Jewel Before and After

Super Sexy Jewel Santini!

Jewel, now Jewel Santini on her MySpace page, has been a long time Asian-Sirens favorite. Link Link Link

Today was the first time I saw pics of Jewel since her breast enhancement. (Thanks Zam) I made a little collage for comparison. Let the voting begin! BEFORE or AFTER?

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  1. I vote for her BEFORE look. I will always take natural over fake.

    Having said that, some girls do look very sexy with fake boobs, especially with a bra or bikini on. The thing that turns me off is the (sometimes very obvious) unnatural shape after some surgeries.

    To me, Jewel looked way more attractive and sexy before her surgery.

  2. BEFORE. Look how great looking this woman already was. What a shame.

    Bleaching skin cream, white girls tanning, fake titties are implanted, fake lips, that’s all life destruction to me.

  3. Just found this site and wanted to say..RIGHT FREAKING ON!!

    I’ve always been fasinated with asain beauties and this site is dedicated to the sweet sirens.

    On to the question at hand…Jewel is quite lovely in before the surgery. There is a naturalness to her, where else now she is using a focus point to spread her sensuality.

    She is still quite attractive either way, but yea, I liked her before.

  4. I vote for… neither!

    Jewel was always too islander looking for my taste. The makeup in the new shots makes her look a little less so though, which is an improvement.

    As for the boobs, she was flat-chested before surgery, and for my taste, isn’t quite big enough now – they’re just a little larger, as well as being hard and fake. As I’ve said before, if you’re gonna make ’em fake, make ’em big! Otherwise don’t bother.

  5. Oh, and the comments in this post are yet another example of how many AS posters are a vocal minority – if you look at our stats, the most popular models are almost always the ones with the biggest tits. But if you believed the comments here, you’d think breast surgery would be career suicide.

    Also, I’m not necessarily saying it’s the case here, but I’ve lost count of how many men I’ve heard say they hate fake tits, only to see their jaw drop at the site of them…

  6. before….i knew that big breast freak doc would vote after :))

    i like big breasts too enhanced or real..but hers look too stuffed..and her before boobies look much nicer for her frame….i bet with clothes and her new breast she looks really good

  7. before by a mile! looks like two baseballs got stuffed in there. shame that girl needs to do that to feel good about herself or whatever her reasons.
    interestingly, it safe to say most men like natural vs enhanced, but i wonder if penile implants were readily available if women would take the same opinions as we do regarding their breasts…

  8. One of the other reasons I wanted to post this: We seldom get to see before and after pics of the models around here….although I think a few have been discussed in the past. I just don’t remember which ones.

    There was a discussion one time if anyone had pre-surgery pics of Francine Dee…..and it was rumored they where out there. But I don’t think anyone was able to find any?

  9. For us guys who liked dark skinned Asians, Jewel is a beautiful speciman. Really, to me, her natural body is like a finely sculptured piece of artwork.

    Look at her full body photos HERE for why I say this.

  10. I’m cool with store-bought tits…but she really did’nt have to do this.Her skin will loosen as she gets older.Maybe version 3.0 will look better.She’s definitely got a re-do in her future.

  11. Agree with you DR.LEE. I’m not sure what guys are trying to prove when they swear they don’t like cosmetically enhanced women.

  12. I got a pic of Francine pre surgery, but it maybe when she first got implants. But it’s cool to have this before and after comparison because I prefer Jewel before the implants. She didn’t need them. She was beautiful without them. Maybe she wants to appeal to more people or something.

  13. I’m not sure, but my impression from looking at the zipped folder of pics from Mr. Zamscan is that the “before” pictures above might be from after a first, more modest boob job.

    Either way, I’m with those who prefer the “before” pics.

  14. I have to say I like “Before” a little bit better.

    But, there is something odd about Jewel’s look. As Doc says. she has a bit of the Islander look, but that by itself isn’t the problem I see. (I think some Islander-looking girls are fantastic.) She looks really good at some angles and in some pictures, but a little not in others.

    Her body has a great overall shape/silhouette. Her lines are terrific. But, there is something odd about her face. I wonder if she has/had a “hair lip”. The top right hand side of her lip looks odd, to me, as if there has been surgery. It is more apparent in some pics, than in others.

