Japanese women dance for you (again and again!)


(Editors note: I updated this old post, since there is a new version of the uniqlock screensaver)

Today is the time to fill your computer screen with images of dancing Japanese women. Why? The uniqlock screensaver from Japanese clothing designer uniqlo is out there waiting for you!

The screensaver alternates between a minimalist display of the current time and five second videos of four young Japanese women in polo shirts and jeans performing synchronized dance moves. They dance focusing your attention away from the passing time.

You can download the screensaver here. They also have an online version, if you just want to watch without installing software on your machine.Ohw, just found out there are now seven different screensavers in the uniqlock archives.

And here are some audition videos:

More auditions here.

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  1. I think I’m missing something…why would I want to display Uniqlo screensaver…..
    but i spend a lot of time dazed and confused….

  2. Wow what a find!!
    The music is by FPM, better known as Fantastic Plastic Machine, the best Japanese DJ in my opinion!
    His music can be heard in a lot of places, including the soundtrack of Austin Powers!!
    There is a Gap touch to this project, which is interesting since Uniqlo is really very much like Gap in terms of style and pricing, just better quality stuff, as always in Japan…
    There are Uniqlo stores in London and New York…

  3. now it’s 17:52 PDT, it becomes dancing now. but this morning around 09:05 PDT, it was some hot chicks sitting around and relaxing or even sleeping, it was calm and chill. It changes depends on the time and stuff? who knows the schedule? Please let me know when I can get some stripping going on, I’ll be watching that. 😀

  4. I’m so sorry SherBo that my posts are so shallow compared to yours…
    The sad truth is that without you, a-s would certainly not be the same…

  5. Inexpensive and totally comfortable, I love UNIQLO’s simple black and grey t-shirts and cotton underwear. The brand is definitely the Japanese cousin to the GAP. And in Shanghai, UNIQLO is a great place to spy cute, stylish Chinese gals.

  6. SherBo: I find it curious that you find yourself to be supremely amusing & witty as you ridicule the posts and taste of others. In my opinion a-s has been very tolerant as you have come to dominate the place with your chatroom-style vacuous interjections that rarely, if at all, add any useful, entertaining, funny, or educational morsel into the fray.

  7. My Japanese GF is a devotee of Uniqlo (get it: Unique Clothes?). She has a hard time finding things her size in the US as sizes here are calibrated to the, ahem, more hefty scale of American women.

  8. Thanks for bringing this up, ljg… I’m no heavyweight contributor myself but I do try to think of something to say before I post… if you click the ‘recent comments’ link on the site homepage it lately seems to be top-heavy with one-line fluff posts from SherBo. Not very edifying.

  9. ditto on that luvjgirls. add more to your comment sherbo and make it a little funny. my advice, try to add “boobs” in all your comments :))

  10. What SherBo is doing isn’t strictly against our guidelines as currently defined, but it does seem as though a lot of people here would like you to change your posting style SherBo!

  11. don’t forget when things get hairy use your lawnmower…my lawnmower has worked much better for me then my law degree….

    good luck to you ….

  12. That’s great stuff. I continue to find Japanese pop culture surprising; always stylish, quirky (and amusing for that reason), novel (I can’t tell, though, just how seriously they take it themselves). Why in those few minutes I took a J-shine to some of those J-girls. The one with the round face and really straight hair is a real honey. I also think they’ve got much better legs than I usually associate with Japanese women (given some of the moves, maybe they are professional dancers hired for the ad–that would explain the legs).

  13. i found it really funny that i’ve been posting comments here for quite a while, but sherbo – in the past few days – has surpassed my number of comments. he’s posted 419 comments while i’ve posted 405 in my total 3 – 4 months here at asian sirens.

    on the bright side, i didn’t realize that a-s had so many archives. after about the first week or so of completely sherbo comment domination i thought that we’d run out of posts to comment on, but further investigation revealed a-s was older than i initially thought. then again, even the downtime notification post got a comment.

    but sherbo, i’m sure you actually have good insight to contribute; maybe you just need to stop with the stream of consciousness style of writing since you’re not toni morrison and your a-s comments aren’t beloved

    (haha, get it? double meaning? beloved the book, beloved…ah, yeah, never mind)

  14. Sorry my first post in this thread was off topic. On topic, this screensaver is great! I just installed it and ten minutes of watching cute, sensibly dressed J-girls frolicking about accompanied by jazzy techno was enough to lift me right out of my then-lousy mood.

    To save me waiting around (I have the attention span of a mayfly), does this downloadable version have the daytime-specific features dartdude mentioned, or is that only to be found online?

