Jewel @ OnlyTease

Jewel @ OnlyTease

We have posted about Jewel before here and here, but I just had to share this gallery at OnlyTease with you.

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  1. I believe that Jewel has very much ability to always to appear in photoshoots and modeling calenders photobooks and more Jewel is smart and brave and a very good sense of humor the asian siren and lovely Jewel both very kind on of to post one Jewel photo gallery for us to look at as I saw the photo gallery I loved it very much and her looks seems that she has the strength and very strong beauty and knows how to be sexy I support Jewel very much and will continue to a fan of her I’m a fair good hart person likes to inpress all the asian girls that all love and enjoy performencing in dancing and modeling and singers and more all I appreciate on all your hard working experience learning and personally

  2. Interesting about the Ladyboy thing.
    When I first came upon Jewel ,I thought the same thing. I have been to Thailand
    a dozen times in the last few years and I have seen quite a few Katoeys.
    I posted a set of her pics on one of the Thai forums that I frequent and the response was 100% that ‘She’ was once a male.—I just looked thru the Mac and Bumble pics[thanks Zamscan] and a few features confuse me even more.
    Almost a 5 o’clock shadow in the upper lip.
    Legs–calf muscles unusual for a female,unless she runs marathons-who knows!–and in the later rearend pics, she does not have ‘Child bearing hips’
    I have had the interesting experience of having sex with a post-op, and I did not know,at the time!
    I think she is beautiful, but the bolt-on boobs do little for me,although I would probably hyperventilate in her presence,just the same.
    Pity she cant crack a smile though.

  3. Not sure if its been mentioned before, but it seems she is now modeling for Mac & Bumble Bee now under the name Jewel Richards.

    I’ll take all the content I can get of her.

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