Julri Waters


Julri is on the cover of the December 2009/January 2010 issue of Playboy’s Voluptuous Vixens which is how I found out about her. Voluptuous describes Julri perfectly.Stats:
Age: 28
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 115lbs
Measurements: 32G-26-36
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota




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0 thoughts on “Julri Waters”

  1. Wow! Upper cleavage for the win! A very healthy looking body and nicely shaped overall. She is a fine looking lady to be sure.

  2. Great post Candyman! Sensational tits, attractive face, tight body, healthy looking… okay, so her build may be just a little too stocky for my taste, but overall, this girl is definitely Doc approvedβ„’. πŸ™‚

  3. This lady is definitely gorgeous in my esteem, and some of the pics on her MM-site are absolutely stunning.

  4. When the web page opens and a new profile picture is revealed, sometimes it is a WHOA moment. This was one of those. From the neck up, striking! From the neck down, let’s just say not my ideal type and I ask “Why would you do this?”

  5. …dude….I’ll take your ticket then at the deli counter…..the first photo is a little bit monica bellushi like…I love the curves…

  6. I would agree with badnews that she does resemble an asiany Monica Bellucci, whom I absolutely lust after! Im due to visit MN, perhaps I can run into Julri there!

  7. Damn! I didn’t have time to read the article earlier, and Travis is right – I had to take the pics down. Please replace them with non-Playboy pics Candyman.

  8. Another manufactured, plastic, ersatz “beauty” from the Playboy assembly line. An average looking woman with an oh-too-obvious boob job.

  9. Seems strong, sexy, voluptuous and healthy. Like her breasts too, not too big, just enough to get any man stare at her rack.

    Very hot, I’d date her. Even Doc likes her curves, I’m surprised. Welcome to the club. πŸ™‚

  10. I’m surprised she made it in Playboy. She’s got the boobs, but I’m surprised they thought her body was toned enough to make the grade.

  11. She didn’t make it into Playboy. She made it into “Playboy’s Voluptuous Vixins” aka “Playboy’s Girls That Are Slightly Hefty and Have Huge Racks.”

  12. Pretty face but not a fan of, well, you guys know. It’s way too out of proportion for my tastes.

    Sadly, she would have looked smashing natural.

  13. Not really my type. Too big on top and in the legs and she’s not exceptionally pretty.

    With that said, there is something sexy about her. And for great big tits, they look all right, for the most part. Her smile is very nice, too.

  14. Like the first pic, and thought I’d like the rest but not so much although she’s certainly pretty and attractive. Just not my favorite, but I’ll definitely take her voluptuousness over the last models little boy look.

  15. she’s pretty good looking…however not a huge fan of her boobs; pun intended. haha. i think she looks better with her clothes/bra on for sure.

  16. @arf: I was thinking about using that one as the cover pic as well. Anyway, it’s Candyman’s article, so he is free to change the pics as he wishes (as long as he doesn’t use Playboy pics).

  17. wow travis — didn’t know that about playboy. that’s kind of sad that she only made it into the ‘voluptuous vixens’ part then, because she is, imo, by no means hefty. maybe compared to the size-0 playboy models she looks like a fatty? my initial impression was that she would’ve been considered skinny by american standards, but i suppose i’m wrong!

    re: her breasts… took a quick glance @ gallery 1 and i think they’re the kind that look better with clothes on rather than off, i.e. they’re the ‘bolted-on’ kind. πŸ™ the augmentation would’ve helped balance out her proportions nicely had she not gone the other extreme and gotten them sooo big.

  18. Yeah, that’s what I meant by “hefty.’ Hefty compared to Playboy models. Playboy doesn’t feature women with her body unless they are famous. The Voluptuous Vixens is one of those specials, like “East Meets West” that used to get published or placed online or something. Not sure if Julri is in print.

  19. christine how can you say such a thing as breasts look better with clothes on?!? I’m shocked.

    First thing, breasts are never better with clothes on. I guess it’s pretty obvious?

    Second thing, her breasts are big but fantastic. Actually one of the best pair of fake boobs I’ve seen.

    Bottom line: did you take a good look?!?

  20. After watching the video Candyman links to – as well as looking at her Playboy pics – I have to agree with dazn: for my taste, Julri’s tits are absolutely fantastic. I like the “better than real” look (and of course, I like ’em big!) – I think Julri’s tits get this just right, and I don’t think they’re too big for her frame at all.