  15. Yeah I was wondering about that too – despite their small size, in a lot of shots here earlier breasts look enhanced as well. I have to be honest though – it is very hard for me to be sure when it comes to very small implants, as the signs are hard to spot with any certainty.

  16. Okay, I’ve had another look at her earlier photos (as well as the before pics above), and now I’m pretty sure – I think she did already have implants in her earliest photos! They always maintain a perfectly round outline, no matter what her pose is. For example, in the top left pic above, natural breasts that size would pretty much disappear in that sort of pose. But the round outline is still very distinct.

    So we aren’t actually talking about natural vs. fake here. It’s small/tiny implants vs. moderate ones!

  17. Oh, I agree Doc. I think they were implants when they were smaller. I’m not even 100% positive Jewell was born a woman.

    I don’t mean that as an insult, but her face has a slightly mannish quality (on a man, it would have an effeminate quality, of course).

    Just a thought.

  18. I think before is better than after. Eventhough she had a flat chest, but it was proportional with her body.

  19. She looked better before. I like the itty bitty asian titties. Then again,they probably make her look great in clothing.

  20. I liked “before” better. She is drop-dead gorgeous, but the new ones look silly. Just because she couldn’t use her boobs as floatation devices in case of a water landing, DOES NOT mean she was flat-chested before. People will stop and stare at anything over-sized (see the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine!!). You’d stop and stare if someone drove a monster truck down your street, that doesn’t make it practical or that you’d want one yourself. While she’s still very attractive, I agree with Niners, it’s all about propotionality.

  21. AFTER!!! AFTER! AFTER!!!!!!!!! She was alright before a beauty with a pretty average body but after…KAPOW!!!!!!

    This shot alone…Ye gods!

  22. Actually, I think Bigfoot may be right – Jewel does look like a ladyboy to me! I always did find her face a little too masculine for my taste (but then and again, I often feel that way about Thai women).

    It would also explain why her breasts look so fake – there are many other women with much larger implants who look more natural, because they have some natural breast tissue over the top of them. Clearly Jewel started out with zero natural breast tissue – just as you would expect from a ladyboy.

  23. Well, at least darklighter1 is being honest with himself. 😉

    Seriously guys – if you saw her in person in a hot little mini dress or a skimpy tank top, when would she have gotten you more excited – before or after?

  24. Okay, maybe she actually isn’t a ladyboy (although I’ve never actually seen how authentic they can make a vagina look these days), but she sure as hell looks like one! And her natural breasts (or rather the complete lack thereof) are more like a man’s than a woman’s.

    As I say in the SFBay thread, I’m starting to realise that girls who look like ladyboys are very popular around here, at least amongst the people who comment. This is very interesting to say the least!

  25. Probably would have been better if she went a bit larger actually – then they’d be big and fake (which I like), rather than just “biggish” and fake.

  26. I’ve tried, but I just can’t bring myself to choose. Its like choosing between air and food.

    For me, implants like this can look good on a girl with a very toned body. It looks strange to me when I see a girl who is in fantastic shape, like a fitness model, and they have the normal “fatty” looking boobs. Not that I’m knocking those types of boobs. It just doesn’t look as good on all girls for me.

    Either way, Jewel is hot enough before and after that I have difficulty forming multiple syllable words when I see her.

  27. “That is a real vagina.” quote of the year! :)) dont blame doc, north..he never looks at it closely :))

  28. I wonder how many people would think her boobs have been enhanced have they not know that beforehand. Not being a big lover of huge/big breasts myself, I still like the “after” more.

  29. I posted this reply on the other site—Interesting about the Ladyboy thing.
    When I first came upon Jewel ,I thought the same thing. I have been to Thailand
    a dozen times in the last few years and I have seen quite a few Katoeys.
    I posted a set of her pics on one of the Thai forums that I frequent and the response was 100% that ‘She’ was once a male.—I just looked thru the Mac and Bumble pics[thanks Zamscan] and a few features confuse me even more.
    Almost a 5 o’clock shadow in the upper lip.
    Legs–calf muscles unusual for a female,unless she runs marathons-who knows!–and in the later rearend pics, she does not have ‘Child bearing hips’
    I have had the interesting experience of having sex with a post-op, and I did not know,at the time!
    I think she is beautiful, but the bolt-on boobs do little for me,although I would probably hyperventilate in her presence,just the same.
    Pity she cant crack a smile though.

