Junko Yamanaka


Junko Yamanaka is a Japanese Gravure model. Her photos are boring. Very boring. She’s wearing the same gold bikini they all wear, the same blue swimsuit, the same…. pretty much the same everything. She’s pretty, but she doesn’t benefit from these lame photos at all. Still, again, she’s pretty, so I present her to you today. Though I don’t understand the fascination with the gold swimsuits. It’s not like people in Japan grew up watching the original Star Wars films.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan












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  1. I always knew there was another reason why I liked Japanese things aside from the sushi. I agree with Luke 72, I love the pic where she is taking off her shorts.

  2. I’ve seen the same studio churn out the same gold swimsuit/chair and black/blue swimsuit/red couch wardrobe and poses on dozens/hundreds of japanese models over the past couple years. And I’m still not bored with it.

    The photographer shouldn’t be winning any awards, but for crying out loud: look at her!

  3. I think she’s suffering from following Jane ‘Great Googamooga’ Ping.

    She’s cute, but suffers from a really daft photographer / artistic director.

    The second to last shot – with her on the white leather chair in the blue leotard and clear / oversided whore slippers – has this paradoxical quality; as if her upper body is saying ‘take me seriously’ and the lower half is saying ‘I’m paralyzed’.

    Or maybe that should be applied to the third to last photo…or the fourth.

  4. Her brain shows right through. And it looks at least as fun as her T,H and A. She ACTS in the world, not just REACTS to it.

  5. Very nice legs, very pretty face with intense eyes.
    I must declare that I have nothing against gold swimsuits on hot girls. Quite the opposite, really.

  6. A cut above the average Gravure model, but not in the very top level, IMO.

    Still quite attractive with a killer body. I agree she would benefit quite a bit from a better photog.

  7. Ooooh Weee! Yeah the photo of her taking her shorts off, she looks like she might tear someone apart. In a good way of course.

  8. I’m guessing plenty of Japanese watched the Star Wars movies — and it would be better if Junko was wearing the same gold bikini as Carrie Fisher.

    No nudity:-(

  9. I think your right about the pics but the reason why you chose her is because she is incredibly attractive. With the right artistic direction…… She could buck the trend

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