Honey Santos


Honey Santos is a young model just breaking in to the modeling world. Maybe this site can help her gain the exposure she needs to reach her goals.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’7
Located: Washington
Ethnicity: Filipina, Latin, Hawaiian, and Thai





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  1. I would love to help her meet her goals! I’m nice that way.

    She’s stunning. No more pics?

  2. Definitely has the sex appeal going on in these pics. I’m not sure if she’s necessarily model material but I find her very alluring. More pics would be great though!

  3. Last thing you should want is an AMERICANIZED Asian Siren. Your patience and your wallet can’t handle this bullshit… trust me.

  4. I dunno about modelling, she has a very small portfolio and she really needs a good photographer.

    But she sure is hot and I could tell immediatly that she was a filipina. The way I like them, brown skin and curvy. 🙂

    She knows what she’s got too, I like that:
    Although I am NOT, many people look at me and see an exotic porn star. People view me as a sexual object, and I am aware of that. Some women need to turn that characteristic on, but I do not. Sexuality, attitude and confidence just naturally oozes out of my pores.

  5. She makes the grade with me, but I few more pics wouldn’t hurt. Judging from the pierced nipple I’d say she might be a lot of fun too.

  6. Ohhhhh My!! Sooo many SURPRISES at A-S! Makes it even more FUN! Am I the LAST to know d-lover?? Can you send Travis a pic or two displaying your “sexuality,attitude and confidence”?

    “exotic porn star/sexual object” always catches my attention…and many others…

    OKOK Doc…I quit…!

  7. There’s nothing I don’t like about Honey, just wish there were more pics too. I’m so glad I can trust nicholiservia also. He always seems to be there for us. 😉

  8. Honey Santos was a hit or a miss
    who made some think of connubial bliss
    for others, it seems
    she was not in their dreams
    In her looks they find something amiss

    …her face isn’t something they’d kiss

    ..her hotness they easily dismiss:-)

  9. I do like the third pic above. It’s her eyes I think. They smoulder! (I got a red line under that word – means to burn slowly).

    French: I agree..lol..upside down shots are a trend now?
    I like this one as well.

    And until Dr Fu Manchu offered up these delicacies, I was happy..until I saw the slide show, THEN the pic of her under the Chinese straw hat! Those smouldering eyes again..might be photoshopped to hell – but for me, the close up and tight framing just highlights her exceptional beauty there, which is not so obvious in pic 1 above.
    We definitely needed more shots to say yay or nay about ‘A Taste of Honey’.
    oh and kroos…I was holding my breath – i was expecting the ‘H’ word to rhyme with ‘looker’, but does “book ‘er” come close?

  10. Cute face… Asian girl with blue eyes?

    Genetically unlikely, but she’d best steer clear of the Lo Pan just in case and keep Jack Burton’s number on speed dial.

    Can’t comment on her body because I can’t see it in any of these pics or her iStudio pics.

    Most bizarre compilation designed to avoid showing her body.

  11. Again, my humble Haiku submission:

    Why no body pics?
    Do you have visible scars?
    I like you anyway

  12. Haha, yeah, I know, I just like to promote Big Trouble in Little China whenever I get the chance.

  13. I don’t like her blond streaks – or her foundation makeup – or her distracting blue contacts – but that said, she’s got a very sexy frame and a gorgeous mouth!

    By simply stripping down the cosmetic changes, she’d likely be a bit more appealing to those that currently don’t favour her.

    It would be nice to see more shots of her behind…both her neck, back, bottom and her legs.

    Welcome, Honey! You appear to be VERY promising. We hope to see MUCH more of you in the future!!!

  14. I too love that movie, a classic. 😀

    Ah…. Suzee Pai. Her and Charlotte Lewis are my two favorite gorgeous ladies from the 80’s movies.

  15. For Money is posing Miss Honey
    Nice body and a face that is Sunny.
    Really needs more pix
    To be judged in this mix
    But Certainly better than None-y.

  16. “It’s all in the reflexes.” – Jack Burton

    Not liking the skunk hair colors…

    She has large ear lobes…

    Still, I can’t stop looking.

    I once met a 1/2 French 1/2 Vietnamese girl with greenish eyes…

    Luckily, Lo Pan was not around.

  17. Honey Santos’ pix were quite thin
    She really need to show lots more skin
    To the rescue comes iStudio
    We now know what to do-dio
    Thumbs up by the posters herein.

    Any chance of seeing the iStudio pic that was labeled 18+ (members only?)

  18. Oh yeah!…I just realized that. She really does have nice legs. I wish I could be the guy in the far right sittin in between her legs with the white glasses on.

  19. Thanks, Doc. She’s nice, but if the other pictures in the 18+ shot were of Ben Franklin, I might be tempted to take the money.

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