Hanul Jeon

Hanul Jeon

While researching Hooters restaurants in Asia for last month’s entry, I happened across some photos of 24-year-old student and former Seoul Hooters Girl, Hanul Jeon.

Hanul (who also goes by “Hannah”) worked in Seoul’s Apgujung Hooters until March of last year. In May, she moved to Sydney, Australia, where she’s been working as a waitress in a Japanese restaurant, while going to school to study Spanish. Even though she’s undecided about continuing with her modeling, she eagerly agreed to be featured here.
(Top Photo Credit: Micheal Hurt)Hanul has a very bright and outgoing personality. During my brief interview with her, she told me she loved the experience of being a Hooters girl, especially during Halloween when they dressed in costumes. When asked if the implied nude shot in her Benetton gallery was just a one-time thing just for the contest, she told me it was “just for fun” but she wouldn’t rule out doing a semi or full nude photo shoot in the future.

Check out my full interview with Hanul here.

Hanul Jeon
Hannah’s above-mentioned submission for the Benetton photo contest. You can see her gallery and vote for her here.

Hanul Jeon
Hanul told me the black Hooters uniform was her favorite…

Hanul Jeon
…although she definitely did justice to the classic orange and white one, as well.

Hanul Jeon
At the “Whitenoize” 1st anniversary party at Club Answer, a popular Seoul night spot (Photo Credit: Hospital Photograph)

Hanul Jeon

Hanul Jeon
This and the one above: At the Penthouse Korea Lingerie Slumber Party, also at Club Answer. (Photo Credits: Kai)

Hanul Jeon

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  1. While I think you’re being generous Dr. Lee, I found myself laughing at “very, very average.” Is it possible to be “very” and “average”? Is that like being extremely moderate? it’s my bedtime, obviously.

  2. I like the 6th picture of her in the nightclub best. In some of the other pictures, it’s a bit of a stretch to say Hanul is a “siren”, more of a cute girl next door type perhaps?

  3. i agree that the 6th pic is the best. the 5th with the wings makes her look manly or something. overall not for me

  4. I have to agree with some of you…the club scene phoo is the best photo of her…

    Her facial expression is abojut the same in all the photo…I suggest to try different emotions. She seems to really try though….

    Maybe the makeup isn’t too flattering..needs to find a way to have the makeup enhance her look.

  5. Actually Nancy, you may be right: Korean girls are usually very good with makeup, and their faces often really benefit from it. Perhaps with the right makeup she could be a siren after all (her body isn’t bad, though hardly outstanding).

  6. I really like her natural look a lot.

    No unnecessary PS, just a healthy looking and natural girl that looks good without any makeup.

    A lot of these ‘sirens’ you see are made up and plastic surgeried to death.

    Hanul looks beautiful with makeup and glamoured up but I also appreciate a woman that looks naturally pretty and wholesome au natural.

  7. I think she looks Ok! If I were to see her in person, I would probably like it a lot. She has a sort of a Lady GaGa look about her. May be her nose and hair style.

  8. I find it hard to criticize any young lady that wants to show off her body and express her sexuality. And, as beauty is in the the eye of the beholder, sometimes it’s better to just say nothing…

  9. @Strout: actually, she is wearing makeup – it just isn’t very good.

    My preference for seeing women without makeup and Photoshop is well known, but I do think this girl could really benefit from a little extra help.

  10. I see so many A-S posts that go wild over girls every bit as “average” as this one, the only difference being they have the benefit of lighting, professional photography, digital manipulation, tons of makeup and surgery.

    Even knowing that, she’s not my type.

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