Andrew Slater has been shooting models for just under four years, and has a website where you can see his work. Over 160 models with over 200,000 photos can be found at www.SFBayModels.com. It features 100% exclusive (nude) content – all shot by Andrew – and about 90% Asian. He says the members of the site love it, so hopefully you will too.

I took a quick peek and the models look okay – some better then others – and I like the shooting videos that seem to accompany every shoot. There is A LOT of material and that makes the navigation a little uneasy at times. The site also looks like it was designed four years ago, but that should not keep us from enjoying the nude Asian models! 😉

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  1. This site is a pain to navigate. I can’t navigate passed the first page of thumbnails and there isn’t a high res preview of each model, I only have the thumbnail to go by and many are not that hot. There’s also a random preview at the top that shows a high res pic but nudes are not shown and I don’t know who I’m looking at since the previews are random. I’ve seen a couple who were hot but without a name, I have no idea who she is.

    But membership is only $20, plus there are a ton of high res pics that are available once you join so that’s good. I just wish that navigation was easier and that there was a high res pic of the model that I want to look at.

  2. So right. There are only a couple of models worth dreaming about…TJ, in particular. But, as I emailed Andrew Slater, she often poses with what appears to be a gaudy high school class ring that spoils many of her most lovely shots. Also, she always seems to be in the same earrings, as though he took all 1000 shots the same day. Thi Le, Alana, and Jenn are also hot, but after that, the pickings are slim and not worth a second look…in fact, most are quite forgetable!

  3. The usual import model style mediocrity. It seems that any Asian girl in the US can be a model these days (and anyone can be a web designer!). I have to say the photography’s pretty ordinary as well – he probably did take all 2000 of TJ’s photos in one day. 😉

  4. TJ looks below average. But with just a thumbnail to go by I could be wrong, but I doubt it. And it just so happens I was able to find a preview of her and who the hell models naked with an ugly high school ring on? I guess college ain’t in her future.

    And I wasn’t wowed by the photos either. I would want more for my $20 when I can look at better photos and hotter chicks for free. I also don’t want to look at hundreds of photos of the same stuff. But this site is for the Todd’s out there and not for me. And I love Asians but most should not be modeling, especially those who can’t take off a ring for a minute to take some pics when they are supposedly a model.

  5. Looks like the site is having some bandwidth issues. I can barely click on anything without getting an error page. Honestly, there are only a small handful that look interesting anyway.

  6. I wouldn’t spend time on this site for free, let alone spend money for it.

    I realize you get more as a paid member, but I figure it is simply more mediocre (at best) photography and video of marginal models (I’m being generous), on a poorly designed site.

    You can get better stuff for free, without trying very hard.

  7. I have to agree with Bigfoot – there’s just so much good stuff out there, I see no reason to spend time on this site at all, let alone pay for it.

    As we’ve discovered in a couple of recent threads, small, low res pics (esepcially thumbnails) are often very flattering, so if even they aren’t very attractive (especially as we aren’t allowed to see full size samples), then I’d say forget it.

  8. 🙂 Neat! I took all your comments into consideration! Check the site now…I fixed the bandwidth issue, added full size downloadable samples (and they even change every 2 hours!) and added a new HOT model (Luz – she looks like Natalie Portman).

    I also started adding the High Definition Video – downloadable – today too, of Luz.

    More comments/etc? Let me know 😀


  9. I really can’t understand why people like TJ so much – I think she looks like a boy! Her body doesn’t have any feminine curves, and once again, she is very flat chested. Plus her face is quite masculine as well.

    I’m beginning to think that a lot of the people who comment here don’t really have an Asian girl fetish as such – I think they have a ladyboy fetish! 😉

    Serioulsy though – why do a lot of the people who post here seem to hate feminine curves so much?

  10. I gotta tell ya, Doc, I used to prefer my Asian women very slender, but lately I’ve come to appreciate some thickness. Hell, lately I’ve found myself looking at Tigerr Benson. But on the other hand, I’ve always had a thing for slightly mannish women. Maybe what I’m trying to say is that what I like depends on the girl…the total package.

    That said, if you keep talking about TJ like that, we’re going to have a problem. And by we, I mean you. 😉

  11. It is very difficult to pose this question without causing offence, but I really, really want to know…

    Why would a heterosexual man be attracted to masculine looking women, unless he is actually… well, you know. 🙂 I am not saying you are that, but it just seems natural to me that if you really like women, you should like women who, well, really look like women. What am I missing here?

  12. You’re insinuating I’m gay because I like mannish women? That’s not so much offensive as it is ignorant. 😉 You might ask what I consider mannish. The first woman who comes to mind is Victoria Pratt. She’s not masculine by any stretch, but she is slightly mannish. Or Gina Carano. Yowza.

    I like women. In fact, I love women. I love women of all shapes, sizes and colors. But here’s the thing: Who decides who “really look[s] like women”? Within limits, it’s subjective. Look at art through the ages; it’s a great example of the idealized beauty of the day. Botticelli vs. Kate Moss, right?

    What you’re missing is diversity. Not everyone likes what you like (which should be painfully obvious by now). Is that a bad thing? Of course not. But wars have been started for less.

  13. Variety certainly makes the world go round. 🙂

    Still, I believe there are always underlying reasons for people’s taste (I don’t think it is something that just happens at random in a vacuum), and sexual preferences are particularly interesting (as well as very diverse, as you say).

    Your point about Botticelli vs. Kate Mos is a very good one – I’m sure they wouldn’t have considered her much of a woman! I’m not sure I do either. 😉

  14. Hmmm… this is interesting 🙂 I didn’t think TJ looked too much manish. But she doesn’t have big boobs, or many curves.

    But, this model on the other hand DOES look like a man, and (trust me she’s not a man) I’ve thought so for the past 4 years, since I shot her way back in the day: http://www.andrewslaterpresents.com/sfbaymodels/index.php?mid=34&order=1&t=1&s=41

    Ok, so compare TJ and Jada…. does TJ still look like a man?

    Or compare: http://efytimes.com/admin/useradmin/rte/my_documents/my_pictures/973_Manish_Jainj.jpg

    Which one is the real “Manish”!?!?! 😀

  15. I’m not gay; my boyfriend is. 🙂

    For the record, I don’t consider TJ mannish. She’s just not curvy. I consider the total package and I pronounce her yummy.

  16. There’s got to be more to life than just being really, really, really, REALLY good-looking.

    I’m sorry that I have perfect cheekbones and that my hair looks better with gel in it instead of covered in soot!

    Mer-MAN Dad, Mer-MAN!

    I think I have the black lung Pop, ehi-ehi…

    -Zoolander (paraphrased)

  17. madgirl123: I’m assuming that you’re one of the girls who modelled for Andrew. In which case I assume you would have signed a model release form, which would entitle you to the agreed payment at the time of shooting and nothing more.

  18. He shoots many of his models for free. At least he did. I cannot say what he does and does not do nowadays.

    But he’s a slime bag too.

  19. ZOMG there’s a crap-ton of pictures on this site, and there’a ridiculous amount of video footage too. Not a lot of it is worth masturbating to, but there’s something for everyone if you like the girl-next-door and amateur-aspiring-model thing.

    looks like 90% of the content is asian. About 70% of the content is hot. about 50% of the content is fap-worthy.

    Good thing there’s a lot of it!

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