I Damn Myself To Hell!

Sachiko Blasphemes

Although I am open to all different opinions about God and the universe, I myself am an atheist. And my increasing despair over the seemingly intractable war between Judaeo-Christians and Muslims has made me decide to become a more outspoken one. Unless the Abrahamic religions can learn to end their warlike tendencies (which has proven to be impossible for centuries now), it would seem that our best chance of having lasting, global peace is to put what they’re fighting over behind us instead.However, even in this supposedly ‘enlightened’ age, there is still an enormous stigma attached to being an atheist (especially in the US), or even talking about it. And one of the major reasons for this is because people aren’t supposed to question religion. Hence my support of the Blasphemy Challenge. Yes, it is provocative, but it needs to be: it is intended to stimulate open discussion about religion and atheism, and encourage atheists to ‘come out of the closet’. You can see a non-nude version of my video contribution on YouTube, but we’ve posted the full length, full nude, full screen version on my web site!

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  1. Great pic Sachiko, very sexy! Would love to meet you in heaven, though. Hell is too damn hot for me. πŸ™‚

    I agree religions are a big problem in the world today. When politics mix with religion it’s all wrong. If things are set apart, then it don’t matter what religion people have or don’t have at all. It’s the bad use of it, not the religion itself.

  2. Careful,careful Sachiko.I too am atheist…but even a casual glance at the last century would tell you that the biggest killers were ATHEISTS.
    Hitler…Pol Pot…Mao…Idi Amin…Joe Stalin.In one century-the atheists managed to deliver comparable numbers of dead to those who killed in the name of “GOD” in previous centuries.
    I might add that this current conflict is not a war between Judeo-Christians and Islam…rather this is about a basically VIOLENT…basically FLAWED…and hopefully IMPLODING religion.(ISLAM) that can’t come to grips with the fact that it has’nt delivered the goods for it’s believers.As much as I despise organized religion-I stand with those of Judeo-Christian faith who also render service in the public arena.A world where Islam prevails is not a planet I care to be on.Sadly-Ms.Mclean the human race has’nt evolved to the point where we can settle disputes with some occasional killing.As western civilization tries to formulate some “high road” response to Islamo-facism-it is worth noting that their gameplan does’nt involve anything close to peaceful co-exsistense.We can convert…or we can DIE.(That edict is in the Quran) Sadly-I think certain parts of Europe will be taken over…and probably Israel nuked…before we in the west find the stomach to bomb these clowns and their foul faith into “reformation”…or hopefully oblivion.Nice rack by the way…toots.

  3. I disagree, it is indeed religion itself that is the problem. To make any line of inquiry, behavior, or expression the exclusive domain of Odin, Marduuk, Izanagi, or whatever, is like putting an big anvil against the front door of your house. You can work around it by going out the back, or a window but it really is better to lose the anvil.

    Furthermore, a lot of people (the majority, I think) are going to be too lazy to bypass the anvil and let themselves be trapped inside their small house. This is an inevitable consequence of both house-anvils and religious beliefs that are hostile to reason. One can not merely dismiss them as aberrations, since every religion is designed to at least encourage, if not require, this self-limitation.

  4. in the words of Rodney King…”why can’t we all just get along”….and oh yea..nice rack by the way:))

  5. “Yes, it is provocative, but it needs to be: it is intended to stimulate open discussion about religion and atheism…” is what the lady said. I try not to say “no” to nude women, especially when they make good sense, so “can’t we all just get along” is no longer operative.

  6. STRIPES, to say that the biggest mass murderers in history are atheists falls right into line with the faultly Christian argument against Atheism. They didn’t kill people because they were Atheists, they killed them because they were meglomaniacs. And if you wish, I could name some Christian meglomaniacs to show how unrelated Atheism is to the horrors that they committed.

    Besides, strong arguments can be made that Hitler was a devout Catholic.

