Rising model Bebe Pham


Vietanmese Bebe Pham stays fit by eating healthy and only the nutritious food. She also exercises on a regular basis. She is also an avid scuba diver who greatly enjoys traveling.

Read more at Asian Sex Gazette.

Bebe Pham @ Asian-Sirens
Bebe Pham @ iStudio.com (#448920)

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0 thoughts on “Rising model Bebe Pham”

  1. That would not have been very political correct Bill! 😉

    (ohw, when posting pls. choose category next time, and when uploading image select pre-format, then a border will be added automatically)

  2. Actually, the border should now be added unless you remove it – however, if you select pre and post formatting, it will now be automatically centred as well. They don’t call me the Doc for nothing. 😉

  3. Oh yes, love Bebe! It’s nice to se a Vietnamese model who actually looks Vietnamese for a change. 😉

    And redlaw, do you mean ‘sites’, or do you mean ‘sights’?

  4. Some pix yes, some pix no. But in the “yes” pix, she looks awesome.

    Also, darn Flash website designers to heck!

  5. very nice bill…she is beautiful…see what you GI lost from the war :)) but you can go back now and taste vietnam for all she is worth…:)

  6. definitely hot! btw, has anyone else here received spam mail in this girls name? i have recently, and i am pretty sure that it must be related to a-s.

    just curious….

  7. I wouldn’t exactly call it spam, but I have received it. I suspect she’s sending them out to any model photographers she knows of. Anway, in my case she sent it to an address I’ve never used on AS, so it isn’t directly releated to AS as such – we absolutely do not give out emails!

  8. Now i’m jealous of you guys, I didn’t receive any email from Bebe! 😐
    Must be doing something wrong, lol.

    She is still studying in Cebu or something?

  9. Yeah I am pleased to report she offered to ‘multiply’ with me and it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

    Sometimes I don’t mind spam after all. Editor’s account on Asian Sex Gazette has led to some interesting liasions.

  10. nice link pwies….

    can we just go through the motion of “multiplying” without actually multiplying? i dont want to pay child support:)

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