Cause of Ai Iijima’s Death Still Unknown


In case you haven’t already heard, famous Japanese porn actress turned successful author and TV show host Ai IIjima was found dead on Christmas eve last year. Interestingly, despite being so famous, her body wasn’t discovered until a week after she actually died, so it was so badly decomposed that an autopsy wasn’t able to reveal her cause of death (her family had her buried immediately after the autopsy on Boxing Day). A scan of news sites reveals her cause of death is still unknown, although there is rampant speculation, including accidental poisoning, murder, suicide and complications arising from her AIDS. Apparently she has had a lot of failed business ventures recently which may have sent her broke, although friends insist she was in good spirits at the time of her death.

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  1. Oh yeah…her friends must’ve been reeeeal close. She sat dead for a week before anyone caught up to her. Sheesh! Poor girl.

  2. Very sad. It sounds as if she had a tough go early, and a troubled life even after finding some success.

    She had a unique, and attractive, look to her, too.

  3. sad , very sad !

    when i lived in japan (2002), i used to watch tv time to time and my ex girlfriend told me about Ai Iijima story.

    she was in a lot of japanese funny game show or talkshow.

    what a souvenir !!!

  4. Yeah, it’s very surprising and sad that she died at her home and it was a whole week before her body was discovered….and in the news article I read, it stated that she was discovered by an acquaintance who was concerned because he hadn’t heard from her in several days.

  5. Oh, so sad.

    Ai, along with Fumie Hosokawa, are my two most vivid memories of late night TV in Japan in the early-mid 1990s. I remember them sitting on those panels–and then bits focusing on their bodies.

    When in Toyko a couple of years ago I was surfing channels on TV and saw her on a game show. I said to my girlfriend, “That’s Ai Iijima the porn star!” And she (born and raised in Tokyo) said, “She was in porn!!??”

    And now–feeling empty.

  6. Wow! I am so shocked to hear about this! I have been a big fan of Ai Iijima for over 15 years now. I am sad to hear that she has passed on. I hope she is in a much better place now. I for one will miss her! No matter what she went thru early in her life I think she was truely beautiful.


  7. For some reason its always shocking to hear about a case like this when someone dies and nobody discovers their body for several days. The same thing happened to Layne Staley. Still, I think the result would be similar for most people who live alone.

  8. Wow! I did not know she died let alone had aids and live in Tokyo. I have been a fan of hers for years. She was a top favorite AV star of mine for years. One day I’ll learn Japanese….

    Poor girl, I wish I had the chance to get to know her. She was special in my opinion…

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