Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa

There have been several Asian reporters featured here in the past, but none who seem to possess the same eloquent yet underlying, sexuality as Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa (not to be confused with Asian reporter Tricia Takana [RIP], who was portrayed by Sunghi Lee on the TV series Lost).

Tricia has been with WQHG Channel 5 in Quahog, Rhode Island since 1999 and is the station’s star on-the-scene reporter. The sexy and tenacious journalist has been knocked over by a flying car while covering a hurricane, vomited on the air while reporting on a flu epidemic, and captured an exclusive interview with a prison escapee, while he was escaping from prison. The above still is from her multi-part, “Special Report on Sex,” where she went in depth and undercover to get her story.

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa Interviews Jason Voorhees
Tricia during her interview with “Britches and Hose” laidies’ clothing store manager and serial killer, Jason Voorhees

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
One controversial report Tricia did was on how a flower looks, which was scheduled to air in the wake of the brief legalization of marijuana in Quahog. However, due to backlash from the community, and Tricia forgetting what she was reporting on, the segment never aired.

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa Interviewing Rides-a-Ten-Speed-Everywhere Guy
Interviewing Rides-a-Ten-Speed-Everywhere Guy. One of Tricia’s few assignments that went without incident.

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa Humping David Bowie's Leg
While reporting during the red carpet premiere of Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, Tricia revealed herself to be an avid David Bowie fan, to the surprise of many….including David Bowie.

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa Figure
Tricia’s popularity even spawned an action figure that was painstakingly crafted in her likeness. However, the clothes are not removable.

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa FAKE
A few years ago, a notorious website known for hiring look-alike models to pose for lewd photos and videos as the celebs they resemble, posted a set of photos with the above model, claiming it was Tricia. Even though this lady does bear a bit of a resemblance to the Asian reporter, it’s clear to see she’s an impostor. I’m posting this select example of the set here merely for informative purposes, not gratuitous ones, hence the pixelation of the naughty parts.

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa
As previously mentioned, Tricia’s most memorable series of reports was her 2000 Special Report on Sex. In the segment which the above still is from, she picked up a complete and potentially dangerous stranger in a hotel bar (who turned out to be an infamous Quahog Lothario named Glenn Quagmire) and took viewers “in depth and undercover” as she had sex with him.

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  1. Happy April Fools to you too!

    Next year do a report on Cookie Kwan, the “#1 on the west side” real estate agent/competitive dragon lady on The Simpsons.

  2. Oh come on!!!! ;-(
    Next we’ll see Hentai?
    Real and naked women please!!

    haha..gotcha! April Fools Day!
    I’m not familiar with this character, but I love the name..Tricia Takanawa – “TakeAnHour”??
    I’d do her (wink).

    Speaking of which, her wink in the last pic is a dead giveaway that it’s all a prank.
    Well done CEC. But please, Travis, come to the rescue, quick!

  3. @longtack, No, there really is a reporter named Tricia Takanawa on the American TV show “Family Guy.” I missed the “Special Report on Sex” episode, but I’ve got to say she looks better than Connie Chung.

  4. Ha!!! Actually I have always a bit of a thing for Marge Simpson. I have no idea why. She’s not even asian.

  5. Ha. Well while I hate hentai with a passion and can’t really handle looking at this post because of it, I appreciate the humor and thought that went into this quite a bit. Great job CEC!

  6. travis: How is this hentai? Tricia is a cartoon character who just happens to be Asian, and there were only a couple of sexual episodes that I’m aware of.

  7. Hey Doc, that Google link was so good, I might well have fallen for it! Of course, that fact that it is possible helps.

  8. @ Travis: That’s not Tricia in that photo! Tricia would never pose for a photo like that. Besides, if she did, I’m sure it would have cost her her job.
    As stated, that’s a look-alike model hired by that sleezy website.

  9. Looks like Tricia has had implants. There are pre and post op pics here.
    lol@pixelation of a cartoon character’s private parts. That’s a clever dig at the Japanese porn industry.

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