  7. No,C.DARWIN. The point I tried to make was that the 20th century produced mass killers that were EQUAL to the task of killing in the name of ideology.Much like those who killed in the name of “GOD” in previous centuries.The problem with ATHEISM- and I speak as one myself-is that in espousing a belief system that DOES NOT INCLUDE A DEITY…you ironically create something akin to a NEW RELIGION.Think about it.My belief system does not include a deity…yet I and all atheists STILL seek answers….and as such will come to create a system of practices and beliefs that help me find these answers.Could it be that what we call SCIENCE in these modern times will be looked upon as FAITH by future generations?There is precedent for such:ALCHEMISTS in the courts of European and Chinese royalty were considered the scientisits of their time.We in modern times look upon them as religious/quasi-religious QUACKS.
    BTW… people who kill in the name of “GOD” are themselves MEAGALOMANIACS.I am not disagreeing with your point.SACHIKO…I know you’re smart…but can I just keep that in the back of my mind from here on out? Don’t do this again!;->

  8. Stripes the “atheist” concern-troll presents a good example of one of the biggest problems facing the advance of reason. Far too many people think science is a body of knowlege or dogma. It is not, it is a method for figuring out what information is reliable by means of methodical testing and examination.

  9. Point taken….But the vast majority of people are NOT trained in ANY scientific discipline.We must all however deal with/live with their discoveries.De-facto they have become “high priests” and the rest of us their sometimes reluctant followers.This is true even among trained scientists:Have you seen the way the”old guard”fights when one of their cherished theories appears to be headed for revision or elimination? It’s almost religious.
    The reason that people cling to religious faith is that it claims to have ALL THE ANSWERS…end of story.Science KNOWS that it does NOT have all the answers…but this does not stop theorists from acting in a religious way when their research points to an answer.Even they sometimes miss the point that discovery is a never-ending journey.Dammit SACHIKO!

  10. The facts are that Islam and the 20th century ideologies of athieism (Nazism and Communism) are the cause of such violence. Neither Jews or Christians have been involved in any genocide or offensive war against anyone. The Crusades were defensive and only after 600 years of Muslim expansion by war. Christianity expanded by peaceful conversion. I am surprised an Aussie doesn’t realize this since one of your imams just said uncovered women are like meat to be used and abused as muslims see fit. Get with it. Islam teaches the killing of those who refuse to convert. Additionally, Muslims are involved in wars with Christians, with Jews, with Hindus, with Buddhists, etc. Muslims are the problem, not Christians or Jews. In fact, there is no peace when there are Muslims around.

  11. johnnie, hard to say that, when George Bush ordered an attack on Iraq because he says God told him so. This was revealed by Gerard Shroeder, who refused to back up Bush, given his religious motives.

    All it takes is extremism and someone with too much power. Extremism is the problem, not religions.

    Regarding ‘peaceful conversion’ I consider that conversion can actually be very aggressive. In psychological or social terms, even if there is no physical aggression, evangelists can still be seen in a very bad light. Evangelists that try to convert the others are part of the peace problem.

  12. “Don’t try to shove your religion* down my throat!” (The mantra of the Godless.)

    And yes, atheism is a religion–there’s just no deity.

  13. a wise monk once told me “life is a short, meaningless journey filled with emptiness and pain. Get all the pussy you can” πŸ™‚

  14. Okay Johnnie, your pro-Christian bias is very obvious here. You seem to think Sachiko favours Muslims, but she does nothing of the sort: she is against ALL religion, including Islam. Only a defensive Christian could interpret her this way.

    And to say that Judaeo-Christians have never been involved in any offensive war is just outrageous: they are engaged in one right now in Iraq! Plus the Jews just invaded Lebanon, and that’s not to mention their occupation of Palestinian territories. And that’s just what’s happening right now!

    Also, to say Christianity expanded by ‘peaceful’ conversion is even more outrageous. This did more to wipe out entire cultures of people than any other religion has done in history. The native cultures of America, Australia and just about island you could name are now practically dead as a result of this. And there was mass genocide of many native peoples in the name of the Christian God. And what about all the genocide God committed in the Bible? If he actually existed, he would be the greatest mass murderer in history!

