Jewelyn Tamsing


This is Jewelyn Tamsing. I’m not sure where she came from or how long she has been modeling, but her website is for good reason. She has a great smile and she uses it often.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’0
Weight: 110
Ethnicity: 1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipina, Spanish.
From: Hilo, Hawaii
Currently Located: LA, CA













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  1. Nice smile indeed!
    First photo is not good. Unflattering swimsuit makes it look as if she has no waist at all.
    5′ 110 is kinda chubby.
    Too thick-waisted for me.

  2. “i like her body but her ethnicity sounds like complete bullshit.” Saying they are part “Spanish” is a typical Pinay ploy, stemming from a slight infusion of Spanish blood 400 years ago. Perhaps a bit self-hating?

    I think the term “sexy thick” is an oxymoron.

  3. This time, I am with the Doc. Pretty cute, actually, but a bit too big for me, for the most part.

    Nice smile (she should use it more) and a pretty nice booty.

  4. Some of the unsmiling, open-mouthed poses such as in #5: she just looks drunk!
    She should smile a lot more, agreed.

  5. Oh, one more thing.

    I don’t understand always questioning people’s ethnicity. While it might be a “ploy”, it just might be true. You simply cannot be 100% accurate about every individual’s ethnicity, just by looking at pictures…or even directly at the individual. It might be possible for a remote tribe, but ethnicities are so mixed, in our age, and most people aren’t even 100% sure of their genealogy. There is a decent chance that a very small amount of Spanish (or any ethnicity) isn’t visible at all, on any one person.

  6. She’s got potential. She just needs to hit the gym and work off some of that pudge. The rest of her is fine.

  7. I’m sorry, this girl is too “big” and needs to hit the gym? Say what?

    I think we may need to change the name of this site to as it would seem a good majority of the posters here really only appreciate the ladies ultra-slim.

    Granted, she doesn’t have much in terms of definition, but she has some pretty sweet curves.

    Jewelyn… I approve of you! ^___^

  8. Thank goodness I don’t have my speakers on right now. Now if I knew her in real life, I would be all up in that, but just looking at her pictures over the net, in some pics she looks great and shows off that smile which I like, and in others she looks like an old woman. I love sexy thick, but Jewelyn is not sexy thick or juicy. And yes her face is cute, but her breasts are small and her bottom half is stocky, so I am not seeing any sweet curves. She either needs to get some implants or hit the gym for me to pay any attention to her.

    As for ethnicity, I stopped worrying about that long ago since I can’t prove it. Also, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that she’s self hating or using a ploy based on her ethnicity. And who are we to say it’s bullshit? We don’t know her. I suggest sticking to critiquing her looks and not worry about the other stuff.

  9. Cute, nice curves and sexy thick. But she has to watch out and get in the gym for precaution. Apart from that, a sexy next door girl type, I like her.

  10. “Sexy Thick” is where she is…but it’s a dangerous place to be if you can’t/won’t maintain.

  11. wow she is gorgeous, pretty, and cute. I like her cute body and to me she is not chubby at all. Her weight is quite healthy for her height. 110 pounds is still considered skinny in the U.S. if she was seen in public.

  12. holy s$%#, she’s my new favorite… until next week at least. She’s exactly what I like…btw 5″ 110 is not chubby, she may not be hardbodied but she’s definintely not chubby. Personally I love girls with just a hint of babyfat, it’s tantalyzing.

  13. well i stick to what i said, she only looks like hawaiian and filo to me. I dont see anything else. Photoshop is the devil! I see boobs one minute the next i dont..urgh

  14. For the life of me, I can’t understand all the negative comments about this lovely lady. She has a great face with beautiful eyes and smile. And, while she is not skinny, she is far from being chubby. She’s a short package and short packages don’t offer much space to transition from chest to hips. My wife is 4’8″ tall and thirty-five years ago when we married she looked great at 90 lbs. but now she still looks great at 110. I think this young lady looks smashing at 110 too. As far as her breasts go, she has two and they appear to be all hers. Store bought boobs are never as nice as natural and large or small I’ll bet if she took off her shirt in front of you you would get hard. What else could you want?

  15. I like em’ thick (that’s what she said). Seriously, I have to agree that the first pic isn’t very flattering.

    Asian-Waifs — LOL

    I would think being multi-ethnic in Hawaii would be the norm, so it’s very possible she is what she says she is.

  16. That first pics nice though. Especially them thighs and them eyes. She has that naughty twinkle in them…like she’s about to bite something off. 🙂

  17. Aww, you guys make me feel fat, lol
    I’m 5’0, filipino and 115.
    >< I’m not fatttt

    but, on the topic, i love her! i think shes absoutly beautiful

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