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Hello AS community. I’m going to be setting up these posts ahead of time so that I have more time this week to do some work related things. Here is Junko Iida. She’s a Japanese race queen, though in my opinion she doesn’t look much like a race queen. But she does look Japanese so she’s 33% there.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan
















Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3

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  1. First! (j/k)

    Gorgeous – no; but the very definition of kawai, I think. I especially love pictures 4 and 10 (the cleavage shots).

  2. Totally unremarkable IMHO (apart from the slightly unfortunate nose job), and she has that vacuous, bimbo look that always turns me off as well. Definitely not for me.

  3. I dislike sounding like a WHINER, especially since I contribute nothing to this venue, only enjoy (most) of the posts from Travis, et.al.

    The display of post-pubescent young women is a definite turn-off for this viewer. There is a “peeping-Tom” aspect I can’t explain and don’t enjoy. More MATURITY…please.

  4. this girl feels like a pretty average typical Japanese model to me
    while i do have to applaud Travis’ regular posting,
    this lassie is hardly worth a mention and completely forgettable
    come on travis bring out some of the big guns

  5. The photographer needs to be beaten…

    Junko needs to know that if she is to be photographed, to choose a better setting than the tired “white-walled room with ugly curtains while standing on top of bed without getting a pedicure to match the manicure” look.

    The photos where she is wearing the red-colored outfit show some personality and she is somewhat pretty, but the mostly generic photos make her look like a mostly generic, forgettable Asian model.

    Not every Asian can be a Siren…start with the photography- it can make or break a borderline model.

    Doc- I am always amazed at how some posters here can spot nose jobs and even boob jobs. Your KungFu is greater than mine.

  6. Yeah, her nose job is pretty obvious. Otherwise, I think she’s totally cute! I wouldn’t mind taking her out to dinner and a walk on the beach at dusk.

    Oh, and French, you’re right. Some of the photography is a bit substandard.

  7. Glad she decided to be modest. Lovely girl. I hope she keeps her values. Most folks don’t have them. Don’t you think so mr. Lee

  8. Her studio photos are trash. I like them really in the red ones. Maybe she is the kind of girl who stands out at the races, with her personality. And she’s very cute!

    Doc, I already know how to spot a good boob job. But I’m still clueless with the nose jobs. How do you figure that? Please show us. 🙂

  9. I don’t see the appeal of this girl. Awkward poses coupled with a mediocre look don’t make for a memorable model.

  10. Regarding nose jobs, these days it’s a good bet Asian models and performers (or even just regular girls) will have them, even if it isn’t obvious. It’s a very cheap and quick surgery, and sadly, most Asians think it enhances their appearance a great deal (I would argue the exact opposite). Anyway, the thing to look for is the accentuated nasal ridge, as an implant needs to be placed down the front of the nose – the nasal ridge will be a lot higher than the nostrils. This isn’t normally natural for Asians.

  11. @myrke: you can be sure you don’t want to see me naked. 🙂

    @invest1: I don’t see anything wrong with the “values” of taking one’s clothes off at all – it’s only natural after all. If you do, perhaps you are on the wrong site.

  12. Doc – you mean the “tip” of the nose, not the “top” of the nose, right? I hope. Otherwise I can’t figure it out….

  13. I like that she is slim but not bony or skinny. Maybe she is a race princess if not a queen. Cute nonetheless.

  14. Alright, I’ve changed the wording in my original comment to “down the front” (rather than “along the top”). I hope that makes things clearer!

  15. i also think that most nose jobs look kind of stuck-on, as dr. lee has pointed out many times previous. normally, i think when people have naturally high bridges, their forehead will sort of gently lead into the nasal ridge and their eyes will be more sunken in to match, but for asians it kind of looks like their face is fairly flat excepting the giant rod stuck right in the middle. 😛

    but dr. is the definitive expert on such things and he’s been able to pick out way more nose jobs than i have. i have difficulty telling when girls get jaw implants, another way-common surgery for asian performers.

  16. i find it pretty disappointing that east asian pop culture is putting forth an aesthetic that hardly looks asian, but like some strange mixed-race eurasian look that’s pure plastic. furthermore, those ‘special traits’ can’t even be naturally selected for, so future generations will never attain this ideal, either (if that’s what they really want)…so it’s just some really screwed-up self-perpetuating cycle.

    from what i understand, it’s not only east asian performers but also regular people. i think i’ve read in some article that a very significant portion of south koreans have undergone plastic surgery – the most common being the eyelid surgery, the nose job, and the jaw implant. in fact, plastic surgery is a common high school graduation gift. i personally know of three korean women that have had the eyelid surgery done as a graduation gift, and i grew up in >90% palm springs.

  17. oops. i meant to say 90% white palm springs. (so i think maybe there were at most 10 korean people at my school at any given time.)

  18. Hey Christine, welcome back! Did you get my last email? I’m considering doing a post on the topic we discussed (without any personal info of course!).

    What you say about that “stuck-on” look is exactly right. Regarding my expertise for spotting such things: while I do have more expert knowledge than most, I can still only speculate on photos like everyone else. I am not able to perform a physical examination, so I could be wrong sometimes. 🙂

  19. she looks confused in every picture…and kind of annoying–actually bipolar and a little crazy. Great previous girl though. Just not this one lol

  20. A nice girl but something is not quite right at least for me. She seems 100% plastic in every sense of the word I guess…

  21. OMG, what did she do with her eyes! Creeps. Me. Out.

    Christine: Japanese consider themselves to be closer to Europeans than they do Asians (who they consider to be those folks on mainland Asia). Leads to a rather f*cked up culture. Koreans reject a lot about Japan, but something about them makes their women want to look striking.

  22. We were on a pretty good run there, but this post isn’t doing it for me. The model, not the ensuing conversation in case I’m not clear.

  23. this girl doesn’t do it for me either. she just looks average. although i agree as someone mentioned before that its good that she doesn’t have breast implants.

    as far as the nose job is concerned, how do you guys know she had one? i can’t tell.

  24. oh hey dr. lee!! i didn’t get your last e-mail actually? weird. you should send it again! and of course, it’d be awesome if you did a post on that topic! 🙂

  25. “Don’t expect to be too pleased this week.”

    Posted by: TravisStroup

    So I guess that means no Vietnamese this week 🙁

    It’s been what feels like 8 or 9 years since you posted Vietnamese….

  26. NIGHTHAWK: If the stats are to be believed, she’s 27. And while she’s no Francine Dee, she does have more on her chest than just nipples, so I don’t understand your complaint. This is Asian Sirens, not ASian MILFs or Asian Cougars (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those).

    All kidding aside, I do prefer the ladies that we post here to at least look like they’re over 18, as Junko certainly does to me.

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