  15. Does anyone know any more about the screensaver itself?

    * Who are the girls (they’re all pretty and they all have great legs! 😉 )? Maybe someone knows witch audition numbers they were (it’s hard to tell in the low-res YouTube videos [and no, Asian girls do not all look alike!])?
    * What is the setting (I love the architecture, or at least what I can see of it)?
    * Where can I get the Polo shirt version (in the version I downloaded, the girls only seem to be wearing Cashmere knit sweaters and skorts)? The download file (uniqlock_24color_v2.zip) seems to indicate that there’s a version 1 somewhere out there (and that there may be forthcoming versions).

  16. Yeah. About FPM .hmmm. Melodious House is quite popular in Japan at the moment. Surprises me as it sounds quite dated to me (circa 2000) in the UK. Jazzy House died here ages ago.

  17. I’m sorry, what’s the deal with this sherbo guy? What post domination? This is the first topic that I’ve seen him post on. I didn’t see him post about Akemi, Natalie, Yuma or any of the recent others to come up. What is he just going around on old posts and writing stuff just for a post count or something?

    As far as this topic goes, I can’t say I’m impressed. Why would I pass the time watching Japanese girls dance around when they’re not naked? What’s the point? If they’re not naked, I could definitely find better things to do with my time. But if I’m going to watch something like this, I need to see boobs!

  18. This is an old post that Robin has resurrected for reasons I don’t fully understand, complete with old comments (and commenters).

  19. Halloweendm- A person can watch both naked and clothed girls dancing. The clothed ones will decrease your tolerance so the naked ones seem more exciting, and they will teach you some manners about how to get real girls undressed.

  20. It seems Robin’s resurection of this post is really confusing everyone. 🙂 Yes, Christine’s post is two years old, but she’s told me she will be back next month!

  21. Don’t assume to know someone by what they post, Zhan. You know nothing about me or my ability to get a woman naked. All you’ve done is mildly annoy me and make yourself look like a fool.

    People come to this site to see exceptionally good looking women or naked women that are at least ok looking but hopefully exceptional. A dancing woman screensaver is just a gimmick since they’re clothed and not in various states of undress. I suppose it would be good if you want to know how Asian women dance at the clubs or something.

    I did read, Robin. Your post was stamped Jun 19, 09. So, I thought that meant yours was the first post and all others came after it, so I didn’t think it was necessary to look at the time stamp of the others.

    If you want to bring a post back from the dead, why not just link to it instead? How exactly was it necessary to stir up old stuff instead of posting something new? I mean that is what the archive and search links are for, right? You could have just posted a new pic of some chick you saw and said, “hey this lady reminded me of X post that was made way back when (link). What do you guys think?” That way we get something new and have the choice of looking at something that was done long ago.

  22. @VonBytch: She may be able to dance, but I can see why she wasn’t hired by Uniqlo. Her style doesn’t match the style they use in the clock/screensaver; she is too sexy/seductive while the Uniclock girls have a more mechanical style (which I don’t think is a bad thing).

    I just wish I could figure out which of the dozens of auditioners actually got hired (it’s hard to tell for some from the low-res YouTube videos), because a couple of them are *really* cute (while the one with the “greatest endowment” isn’t all that good looking to me — I mean, if I saw her on the street, I wouldn’t give her a second glance).

  23. Halloweendm: I think you’re taking Zhan’s comments way too seriously – he is referring to the intent of the makers of this stuff, not your ability to get girls naked. Relax. 🙂

  24. Maybe, Doc. But it read to me like he was saying I was short on manners and separating women from their clothes because I don’t want to watch clothed women dance. Maybe I am a little jaded being here in Las Vegas with more strippers per capita than just about anywhere else in the world!

    Why bother with women with their clothes on when I could go 20min in just about any direction and get naked ones–real ones–in my face!

  25. Because, Halloweendm, at the end of the night in a strip club, you usually leave with a broken heart and an empty wallet. Even more so here in Vegas:-)

  26. Ha! Wings, I forgot about you! Forgot you were here in town too. Yeah, broken heart and empty wallet if that’s what you’re going there for. Like gambling, you have to know when to cut yourself off and just take it for what it is; naked women grinding their twats into your lap and shoving their boobs in your face!

    I’ll admit its been a few months since I’ve been, but its always there!

    The only way I could see watching a clothed woman dance is if it would lead to her dancing AND removing her clothes OR just removing her clothes.

  27. Halloweendm – both times I went to a strip club here it was with my wife and some other couples. But I couldn’t believe the amount of physical contact going on — too much pent up frustration if you’re there as a single guy. I mean, if wanted to be teased like that, I’d go back to high school:-)

  28. Yeah, the amount of contact surprised me too.

    One time I went last year, a friend was paying for me (late b-day present) and the girl was open mouth kissing me, stuffing her boobs in my mouth and letting me finger her when she wasn’t grinding on my leg. And it was done with some bouncer that looked like a sparring partner for Mike Tyson, not 5′ away waiting to catch someone breaking the rules!

    Totally crazy awesome stuff! Definitely had to shower after that! Lol!

    Much better than watching girls with their clothes on! See, keeping it on topic! 😛

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