Jessica Wan Is Pacific USA’s 2011 Cover Girl


While there would certainly be plenty of debate over who Asian Sirens’ readers’ favourite model would be, I suspect there wouldn’t be so much debate over our favourite photographer. From his classic work in the mid ’90s (which introduced most of us to Sung Hi Lee) to his just recently re-launched Pacific Beauty site, Adam Yurman has probably photographed more Asian Sirens than anyone else (at least at a truly professional level). Throughout that time, he has continued to produce and sell the Pacific USA calendar, and this year the cover model is newcomer Jessica Wan. Read on for some more insight into Jessica (and Thai girls in general) from Adam himself, as well as plenty more photos!Adam Yurman: Hello all, I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff lately about Thai gals on the AS Blog. The Doc is right. Thailand is a tough place. The natural state of a real Thai girl is not cute, she is tough by nature, lives in a world dominated by men and has probably had at least one real motorcycle accident. The latest mega trend among Thai youth is to get a $150 nose job at a local hospital. All your normally well functioning Happa radar may be slightly scrambled due to questionable proboscis modifications. Thai girls don’t come with a warranty so there is no danger of voiding anything other then the natural beauty that came from the factory.

Thai models who ply the rough waters of Bangkok’s Men’s magazines are often later photographed by a team of underground website producers who get the gals to do all things that the legal magazines in Thailand can not, much to the joy of their viewers I’m sure. For some reason, a focus on open pink shots and inserted toys seems to be an important factor in website success. But call us old-school, stuck in a PG rut or possibly out of business, we still want to have some artistic, photographic style combined with a physical world, commercial publishing presence as part of our offering. So here is our new Pacific USA Calendar cover model (Thai) with a few of her lovely nude shots as a bonus for all you old friends at Asian Sirens. And just to provide full disclosure, our little Thai pixie here is all real, no silicone boobs and a real factory original Thai nose which some less kinder folks call a Buffalo Nose. But personally I love those kind of noses so I’m ready for the onslaught of nose comments I’m sure the first of which will be from the Doc and that’s if we’re lucky!

P.S. We have relaunched pacificbeauty but it’s now and we are always looking for affiliates.

Well the Doc’s not-so-humble opinion is that Jessica’s nose is very cute, and the rest of her certainly isn’t bad either! If only more of them were saved from the surgeon’s knife, but I fear there’s very little chance of that anywhere in Asia any more.







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  1. Ah. Congrats on the relaunch Adam. You were my first Asian model calendar purchase several years back. And my second. And my third. I had to stop buying them because my lady guests didn’t find it as great as I did.

  2. Thanks Adam!

    Quality work as always.

    Hopefully this article will help restore Jessica Wan to her rightful spot in the Google search engine hierarchy.

  3. Finally a post about Jessica Wan. Can’t get enough of this cute Thai girl.

    Adam, don’t have the 2011 calendar yet, but I will just like I do every year. You consistently have the best photography and hottest models out there.

  4. A little bit too photoshopped.
    But I love cute asian native noses. 🙂
    Jessica is a cutiepie!

    Always great to hear about Thailand from you Adam, it’s a great calendar for sure. Asians on it. 🙂

  5. With Servia I rarely agree
    But anyone can plainly see
    Jessica’s fantastic
    Not a bit of plastic
    Certainly our steaming cup of tea.

  6. Jessica rates the Sung-Hi-Oh-Meter, not just on her presentation but in honor of the photographer. I know that A-S frowns on comparisons, but she gets a solid 7 from me.

    Nice to see the pacificbeauty site back on line, even if I think that monthly fees are preferred to buying sets by the piece. Perhaps he doesn’t have enough new material to rate the recurring charge system. Regardless – hot site.

  7. Actually, I don’t mind comparisons as long as they’re friendly. I just don’t want flame bait (there have been many instances of people posting comparisons to stir up trouble in the past).

  8. I think that the photoshopping is my only complaint, yet I wonder how many of the pics have been heavily retouched.

    I can usually tell by looking for extraneous things that any obsessive art director like me would touch up during a session, and if I find some things like that I assume that in fact there has been no retouching. In this case, pic 2 (with the dollars sign necklace) has a lot of stray wisps of hair at cross angles. No art director could resist “combing” those out… so I have to assume this pic is the real thing. In which case, this beauty with perfect skin really warrants whatever other retouching may have been done elsewhere to even out the finish of the shot, since she obviously has the real beauty and is not just a “composition”.

    On the top Cover shot, I can’t buy the smooth, textureless bikini bottom pressing seamlessly against skin with no grain or texture or indenting, I have to believe that got a spray-over. But gilding the lily a little for a cover shot is just poetic license 🙂

    Also, note the feet where they appear. No art director could resist smoothing out those tiny wrinkles that appear on the heel. Which me causes once again to believe they didn’t retouch the shots as much as her perfect skin might lead us to believe.

  9. Jessica is gorgeous. All natural and has some hair, not the usual completely bare look which is so overdone IMO.

    I think Thai women in general have a bad rep in Asian women themed websites, so it’s nice to see this website regularly feature them. By bad I mean, guys seem to either like their look or don’t like their look. And the ones that like the look, tend to like Thai women that have lighter skin or less ‘ethnic’ features.