    As for the atheist mass murderers (although I’m not sure many of the ones listed actually are atheists, particularly Hitler), they still used religion to achieve their objectives. Could Hitler have risen to power if he didn’t use the Jews as a convenient scapegoat, for example? Politicians have been using two things to divide and conquer the population for centuries: religion and racism. Fortunately, with immigration and free trade, racism is gradually dying. But religion is just as divisive as ever, because religion by nature is resistant to change. It is defined by books written centuries ago, and which are no longer relevant to our modern, more enlightened world.

    And don’t even get me started on that ‘science and atheism are faiths’ rubbish. They are defined by their lack of faith – religion claims to have all the answers, whereas science openly admits that it doesn’t, and just tries to go with the evidence. It is true that some bad scientists defend their ideas with a quasi religious fervour, but this is not science per se – it is a personal limitation of those scientists themselves. And atheists do not believe in the non-existence of God, they simply don’t believe in something for which there is no credible evidence – faith is the belief in something regardless of the evidence.

  15. a old chinese proverb….”all fingers point to the same moon” men have killed in the name of religions too many times….peace out:)

  16. Aetheism is as myopic as any other absolute philosophy. If you choose not to believe, you have made a choice. If you choose to believe that yours is the right one, then you are already at odds with another. Aetheism is not a faith, it is a belief. Beliefs are what get people manipulated and potentially led to slaughter.

    Religion is a means of controlling the masses. It is used for this purpose but is not the cause of the wars that nations (disparate or defined by boundries) have perpatrated on each other.

    Aetheism is a complex belief that brings people together who are of like minds. It has the same potential for offence, good will and abuse as any other belief, be it spiritual or political.

    The devisiveness of any absolute philosophy is by nature confrontational. Aetheism has just as much ability to cause a war as any other belief and has will continue to in the future.

    The human being is destined to seek some communal superiority to mask the limitations of mortality and sigularity. The only truth is that it is mankinds own intolerance for each other and the limitations of their nature that lead some to war and some to complaicancy. In the end we will all turn to dust and the dance of electrons and chemicals that make us will end.

    The only “ism” that should bring us to real understanding is nudism. There we can see who is truly special and how close to each other we really are.

    So bring out the saints of the true religion. Lets admire the devine creations that we can only glimpse at as icons of the true human religion. Whether it is random or divine creation, I am thankful that there is something better to look at than my own hairy navel when contemplating the meaning of life.

    Correction: Israel (a nation) invaded Lebanon.
    Nationalism is the great terror in this world.

    God or humanity please bless the poor people who are fighting under a flag in this world. Forgive us for the bloodshed of innocent children and the children in uniform


    Photography IS an art form πŸ˜‰

  17. Once again, by definition, atheism is the absence of belief, not a belief system in itself. If you could prove to me that God existed, I would accept that. But there simply isn’t any evidence to support that. I accept what the evidence tells me is true, nothing more. This is, once again by definition, absence of faith.

    And the Abrahamic religions are far more dangerous than atheism, because their holy books actually advocate the killing of those who do not accept their beliefs. Furthermore, they all claim the same piece of dirt as their holy land, which is clearly a recipe for endless, intractable conflict (and so it has been for centuries now).

    There is nothing about atheism that makes it inherently dangerous, unlike the Abrahamic religions. The megolomaniacs who call themelves atheists aren’t really: they just believe in a different God – themselves. Communism as practiced in the eastern block has all the elements of a true religion, with their leaders as their Gods (Stalin, Mau, Kim Jong Il etc.).

    The one major religion that is alright by me is Buddhism, as it really does practice peace, and encourages responsibility for one’s own actions.

  18. I agree, points one and two.

    I was talking today about knowing when to pick your battles and when to let them just blow over. If you were promised something by a force bigger than anything on this planet, then it will come to you, nothing here can stop it.

    To cast doubt is to say that you are not truely faithful. Not so, truthfully, but by casting doubt and finding answer is the only way I can truely believe.