  30. Thanks for the info bobgod – I always wanted to know how convincing they could be post-op. I agree about Jewel’s many masculine features – perhaps she doesn’t actually have a real vagina at all. 😉

  31. I think I’m done with her now…all I see is a dude’s face. Especially in the very top right photo of her, at the very, very top with the water in the background. Scary little thai boy! Barf 🙁

  32. I never thought she was, but then everyone starts bringing it up — talk about the power of suggestion! Memo to self — if ever in Thailand, be afraid, be very afraid (or maybe so drunk you would neither care nor remember:-))

  33. “Scary little thai boy! Barf”… sweet science I peed a little after reading that… haha. You are so funny sometimes arf!

    I LOVE BOOBIES! Real or fake as long as I can see them and feel them it’s all good. I just don’t like the long ones, or the big droopy ones or the ones that could save an entire village from starvation (overly large).

    “Tranny Hot”… who thought these two words could mean so much. I’ve confessed to looking and under the right circumstances… I probably would touch (as long as it is not a “sword fight”… haha)!

  34. OK–I have perused the pics and concluded that she is a girl.
    Dont like the tits.
    Pity there is only one smile in 300 odd pics.

  35. You guys are somethin else…she is really a GIRL. Open your eyes and look. It’s like Wingsfan said you guys are so susceptible to the power of suggestion. It’s like everytime the Doc says some girl has fake T’s or a nosejob you all take it as fact. No offense Doc but you’re no more an expert than I or anyone else here is. You want a ladyboy look at Mary Alejo.

  36. Actually, I don’t think any of us can be confident about this one way or the other. I’ve certainly seen more feminine looking transexuals than Jewel (like Harisu, for example), and this kind of thing is hardly uprecedented in Thailand. Still, I did go through Zam’s pics just now to see for myself, and I feel Jewel does have a quite feminine waistline and hips. So in all honesty, I’m really not sure. But ladyboy or not, Jewel does look very masculine anyway!

  37. Been doing some more research on this fascinating topic. LawBoy provide a link in the Harisu thread, on which I found some close-ups of a ladyboy post-op:

    Now I don’t know about you, but that looks very much like what Jewel has down there. And in all honesty, there’s no way I would have know such a thing wasn’t “original equipment”!

  38. “Before! Why do women do that? They looked like overstuffed balloons.”

    Right on, ProfAbe.

  39. speaking of before-after, can anyone direct me to before pics of francine dee? (whose implants look horrid!) thanks

  40. Comment here:
    Men like to check out the fake/huge breasted girls.
    Men don’t necessarily want to have every other guy always checking out HIS girl because she has fake/huge breasts.
    Difference between a plaything and a keeper I think.

  41. A sure sign of insecurity is the need to dismiss those who disagree with you, especially by attributing their positions to some ulterior motives or insisting that they only represent some misguided minority.

  42. I assume you are talking about me knarf? I am simply pointing out that there is a huge gap between what most people say here, and what attracts the most hits and searches here. Make of that what you will – based on my personal experience of men who say they don’t like big tits, I have my own ideas.

    In restrospect, all the “natural is best” comments here are pretty amusing, as not only were her breasts never natural in the first place, but Jewel au naturel could very well be a guy!

  43. Doc, are you still on your ladyboy kick with this girl? Seems to me that anytime we get a girl on here that is pretty toned, you cry ladyboy. You got something against girls who like to exercise? 🙂

  44. Huh? This is the first time I’ve “cried ladyboy”, as far as I can remember (correct me if I’m wrong). I love toned women, like Maya Sakura for example. But they still have to look like a woman!

  45. Sorry Doc. Its just that I’ve heard a lot about ladyboys from you between this thread and the thread. I’ll give you credit for Maya though. I don’t remember reading any comments where you thought she might be a man.

  46. It’s just that these two threads have made me aware that a lot of the people here seem to have a ladyboy fetish (or at least like women who look like ladyboys), and I am absolutlely fascinated by this. I really wonder what it says about them…

  47. I mostly agree with Dr. Lee. Laughing at the hypocrisy of the guys who say they hate fake boobs. But I do like this young lady’s change – both in the face and chest. Although, again, like Dr. Lee, she could have gone a little bigger. But I’m sure she looks a lot better in shirts and bikini tops now.