    I like them darker, with the North East Esarn features.

  10. >But gilding the lily a little for a cover shot is just poetic license 🙂

    gimme long black hair, leggy (and god love the girls who can be 4’11” and still ‘leggy’), deep eyes – don’t care if you’re Korean, Cambodian or East New Jersey: I’m sold.
    And Pacific USA has sold me a lot of beautiful women over the years.

  11. Hello everyone at Asian Sirens! Thank you for the chance to give Jessica and the calendar a healthy public viewing. I read some interesting comments here a little off the beaten path for this crew. The most unusual comment award goes to Arf for comparing Jessica to foodstuff instead of his trademark howl and whoof. Doc surprised us by not comparing Jessica’s nose to an Aborigine. Hello to luvasianwomen, a fellow art director I see. I want to reply about the Lily Guilding. As you would well know, covers have to stand out in a shopping mall with strong “Rack Appeal” and not just big boobs either. So the colors, design and impact are most certainly enhanced. I must protest though, her bikini bottoms are not that smooth. Please see the very large preview on the pacificusa home page for detail and wrinkles if that would help get you to “buy it” we hope. As for retouching, I removed a very nasty motorcycle burn on her right calve which is the logo of all rural Thai women who have been branded by motorcycle scars. At our shoots, we cover the girls in body lotion. The strong lighting hits the lotion, reflects brightly and smoothes the skin quite a bit naturally. Yes, we all use Photoshop but I promise you, if you saw Jessica on her way to the disco to torment the guys there in her miniskirt and cartoon top on a night out, you would be floored. We were and it took weeks to reel her in for a photoshoot. Not all Thai women want their photos made public, sexy or otherwise. Some have conservative families they are concerned about. On another note, it’s tough being the only people who shoot, (Issarn), Thai girls as glamour models and not as porn stars. Believe me, the underground production folks make a lot more money baking their “Cream Pies” and stuff then they would doing what we do. But we love what we do and sharing it with you all makes it that much more rewarding. Best regards from South East Asia where the sun shines even in the heart of darkness, Adam

  12. Hey Adam. As you know, Issarn Thai girls usually aren’t to my taste, but their noses certainly aren’t one of the reasons for that. I think I’ve been fairly consistent on AS in calling on all Asian women not to westernise their noses, though I will compliment a tastefully done nose job in the rare case that I think it actually enhances their appearance (or at least doesn’t damage it).

  13. Struggling for words here – I hate to say this but FLAWLESS it is!

    I can’t think of anything funny or any poetry, just her pretty face, very nicely shaped ass and boobs, legs, etc.

  14. Jessica sure is a cutie (and I would love to see her in that mini and tight top in the disco).
    Also, let me echo Dr Lee’s comments there about Asian women and their (or their agent’s) perceived ‘need’ to westernise i.e. perhaps, to make a more pleasing and universal appeal to mainstream ‘consumers’ of sexy women. The same could be said for those, particularly Asian women, who think it’s necessary to surgically enhance their breasts.
    Give ME an Asian Siren with no more than a nice handful – or eyeful – of well shaped, naturally perky breasts and I am a happy guy.
    Adam, if you are still about, the non-model, the sales woman (her name??), who appears on your site,is absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Adam: Thanks for posting here and for the info. Nice explanation and nice work. Your photography is certainly distinctive.

  16. Excellent post. Just had dinner at an Isan restaurant tonight. Would have been even better opposite her, she’s spectacular. Classic spinner proportions, and a great face. Also love her nose. Congrats Adam on a great find. The photos are great. I’d love to have that location as my bachelor pad! Really like the kitsch. And you lotion technique must be…enjoyable.

    In defense of SE Asian ladies, I live here and at least 99% of the lovelies I see have no aftermarket parts. In Vietnam and Thailand there are many ladies with broad/full breasts similar to Jessica’s. There are worse places to live. Except maybe for the ubiquitous tailpipe burns.

  17. Jessica Wan is a dead set stunner. I have shagged several beautiful Thai girls but she is something else. God damn!

  18. I guess photoshop is always a bit used and I really see the point now, about the cover standing out in a stand.
    That lotion really makes her skin look like perfect. Maybe it’s close to perfection naturally!

    Anyway your pics are always great, lights, colors, etc. And you certainly do something that keeps you apart from the rest of the guys there in TH. Keep doing it, because we love those girls that don’t do porn but still pose for you. 😉

  19. Just saw Miss Wan’s material on Pacific Beauty and Pacific USA. Absolutely amazing. I for one hope we’ll be seeing more of her…

  20. wow, jkirkman with the gold. Did you see Dr Lee’s request for new contributors? I think you have the talent.

  21. Was a nice fine, thanks for the shout out. was looking for more on her for awhile now. Found on a blog gallery site (forgot the name of it, crap) with many other pacifcbeauty galleries posted. If you are into the pacificbeauty site and model’s

  22. DAMN…She is finer than fine wine. She could Absolutely be my wife for my next 10 lives, and I wouldn’t complain.

    And thank you very much jkirk.

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