Happy Birthday To Akira Lane

Sexy Model and Actress Akira Lane

This is a bit late because Akira’s birthday was June 9; but better late than never as they say! Akira has been around a long time but remains hugely popular with her large fan base. Akira keeps quite busy creating content for her 3 websites. She also models for various fetish sites as well. Keep up the good work Akira! Check out her 3 websites: AkiraLane.com, PantyhoseLane.com and AkiraLaneBound.com.

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  1. Happy birthday to one of my favorite Asian models. Akira is a real beauty and very sweet. We’ve e-mailed quite a bit.

    The big bolt-ons look a little silly but she has a hot ass and a very hot little coochie. She’s a woman, unlike some of these stick figure girls we see.

  2. Beyond her ageless beauty, Akira has always been very warm and friendly in person when I have seen her at modeling expos. I saw her for the first time at the first Asian Sirens Expo and she was one of the highlights of that event (saw her in person before seeing her online).

    I didn’t realize her birthday was 6-9-?? (using the US date format). How appropriate that her birthday is “69” since I imagine many of her fans may have fantasized about being in that position with her.

    Happy Belated Birthday Akira!

  3. well…..many sites report her birth year as 1981, but one other site says 1969. Hmmmm…..that would be 6/9/69. 🙂

  4. Happy birthday Akira.

    She’s done a lot of hot photosets with other girls. I never tire of them.

  5. Thank you guys and gals for the birthday wishes.

    1. Yes, I need to be spanked.
    2. I love the number 69 too.
    3. MILF, how about a Jaguar.
    4. Love to work hard.
    5. Love to play hard.
    6. I am as young as my cootchie.
    7. When the cootchie shrivels up, that is the time to retire – not yet.
    8. Make me laugh or see me laughing.
    9. Life is to short to be a bitch.

    Hontoni arigato gozaimasu.

    Thank you for thinking of me.

    Truly yours,
    Akira Lane

  6. PLEASE AKIRA!…I have a place in Vegas.We could shoot the spanking AND cougar seduction scene.Then hit ryst for a night out.I’d do it for F-R-E-E!!!Hell…my buddy has a pad in NPB.We could shoot it there & go to an Angels game afterwards.I look like your favorite action hero…and I can full panel test clean.DON’T MAKE ME BEG!!!;->

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