  19. I just has one of those “light-bulb” moments: May all the people on earth convert to Atheism and we will surely have everlasting peace!


    Sure, wars have been fought in the name of god but you can’t blame religion for everything. There will always be conflict – why? http://www.luxxy.com/freedom-why.jpg .

    The Doc’s defintion of Atheism is a bit too simplistic. Atheism can in fact have a spiritual and religious aspect.

    I do wish Sachiko would comment more – she made some pretty provocative and generalised statements in her post – and she did say she would be more outspoken!

  20. Sachiko’s getting a lot of feedback from this vid right now – she’ll be back here to respond shortly!

    Of course getting rid of religion won’t magically end all conflict, but it will take away what has been by far the biggest source of conflict throughout the ages. And as I said, the other usual causes of conflict are becoming naturally reduced over time, but religion remains as devisive as ever. Plus my definition of atheism itself is correct, although it is true that many people apply religiosity to it.

  21. hey doc..i dont think getting rid of religion is the answer. it is not religion that is the problem, but the “men” who are the leaders of these religions. it is men that kill men not religion. i am strong believer of Buddhism and i respect all other’s beliefs. somewhere in the jungle of south america, there are natives who believe their God is a tree. you have to respect their beliefs. the problem is when men try to impose their beliefs and ideas on others and if others dont follow then killed them…and i think all major religions are guilty of such acts….i really hate the ideas that in most religions, it is the men that dictate the rules…catholism is one example…so unfair that a bunch of men deciding what a woman can do to her body….but this is another topics….let the flame begins:))

  22. Problem is, when it come to the Abrahamic religions, there always is some “man” who uses it for aggressive purposes, because it is written into their holy books. And in the case of Christianity, all you have to do is confess to absolve your sins!

    I’ve already said I don’t have any problem with Buddhism, as it is truly peaceful and it teaches you to take responsibility for your own actions. If you can’t handle abandoning relgion, then switch to Buddhism instead. πŸ˜‰

  23. or switch to Bangkokism and follow the teaching of the wise monk Adam:))

    to the best of my recollection, and i could be wrong…i don think there has been extreme acts of conversion violence coming from Buddhist…i could be wrong…but for Islam and Christianity i know there are lots of history of brutalilty….again it is not the religion but the men who lead them..so sad..maybe we should let women lead us..they are only in a bad mood 5 days a month:))

  24. Yes, I’m not aware of any aggressive acts performed in the name of Buddhism either.

    Besides, true Buddhism is a form of atheism anyway: the Buddha himself taught people not to believe in Gods. Sadly though, almost all modern Buddhists do.

  25. Despite atheism, most people wish or need to believe in something. If it’s not religion, then it’s their charismatic boss, the salesman or some lunatic.

    Even if the old religions go away, new ones or cults come to place. Jim Jones, massive brainwash, 900 deads in one day. People are just too gullible, peace is just a dream.

  26. I have to admit that I have some sympathy towards this point of view. Still, I do feel that more and more people are learning to live without having to ‘believe in something’ – atheism is the fastest growing so-called ‘religion’ in the west. I do feel science is teaching us about the wonder and beauty of reality, making faith less necessary than before. I also do feel strongly that getting rid of the Abrahamic religions will be a huge step toward peace: at least then the conflict won’t be on such a large scale, and any new religions will be more heavily scrutinised.

  27. Well… the Tokugawa Shogunate did violently repress rival religions in favor of Buddhism, so we are left with animism in the category of innocent religions, I think.

  28. That’s true – the Japanese practice Buddhism in name only. Then and again, the same could probably be said about just about all modern Buddhism, except possibly for the Tibetans.

    Besides, the Tokugawa Shogunate (and there may be a few others I’m not aware of) were clearly an aberation, whereas the Abrahamic religions have never really stopped killing eachother since their inception. Once again, killing other religions is written into their holy books (unlike Buddhism).

