Ju Da-Ha


Ju Da-Ha (Ju Daha) is a Korean race queen. As usual with Korean models, she is well known for her legs.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Korean
Located: Korea















Black Dress
Brown Dress
White and Black

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  1. What a difference a smile makes 🙂
    She is a really cute young Asian Siren.

    An Asian lady doesn’t have to be outstandingly beautiful or overtly sexy or have big boobs or pose nude to be classed as a Siren – Alluring or seductive is the definition and IMHO I think most of these photos show just that.

  2. koreans are the most beautiful out of all asians. they have the ideal look that asians crave for: tall, light skin, thin, and nice legs.

  3. Aussie Mike..I will certainly second that!
    Ju Da Ha is delicious!

    lol..can’t wait for the poetry to rhyme with her name. Be nice guys, she deserves serenades!

    Black shorts (legs), and the next one: the beige dress (figure) are my first choices, but then..oh man..too many to choose from!

  4. While I certainly think Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese women have their own charms (and Taiwanese and Northern Chinese women in particular can be very comparable to Koreans in the body stakes), this is definitely my kind of Asian siren!

  5. Crikey..I want to have a squizz at the links (above) but for some weird reason, I can’t access them. Understandable if she was Chinese (those sites are usually blocked) but it’s a Korean/Japanese site. So I am wondering, does anyone currently in C-h-i-n-a have a working proxy? None of mine, and I have quite a few, work.

  6. Ju’s stunning in the little black shorts
    From the group not even a snort.
    Her legs go to heaven
    Might even rate eleven
    Huzzahs from all in this court.

  7. The dipper has a bit of a doubt
    Asian-o-philes please help me out
    I cannot surmise
    The bags under her eyes
    So what’s that all about?

    [I.e., why in some photos but not in others? Photoshop?]

  8. The eyebags are visually reduced when the lighting is non-directional, but also I agree they have been retouched in some pix. I like eyebags on Filipinas and Koreans, it’s a cute distinction from the Chinese fold on many Asian eyes.

    Those gams could be famous! Probably are.

    Nice to see she is totally confident in her smile and friendly demeanor.

  9. As usual, my humble Haiku:

    Perfect, lithe, tall girl
    You make me not hate Kim Chi
    Stop! I buy Hyundai…

  10. Most Korean girls are cute, living dolls. I should know with teaching a bunch of them in one of the colleges

  11. @Ricky – I agree. However, when they move to the US, it seems like they fatten up. I know that’s common to most Asians, but perhaps more so with them.

  12. My personal observation is that Koreans (both inside and outside of Korea) are the most “split” Asians. A much higher percentage of them have stocky, un-feminine bodies (and often faces as well) than other Asians. On the other hand though, they also have the highest percentage of tall, slim, leggy and gorgeous girls (there’s quite a few small and cute ones too). When they’re hot, they’re the hottest Asians, but when they’re not, well…

  13. I completely agree with the Doc’s comments regarding Korean women. That’s something I immediately noticed on my first trip. Not the best place for beer goggles:-(

  14. Doc got it exactly right. Area I live in, is roughly 30% Korean-American. Women come overwhelmingly in two varieties: short & stocky or tall & long legged. And they seem to be best dressed/image conscious among Asians. Korean women are extremely competitive among themselves & will not let other girl steal their limelight.

  15. Man o manischewitz…. I have not seen a pair of legs like that in a good long time.it’s true too No Korean woman will play 2nd to ANY other asian woman.it’s a fashion war to the death. I have seen what goes on in “Little Korea” in manhattan- if looks could kill… 4-5’heels in the snow..? now thats a woman..

  16. I could be wrong, but i imagine that the Majority of you guys on this site prefer Korean woman to the others… I would have to say that while i have seen some unreasonably beautiful,tall, long legged korean women on this site. I have to go with Japanese women. Kyoko would not find it very amusing if i said otherwise.

  17. I think this girl is very pretty with a great smile. But I really don’t think her legs are that special. They may be one of her weaker features, IMO.

  18. I just had to say one more time…I really love this woman’s legs. Unlike a few others around here. 😉

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