    On the other hand, there are a lot of fake tits that look better with clothes on – but Julri’s aren’t one!

  21. A little respect please…
    This is a friend of mine from minneapolis; She is so funny, smart, clever, and classy – that she just shouldn’t be this pretty. She’s amazing to look at, and you would be lucky (as I am ) to know her.

  22. I don’t think anyone thinks she is heavy. I think they (I) think she is heavy for a “Playboy model.” I would have zero problem with her size in real life. She’s clearly thin in the waist, etc.

  23. While I don’t think anyone’s being too disrespectful here (although Combover is borderline), I am a little surprised at the criticism from some about her being too stocky, when many other more far stocky models have passed without such criticism. As I said, she is just a little too stocky for my taste (which is entirely consistent with my opinions on every other model we’ve featured here), but only a little, and I think she’s very well proportioned overall – her breasts are perfect for her build IMHO.

  24. She a fan of the show i do in minneapolis. She has a great sense of humor, is playful,and (to me at least)approachable. It is like she doesn’t know how pretty she is. I’ve exchanged a few emails with her, we’ve discussed that both she and my wife are half korean and half mixed european (Korean and euro-trash is the term we used). She was surprised to find herself on this forum, and wished you’d used a different photo for the main profile pic. She’s prettier in real life than any of the photos I’ve seen, and has a tiny little waist… which is why the “stocky” comments take me aback.

  25. Julri, if you’re reading this, have a great day. πŸ˜‰
    And you can send us a few more photos, if you wanna change the main pic. Really, it’s allowed!

  26. Btw, I really, really love your boobs. If I could wish for some, they would be just like yours. Well done!

    Don’t take it bad if this appears to be more about looks than personality, but you do understand that’s all that we can read from pictures. Fore sure there’s a lot more to you.

  27. I put that cover photo up as an emergency measure, as Candyman originally put up Playboy pics which we aren’t allowed to use. If Julri would like us to use another pic (or indeed would like to add any non-Playboy pics to this article), either you or Julri herself can email them to me – you can contact me from my icon in the lefthand column.

    And I agree with dazn: Julri has quite simply one of the most perfect pairs of breasts I’ve ever seen.

  28. Check out this comment from her Model Mayhem page: “Nudes and topless shoots will be turned down.” Guess she changed her mind.
    The picture in front of the car does make her look stocky; but looking at her other pictures makes it clear she really isn’t.

  29. Funny funny stuff…”I really really love your boobs.” daznlover has put good words into all of our mouths.

  30. placeboy, I have to disagree; those breasts fit perfectly on that frame.

    I also think the “stocky comments” may be due her muscular midriff & thighs, but I don’t think the fact that she obviously works out a lot and is well toned should be held against her. Maybe too many men on this site are too use to the waifish/underdeveloped look that’s popular in East Asia.

  31. asiand, many women could work out and not have a midriff or thighs that look like that. she looks like she’s just genetically predisposed to having a more thickset body. i mean, if any of the waifs decided to start working out, they probably wouldn’t end up looking like her either. imo, it’s a matter of preference and i don’t believe that the word “stocky” was thrown around as an insult, but more as a descriptor of her body type.

    speaking from personal experience, my thighs are basically like hers, and i agree that they’re stocky — i’ve seen women with slender legs and even if i decided to starve myself and not exercise one bit, my legs would never look like that. it’s all about how wide your pelvic bone is, how your muscles are genetically sort of “preset” to look, and etc.

    as an example, you could compare sarah jessica parker’s body to, say, jessica biel’s body. they both work out a lot. sarah jessica parker and jessica biel both have toned legs, but sarah’s still look slender, while jessica’s are more thick and muscular. two amazing bodies, two different flavors.

  32. Overall look and figure are quite nice. Hope her PS got a good tip. If you’re spending 6 thou, might as well get your money’s worth.

    Minneapolis? Too bad. Aren’t there any Sirens from decidedly friendlier states like Georgia or Alabama?

  33. Don’t worry slade44 – ultimately, I have to decide what’s spam here, and as far as I’m concerned, any links to material on Julri is very welcome!

  34. Looking back now, I just realized I put the same set back there on Feb 05, 10. A dailyniner gallery. πŸ™‚

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