  29. I can see where the miss placement that getting rid of religion would go to stim conflic, but I don’t believe that is so. We have to change the way we aree the way we behave and interact with each other. If not religion it iwll be something else, territories, aligence to some faction etc etc. Just look at the way being know of a certain nationality bring certain conotations booth good and bad and well as stereotypes. Sure there are some religions out there that are hostile towards others, and there are some that are a bit too overbearhing with their go forth and spready the word and multiply but their removal is an ipossible task and a failed journey, because there will be something to take its place. I believe that the real change must be done at the social level, possibly with over rides to teachings of religion. Also I don’t believe aggression is specific to one gender hatred and evil has no favorites.

  30. To a point, I agree with you, but as long as we have religions who advocate the killing of people of other religions and claim the same piece of desert as their holy land, I think we are doomed to endless conflict. Getting rid of religion isn’t a magic bullet, but it’s a good start (and in the case of the Abrahamic religions, I think necessary).

  31. What are we to do with the backlash of opression and loss of freedome that will enavably come from it? There will be such a (unified) adverst movment with it that the action in and of it’s self would probably cause a global war. I think we have to start at the social level get the comming generations to better understand and respect each other, shwo them that we are flawed and that they can approach it better.

    I do understand what you are saying and I say it myself, I just don’t understand fighthing for whats been promised to you by your diety and in those ares the difference between society and religion is not.

    Maybe this is humanities greatest test and question. There is a semingly simple and quick but terribly and possibly bloody answer or there is another approacht that wer are yet to discover. It will be the discovery and action of this better humain plan that will define and signify just how close we can get to world peace.

  32. Hi everybody. Sorry it has taken so long for me to come back and respond to everyone, but I figured Lee would argue my case well (and indeed he has!).

    I would like to add a personal anecdote, however. Many people here have spoken of the need to believe in something, and I used to feel this way myself. As I was slowly awakening to the reality of the non-existence of God, I didn’t yet have enough knowledge of the world around me to be strong enough to not cling to the idea of the existence of some kind of higher spirituality.

    However, I worked hard to improve my understanding of the true nature of the universe, and eventually I made it. And ironically, I am now happier, more secure, and more at peace with myself and everything and everyone around me than I’ve ever been. There is a freedom in realising you are entirely responsible for your own destiny, and it allows you to think and act more clearly, without having to worry about the contradictions inherent in religious dogma.

    Anyway, I’d just like to say that I know from personal experience that becoming an atheist can be difficult, but it has been well worth the effort!

    P.S. to daznlover: don’t you think it would be more fun to meet in hell? I mean, I wouldn’t be able to get around naked in heaven, would I? πŸ˜‰

  33. cant be naked in heaven?..i really dont think God would mind..othewise he wouldnt make the woman’s body so beautiful:)) i always wonder about this and maybe the Christian guys can clue me in…is it wrong to have sex just for fun or does it have to be purely for creation…i always wonder about this..seven deadly sins?

    sachiko…you can run around naked any time…:)..sorry doc πŸ˜‰

  34. Sachiko, if you put it that way, I’m guessing you’re right, Heaven may not be as fun as Hell. πŸ˜‰

    Lawboy, as far as I know it’s ok to have sex for fun, if you’re a married couple. But don’t go too far. It’s mostly for procreation. There’s a lot of guilt about sex.

  35. well i guess there goes my vacation plans dazn:) this is not your view is it?..i have no guilt about sex…only feel guilty when i am not getting any :))

  36. Sorry Lawboy, only saw this again, now.

    Nope, it’s not my view, but you were asking me about the christian view.
    I just feel guilty if I have the chance to have sex and then I don’t. πŸ™‚
    Or if I do it with the wrong person, oh well, lol.

  37. dazn..you confused me a little but then i saw “feel guilty when you had a chance then didnt”…then it all makes sense:) how often that happened to us when we were young and stupid and let those golden moments passed on by…my philosophy now….”boink first ask questions later ; )….”

  38. Came upon this post late. Just have to say that God loves nudes or we wouldn’t all have been born that way. War, Injustice and Hate are all human concepts. We have free will and have used it to screw up. Love your Pics.

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