeed she is enhanced, and one or two steps up would have made more sense to me. Before and after shots would be nice…

  24. I agree with you. She could have picked a different size, but it’s her body and she can do what she wants with it. My thinking is that she probably had nothing to work with beforehand and got that size to look natural and to appear that she does not have implants. Any bigger and you would probably off the jump assume that they are fake.

    And like I said, I would have loved to have seen her with a bust size that is a little larger than what she has because it would have made her look that much more sexier. Oh well.

  25. I love her small breasts like that, and at 29 she looks about perfect. Now, how do I find a phone number for Cat (and some guts lol).

  26. You make some good points Candyman — she must have really been flat before. Having kids and breastfeeding usually takes care of that, though (it did for my wife!).

    Again, I like the way Cat looks now, but I still maintain that if she was going to get an enhancement, at least a little larger would have made more sense. Either way, I’m enjoying studying the issue.

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