    And I agree with what wylde8 said – nothing worse than a woman who gets big implants to try to hide the fact that her midsection is getting bigger – sad – she isn’t fooling anyone but herself.

    And FredF – to go one step beyond what Dr. Lee said – you should worry when other guys AREN’T checking out your woman’s body – bad times lie ahead…

  48. Question my sexuality all you like, but I’m not a huge boob freak. I’ll take big boobs, IF they are naturally shaped and look like they might be actual boobs.

    To me it’s mostly about shape, and nipple placement (and look). I have no problem with smaller boobs, as they are less inclined to droop.

    So, give me a set of natural-appearing breasts, that are firm and perky, and I’m usually happy. Size is relatively unimportant, to me, in that case…as long as they aren’t freakishly big.

    It’s probably a contradiction to say I don’t like fake boobs, but i want a woman’s boobs to look the way they did when she was 18…but, that’s the case.

    That’s why the Japanese work appeals to me, much more than the big old bowling ball breasts that so many of these models have.

    Doc, it may seem unnatural to you, for men to like smaller boobs. I’d say it’s just as unnatural for men to like two huge globs that don’t really look like breasts, at all.

  49. Actually, I can understand why a guy wouldn’t like really fake looking breasts – after all, they are unnatural, as you say. The same goes for freakishly big. What I am suspicious of is guys who say they simply don’t like big breasts, even when they are within a natural size range (and don’t look too fake). And time and time again, I’ve seen the guys who say this totally contradict themselves in practice – I’d really like to know why so many men say this when they don’t really think it. But everything Bigfoot Dean says makes complete sense to me.

  50. I love breasts. I find breasts of many different sizes and shapes attractive. I love big breasts. I love huge breasts. 🙂 I tend not to like fake-looking breasts. Really fake-looking breasts really turn me off. That is not to say that I dislike all fake breasts. Some fake breasts from Japan, i.e., those that make he hesitate at least for while and wonder if they are real or fake, I like just fine.
    I do seem to remember a short while back that you listed your most popular models as of late—and the top three were Reon Kadena (real breasts—medium size), Sora Aoi (fake breasts—pretty effective boob job—made me wonder for a while), and Natt Chanappa (real breasts, nice and big). This at least does not seem like a popularity slant toward big fakes. (And I agree that each of those women are very hot.)

  51. PS – LOL at all the ‘might be a post-op’ silliness. Just like when the woman who was a workout fanatic had some vascularity in her hands – everyone piled on. Look at the break in her waist – above her navel – in this pic:

    An MD can’t make that – that’s a woman. Makes me wonder how many of you have really been with women – when not completely drunk.

    Too funny. I’m not one to think ‘people who talk too much negatively about something are really into it’ – but some of you could make me reconsider.

  52. I’ve always thought Sachiko looked very mannish in her facial features, moreso than this girl in fact.

  53. Wow! I can understand if somebody doesn’t think Sachiko is very pretty or attractive, but mannish? I find it very hard to believe that’s an honest opinion.

    As for WestCoasts’s point – although I am not convinced by the particular pic he points too – there are others where (as I say above) Jewel appears to have a very feminine waistline and hips. But after Harisu, I almost can’t be certain anyone is a girl any more!

  54. Sachiko looks very mannish. Look at the pic of her on the main page of this site. The jawline and cheeks resemble that of an older Japanese man. If anyone was a former man on this site, I’d put my money on Sachiko.

  55. Give me a break BaTanha! You are once again drawing these conclusions from a very small, low resolution pic. But even if you weren’t, your comments are very obviously motivated by spite, and I’m sure are not what you actually think at all. You are very complimentary toward the far more masculine looking Mary Alejo, for example.

  56. I’ve grown to think that we could post ANY girl on this site and someone would say she’s post-op. I mean, if there’s a hundred pics of a girl, someone will say that there’s a particular one where she has a mannish face or has a strange hipline or something. Next thing you know, people are saying we’re admiring a dude. Its just crazy to me.

    I’m firm on my stance that Jewel is 100% goddess and has always been so.

  57. You have your opinion Lee, I have mine. Your’s in no more valid than mine, that’s why their opinions. We can agree to disagree. I could make examples of many of Sachiko’s pictures where her facial features are very mannish, but I can see you’re getting upset so I’ll drop it. You have your opinions and I have mine and I’ll leave it at that. BTW, you complimented Mary Alejo as very sexy as well, so are you now retracting that?

