Jang E Ping


Jang E Ping is a model from The Black Alley. When women in their 20’s get braces, they tend to learn to smile in photos without showing their teeth. It looks awkward – extremely awkward, because their lips are stretched to cover the entirety of their braces. They make terrible photos.

You start to wonder, then, why bother hiding the braces at all? Even if we pretend that braces are ugly (which they aren’t, necessarily), it is just as unattractive to try to awkwardly hide your teeth when you smile, so what benefit do they have other than looking strange?

Jang E Ping doesn’t hide her teeth. What she does do is close her eyes. Makes me wonder what she’s hiding, why, and whether or not she should bother.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Located: Thailand
Ethnicity: Thai












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0 thoughts on “Jang E Ping”

  1. it’s pretty obvious isn’t it??? Whenever she gets all hot and horny for the photos, she starts reminiscing about my bald headed hairy ape-body and all the associated pulsating hairy over-sized dangling bits. Thus the closed-eyes lustfully dreaming expression.

  2. I have no idea what she’s hiding, but I definitely volunteer to do some deep digging to look. Hot as hell.

  3. great body, and Im sure some poses could be better. but I think the last photo does her justice. very attractive lady.

  4. wow. this chick is smoking. killer body. that boob job is…wel…perfect

    pic 2 seems to be showing a part that i am completely unfamiliar with

    perhaps it is because the inside of her flower is so pink inside, with a darker outside it stands out like a sore thumb

    we would all die very very very happy men if our wives/girlfriends looked like this.

  5. She has an attractive face and very nice body. She could use a little landscaping around her bush, I volunteer.

  6. Maybe it helps her relax by not seeing the camera so much. I’d love to help her get over that shyness with the camera if that is the case. If it’s not the case I’d love to help her anyway.

  7. Very nice though I’d like to see her smile more. I agree maybe a little cleaner around the lips and would be perfect.

  8. WoW! She may very well be one of the hottest I’ve seen on here in a short while. Sexy sexy legs and a nice sexy mouth.

  9. @Luke72, I like that photo very much as well.

    @geoest: I’ve seen some of those hardcore photos before; assuming it’s the same girl,it was definitely pre-boob job.

  10. geoest

    that set of pictures of Jang is infuriating. A girl with a body that great needs an epic pounding on a nightly basis by a man packing more meat that Costco.

    Not this “lil wanker” in the photo.

  11. What else can be said?

    She makes me all tingly in my nether regions!!!

    Her body is 100% perfect! That stomach…oh my god!!!

    And pubic hair – YEAH!!! For any ladies reading, that’s what a bush should look like…clean around the kissable parts and long enough to run your finger tips through in getting there!

  12. Just read the post above mine…Y E S…those are the words I was looking for:

    G R E A T G O O G A M O O G A !!!

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