Bai ‘boobs’ Ling

Bai Ling

Bai Ling likes to show (parts of) her boobs and nipples. And of course we like that. Click these links for more Bai Ling boobs: and

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  1. She did a “PG-13” sex scene in the HBO show Entourage with the Vince character.

    I’d definitely speed-bag that…But not before tongue worshipping her PERFECT tummy.YUMMY!

  2. this girl is so whacked but there is something sexy about her look and attitude..much more than lucy luu…Bai looks so naughty:))…but she is crazy!

  3. doc…some how i have never find lucy to be sexually attractive…maybe i am weird…but she is pretty but nothing to rave about…some girls just have this sexual thing about their looks…..bai acts crazy and sometimes she looks weird but in pix she comes off very sexual…like she wants to tie you up and make you call her mama:))…i only like lucy in kill bill but i like her bodyguard better ; )…ummm school girl uniform…sorry i digressed 🙂

  4. I liked her bodyguard too. 😉

    Did you see Lucy in the first Charlie’s Angels film? The way she whipped those computer geeks into shape was priceless! If you mostly know Lucy from her photos you won’t know what I mean – you have to see her in action.

  5. oh, MAN! nice choice! bai is one of my all-time favs. soooooo sexy. gorgeous body and face; super-sexy personality and attitude; great actress. YUM! 🙂

    lucy doesn’t hold a candle to bai….

  6. Despite being is stellar hottie, Bai Ling is a wincingly terrible actress and has a reputation as a true Hollywood tart.

    Her hottie Chinese sister, Lucy Liu, while not a bad actress, is beset with a bit of a B-I-T-C-H rap.

    So, this begs the question: In a pinch, Bai Ling or Lucy Liu?

    I dig Lucy Liu’s freckles. Call me kinky.

  7. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Three Extremes, or the full version of Dumplings, you will see she is actually a decent actress. She has been in many movies and TV shows and is not bad at all. Ever since the Star Wars publicity, she has been overexposed (her own doing). She is whacky and outrageous and really hot. At 36 she looks great.

  8. Bai has a phenomenal body and nipples to die for. I can still remember how delighted I was to see that full nude playboy shoot she did a few years back. Definitely one of my favs as well.

    And what’s so bad about being a tart? We could only wish that more women would be so open and empowered by their sexuality.

  9. red..that is what i heard that Bai was a very good actress in china…and she was cast in StarWars…and clint you are right she has got some amzing nippies….like a giant eraser…sometime that can be sexier than big boobs…she just looks so kinky:)

  10. I am looking at her Playboy pics right now. Bai is just so sexy. And those nipples, yummy. You really don’t need to have big boobs to be sexy. Lucy is cuter though, but if I had to choose between the two, I would choose Bai.

  11. Huge fan of Ling Bai.
    I had to rewind and view the sex scene form Entourage countless times.
    See her in The Beautiful Country. She’s just outstanding.

  12. Bai Ling is super hot. To me she is perfect with one of the nicest pairs of legs I’ve seen. Not to mention, one of the nicest pairs of boobs. Just lovely.

  13. what’s so sexy bout this skinny girl in need of serious meal? i never find a skinny girl is sexy…they are poor things….

  14. She has that crude attractiveness and sex appeal. Not perfect, but you look at her and you know she is wild and passionate and hot and… you know. That’s what makes her hot and sexy, even if she’s not the regular beauty.

  15. This looks like one of the rare occasions where I have to disagree with Christine – while I do agree that Bai Ling isn’t very pretty, I do think she is very sexy, although that has more to do with her style and character than anything else. But her body isn’t too skinny for me – just very trim. A boob job would be nice though. 😉

  16. looking at other photos of her on google image search, i have to rescind my emaciated comment and agree with doc that she’s just really trim. this photo was a little deceiving for me because i thought i saw some full-on ribcages, and her stance makes her look pear-shaped. i can see that she acts very sexy, but…

    i really just can’t get past her antics. like this:
    so she thinks she can dance

  17. Bai Ling is not pretty or beautiful like Ziyi Zhang or Gong Li, but there is a certain elemental wild animal sexiness that I just can’t shake off. I’ll see her in just about anything she’s in, such as The Beautiful Country, where she plays a tart with a heart of gold.

  18. Not everyone can dance Christine, especially when they’re drunk. 🙂 I also have to point out that the “emaciated pear” comment was a little strong (albeit hilareous!). While I personally enjoy your more critical comments Christine (as they are almost always very funny and clever), please put a little sugar on that delightfully acidic tongue of your’s when referring directly to somebody else. Okay?

  19. oi doc, that’s one thing i’m going to have to take some time to learn. it’s hard! i feel like i’m making quite a few fumbles here with my scathing remarks 😛

    i’ll start now by saying that i do like bai ling’s haircut.

  20. If you want to spit a lot of venom at someone, maybe you should just email me instead. As I said, I greatly enjoy reading your insults, even if as moderator I have to put the brakes on them here. 🙂

  21. hey doc…maybe it’s me but what is so strong about about saying Bai is skinny? i like Bai and she is a talented actor…a tad skinny though… 🙂

  22. i think it’s because the American Pear Liberties Union would’ve gotten angry at my use of pears. you can never be too pc these days, you know?

