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Evon T is a true model. She does it for the art form, not for the glamour or as a way to show off to boys. She has so many different types of photos online that you will sometimes wonder if it’s even the same person.

Unfortunately, almost all of those photos (or at least, all of the photos I liked) were image protected, so I couldn’t show you them here. My personal favorite gallery can be found here, so I highly suggest you check them out, and perhaps find a few other photos online for yourself.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’7
Ethnicity: Malay
Located: Malaysia




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  1. She reminds me of an asian Pebbles Flinstone (the older version, not the baby) where she’s on the streets walking BAREFOOT. That’s the running commonality in all pics I’ve seen here. Nice!

  2. Beautiful, sexy, what a face. She has an asian Brigitte Bardot vibe… 🙂

    And Evon can write an interesting blog too, she kept me going, reading post after post. Kind of girl I would love to have a chat with. Maybe more? Who knows 🙂

  3. Hmmm very odd. Maybe it was a result of posting before my 1st cup of coffee!

    Anyway, I said something along the lines of…

    Now that we see some pictures of her smiling, it becomes clear why she doesn’t smile more often.

    She is very attractive and seems to be quite a talented model. But I think she is limited a bit, due to her smile which is not particularly attractive, nor does it seem to be very genuine. Truth is, while I think she is stunning, she leaves me a bit cold.

  4. Like Dazn, enjoyed her blog site. She certainly seems to value her friends.

    Not sure of her “hotness” as most of her photos tend to be artsy instead of … skinzy(?). Still, I think she’d be a great time as she really seems to like dessert. Can’t go wrong with a Siren that enjoys desserts.

    Sorry, no verse. Fighting a cold and the head is more clogged than usual.

  5. She has very very nice facial features. Quite pretty. I think her smile is cute…I don’t see why ya don’t like her smile.

  6. Yeah, I do miss the verse myself. 🙂 Get well soon dbldipper.

    I’m a bit mystified by the comments saying her blog is a good read though – there isn’t much to read (it’s mostly just pics).

  7. Doc, you can compare her blog to other models’ blogs. And it’s just not pics, there’s some enticing text (for my taste).
    I find her style smarter, well written for the most part. I think she writes deeper about the subjects, with more personality and more juicy stuff. You do know how some other models are so ’empty’ on their blogs…

  8. Compare it with other models’ blogs? You mean like this one? Admittedly, Sachiko’s blog is very unusual for a model’s blog, but to make the statement that Evon’s blog is a “good read” is I think a little silly – you could say it’s better than most model blogs or something like that.

  9. Doc, a “good read” is subjective for everyone. Like a woman. Everyone’s has their own taste. 🙂
    I wasn’t comparing it to Sachiko’s, but to other models blogs, models like Evon who have similar blogs about photos, food, etc.

  10. I think these types of blogs are more appropriately called a “good look”, rather than a “good read” as such. Surely a good read requires at least a few paragraphs of text?

  11. Hey doc, I didn’t even write “good read”. You wrote that, not me. lol

    Anyway, as long as it has something to read, yes, you do read. Her blog is mostly about the photos, though. It’s not a big deal and it’s subjective. But for example this post:

    She connects the photos very nicely with well written descriptions of what happened that night. It’s like she has been documenting the whole night in pictures. I know this is not something that other airhead models can do. I see something that I like to read and I think she can express herself quite well.

  12. Ogod. She’s good looking and has nice legs(!) and there is kind of a concept about the 12 photos in the first link, but really – so deep and multi-faceted? come on.

  13. You’re absolutely right daznlover – I’m not sure what gave me the impression that you’d used those words. I guess I’d better brush up on my own reading skills. 🙂

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