  58. I said Mary Alejo had a certain sexuality about her (which she does), but she is also mannish (which pretty much everyone else here agrees on).

    I have no problem with people expressing different opinions – as I say above, if you said you didn’t find Sachiko very pretty or attractive, I wouldn’t have any problem with it. But you obviously aren’t expressing an honest opinion – you are simply just being spiteful. Do you seriously expect us to believe that, out of all the models on the site, you really think that Sachiko is the one most likely to have formerly been a man? How naive do you think we are? It’s a bit like saying she is flat-chested, when blatantly she isn’t – this isn’t an honest opinion, it is just being ridiculous. If on the other hand you said you thought her tits were ugly, I would disagree with you, but your opinion would be still be valid (at least in theory anyway).

    Your comment was totally off-topic for this thread anyway – you clearly just brought it up as a sad and pathetic attempt to try and spite me. I actually should have deleted your comment, in accordance wth the posting guidelines at the bottom of this page. Next time that is what I will do – please keep any future posts on topic.

  59. I find it amusing that you presume to know what I think. I stand by my opinion and can post them in Sachiko’s thread if you prefer. I see no reason to be bullyish and calling me sad and pathetic…that should be deleted if anything. I prefer to be complimentary to the women posted here and when mannish features was brought up I brought up a comparison, as is done on many of these threads. Amazing.

  60. Okay, I shouldn’t have called what you did sad and pathetic, no matter how much I might think you are being that way – I am cautioning myself. 😉 I do think it is pretty sad how you and a few other people have attacked an innocent bystander (and sponsor of this site) just to try and spite me. This is made even worse by the fact that we are providing this forum to you for free!

    Please post some examples of Sachiko’s “mannish” facial features in one of the threads on her – I am very interested to see what you can come up with!

  61. Who’s attacking anyone? There are far more comments from yourself and others about mannish features in numerous threads, yet those were not called attacks. What gives?

  62. If you make an off-topic, unprovoked negative comment without any basis, that is an attack. Your comments in Sachiko’s own thread theoretically aren’t an attack (even if that was your actual intention), as at least they are on topic there – and the thread is there for people to express their opinions on her, however ridiculous (and ill-motivated) your supposed opinions may be.

    Me simply expressing my opinion that Jewel looks masculine in a thread devoted to her (an opinion which a lot of other people have expressed here as well) certainly is not an attack. The fact that you have targeted me for saying this and no one else clearly demonstrates the personal nature of your actions.

  63. Here’s another one for the people who think Jewel couldn’t possibly be a ladyboy – check out the feminine curves! I don’t know about you, but I would never have guessed this “girl” was a ladyboy. Given what I’ve dug up on this subject, I can now believe almost any “girl” from Thailand might actually be a guy! Certainly, after seeing this “girl” (and how natural the post-op vaginas look), I now consider it very likely that Jewel was once a guy.

  64. Isn’t that one of the Ladyboys you showed us while back in a different post, LawBoy? She/he looks AWFULLY familiar. :))

  65. Haha… I would like to comment about the ladyboy vid that LawBoy dropped on us, but I may end up incriminating myself… oops, I think I just did anyway. I think I might just be a total perv! I believe now that I have a very serious problem… haha! HELP?!?

  66. Ladyboy lovers unite. Free yourselves from those dark, dingy, man juice, encrusted closets you’ve encased yourselves in. Thillies! You can’t fool me. :)))

  67. before….even though i love big breasts….natural, even though small, is almost always best

  68. huh? did i miss something? her boobs weren’t natural before?

    whatever the case may be i love fake tits but she really didn’t need them .. however i do like the makeover she had in the face though

  69. Okay, since I am attracted to vaginas, I took a close look at Zamscan’s photos. She’s a girl, and you can tell because they fashion the outside of the vagina out of the scrotum (in operations) and the aspect of her vagina that looks “scrotum-esque” is the inside, which is not usually fashioned the same way. Also, the hole tends to be further back so that they can invert the nerves near the prostate. I can’t say that’s true every time, but I’m fairly certain, in which case Jewel does not qualify. Also, I think she’s pretty.

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