  23. this is bai ling without makeup

    that photo was taken from a reuters story today about how she was caught shoplifting in LA

    another public service announcement (haha) to let you guys know that the girls we see on here aren’t always all that pretty in real life – they just try harder to paint on pretty faces 🙂

  24. bai looks really tired in that photo. it’s basically a mugshot – it was taken one day after her arrest. however she does have really nice skin!

    btw thanks doc!

  25. I just saw this thread. I want to comment that I think posting the mug shot of Ling Bai was nasty & mean-spirited. I suspect that if one put in the effort, one could find pictures of many “asian sirens” that displayed them in a very unflattering light. It seems to me that posting and criticizing pictures by fashion photographers, or pictures that models themselves authorize, is one thing, but posting mug shots is another.
    I’m perfectly aware that the photo was/is in the public domain. I’d seen it before. That doesn’t mean it belongs on AS, dedicated (according to its banner) to the “Essence of Asian Beauty”. If people can post any picture that they want, however demeaning, then why not let them post any comment they want, however nasty or “acidic”? The effect seems to me the same. I can’t speak for the intent.

  26. I think how these girls look without makeup is of considerable interest to many of our readers (it certainly is to me!), and fair game for any model or celebrity. Look at all the “stars without makeup” women’s magazines, for example.

  27. A police mug shot is not simply a candid, sans make-up shot. More like US National Inquirer material, which is also of considerable interest to some readers. I didn’t know there were “stars without makeup” magazines. So that is justification enough for AS?
    Frankly, I’m surprised at your reaction, Doc. In the past, whenever there’s been a question, you’ve come down on the protective side, correctly so I thought. But you are responsible for the level & tenor of discussion at AS, so obviously it’s your call. My own opinion stands.

  28. The bottom line is: (a) there is interest in this kind of thing and (b) models and celebritites are frequently exposed in the media in this way. It is nothing new for them. Basically, it is part of the job when you put yourself out there in public like this. I doubt the appearance of this shot in AS would matter a damn to Bai Ling – if she was worried about it, its appearance in mainstream media outlets would be of far greater concern to her. So why should we give the women featured here any more protection than the general media does?

  29. As we agree, it’s your call and your bottom-line. This wasn’t my impression, however, of what Marco intended when the site was founded, or restarted. His view of Asian women was, as I understood it, individuals whose beauty is to be celebrated, not as celebrities who looks are to be nit-picked, or who constitute “game” (fair or otherwise) to be hunted in exploitative shots like that. Good grief man. Look at Ling’s eyes, and get past the lack of make-up. What’s next, photographing Gong Li at a funeral, and marveling at how crappy she looks with mascara running down her face? Honestly.

  30. Marco’s always “dug up the dirt”, and it is only natural that the move to the blog format has made AS more news oriented e.g. the Edison Chen photo scandal.

    As for your Gong Li at a funeral example, the mainstream media wouldn’t do this, so we won’t either. Once again, there’s no point in us protecting stars against things the mainstream media won’t.

  31. I thought Bai Ling still looks hot in the mug shot photo. 🙂 My opinion’s of her never changed a bit. She’s still saucey.

  32. I think there is a huge difference between being caught shoplifting (a crime! — which is especially stupid when you are wealthy) and crying at a funeral. Also, I didn’t think the comments about Bai Ling’s mug shot were nasty.

  33. I think it was the “public service announcement (ha ha)” part urgal is referring to from the comment dated Feb 15, 08 l 1:24 am from one of the few Bai Ling haters. Just joking:) Oh well…with a body like hers, she’s still hot.

  34. I agree with arf: Bai Ling is very cute, very hot, and a wicked cool, evil killer robot in “Sky Captain” (She also has an interesting history of standing up to the PRC.) I agree there is a difference between being caught shop-lifting & being at a funeral. There is also a similarity: it’s an unfortunate episode in someone’s private life and not (in my view) an excuse for peeping. Finally, I never said the comments regarding Bail Ling’s mug shot were nasty. (This is AS, where “Pappa Doc” comes down hard on such bs). I said the impulse to post that picture in the first place was nasty.

  35. Bail Ling – looks like your Freudian slip is showing, urgal. Certainly, I wouldn’t want a mug shot of mine posted on the net (none exist — I’m lucky that way). However, I haven’t mastered the art of the “inadvertent” nipple slip (and thank goodness for that:-)) Meaning she doesn’t seem to be a very private person and I think posting her mug shot, which as Doc has said was already in the public domain, is valid. If Winona Ryder was Asian, we could post her mug shot too!

  36. Wingman: If you suspect a thing-for-Ling, I plead guilty, along with a thing-for-Gong Li, a thing-for-Zhang Ziyi, and thing-for many other adorable Chinese sirens – including KT So, BTW, whose long, gently curved Manchu/Tungus nose I love.
    But the point still stands that just because one of our Asian sirens is public, and seemingly in a constant state of wardrobe malfunction, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protect her. This isn’t a “stars without makeup” site, Doc’s protests notwithstanding.
    Winona Ryder? Come on, this is AS! Who is Winona Ryder?

  37. Urgal, the slip was Bail Ling instead of Bai Ling. I also said IF Winona Ryder (an American actress also caught shoplifting) was Asian, we could post her mug shot. Anyway, let’s agree to disagree on posting Bai Ling’s mug shot here, but agree that Bai Ling as well as the others you mentioned are so hot!:-)

  38. Didn’t realize she was that skinny, but it’s better than chubby. Is it me, or do her boobs look different (fuller) in the last two photos?

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