Jazz Baker


Jazz Baker is from the Philippines. Though not normally a model I would feature on here, I was intrigued by her look, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a look as well. Her online portfolio can be found here.Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: Philippines




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  1. Yuck! Sorry she may be hot for other guys but not this one. I know caregivers and bank tellers from the philippines that are ten times hotter then her. Still…..she may bloom yet in another few years.

  2. @jaba7421: could you please be a little more tactful than just saying “yuck”?

    To me, this girl actually looks black, and she seems to have a great body (which looks like a black woman’s body too). Although her face isn’t really to my taste, I think she’s a very long way from “yuck”.

  3. She is different. She doesn’t have much of an Asian look about her but she stands out from the crowd. I think she could be a great fashion model material. She is beautiful. C’mon guys I know we all like our Asian girls on here but not to the point of excluding other kinds of exotic beauty.

  4. I agree, ‘yuck’ is just too strong a reaction to this girl (and she IS just a girl at 19).
    Granted, many of the shots in her portfolio (not the iStudio set – I am waiting for it to load) don’t appeal in the slightest to me.
    Nevertheless, I feel she has an exotic quality about her. And the range of ‘looks’ she or her makeup team achieves is just phenomenal. Take the bald angel pic in Fashion, the different wigs and outfits etc etc.
    Some models seem to stick to one look; with her range I feel she will hardly ever be out of work.
    Having said that there are some shots that really do show that she has a great pair of legs (but in others they look like sticks) and a quite hot body.
    I am thinking the last shot in the Body section (plus 3 or 4 others) – the black shorts in particular mmmmmmm!

  5. AsianWomenAlways: you explicitly defied my warning to jaba7421, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had to warn you about this kind of thing. I haven’t had to ban anyone for a while now, but I guess all good things must come to an end.

  6. Looking at the first picture I thought she’s kinda cute like the black lab assistant in the TV show Fringe. But looking at her other pictures really turned me off.

  7. She’s really noy my cup of tea..
    But I love the versality of her photos.
    She would make a lovely high fshion mode?

  8. I have got to agree, “yuck” is just too strong of a word for her. Granted she is not my preferred type but she is a good looking young woman. She does have a great looking body but there is something that I just cannot understand myself that I do not care for. Maybe it is the maturity factor that needs to get worked in a little more. Again she is still good looking.

  9. i think the first two pictures above look really good. i like what i see. pink lingerie looks very nice. but the rest of her portfolio doesnt really do it for me.

    again with above she does look more african rather than asian however i think she could go a long long way with her portfolio. it is different and seems to be what most fashion models are making money with these days. she has a good formula to make money.

  10. First pic is a great example on how makeup can do wonders! She looks gorgeous.

    In other pics, still attractive and she’s a pinay, which is always a plus in my book. Sexy body too.

  11. I think she’s sexy. Yes she does have a young Black girl’s body.

    Once you go Black…you’re gonna need a wheelchair.

  12. I think she is pretty good too. The first photo is great. Some photos she seems to look a bit horsey which I think is accentuated by the camera angle. I would agree she does not look typically Asian to me for what it’s worth.

  13. @nicholiservia: I don’t even know what that last line means, but LMFAO.

    As for the model, although I don’t find her that attractive, that is one LONG torso. Very unusual.

  14. The 2nd shot with pink hair is my fave for sure. Just something about them fishnets always drive me wild. You don’t wanna know what the pink hair does to me. I kinda wonder if her dad’s prior Air Force stationed at Clark.

  15. @nicholiservia Why watch that movie?

    an extra line of explanation in your last post and I wouldn’t be asking 😉

  16. I guess I was a little out of line with my comment. I wish to apologize to all the members as well as Jazz Baker.

    Next time I will be a little more considerate as to my opinions.

  17. arf, I thought about the same too. With her black chick vibe, she could well have an american father.

    Clark Air Base, those must have been some great years over there. Lucky boys. 😉

  18. I’ve checked out her online portfolio, she really is a nice looking woman. A little bit thin but she is only 19.

    I am a bit disturbed in that I am getting vibes that it seems to be an ‘issue’ in terms of what her heritage is. I know in the past we’ve had ‘issues’ with models that were half asian and half, well, you get the picture.

    Now I don’t know what her background is and frankly I don’t care.

  19. She’s a fashion model, not a pinup and I’d guess she’s booked most frequently on calls for black models.

    I def see the Asian in her, but I would’ve guessed 1/4 vs 1/2. Lots of Filipinas don’t look completely Asian, so who knows.

    Looked at her book online and there is no denying the quality of her body, and while the odds are against a slender girl having real boobs like that, I think they are just that. Real, that is.

  20. Maybe the dad is African and the mom is Pinay. Kind of looks like some of the girls you used to see — still do — running around former US base towns.
    Filipinos are often really unkind to half-black kids, by the way, while they adore the half-white ones. Racism is not just in the Western mind.

  21. Yeah…That’s like my wife and alot of her friends who always seem to wish their skin was a little whiter. Always try and stay out of the sun in fear of getting a little darker. I don’t mind reminding them I’m not a fan of pale and pasty.

  22. @ Strout I don’t think her background is an issue rather whether she fits what the site aims to feature. I think it is a similar thing to the questioning of the Indian models, everyone has their own idea of what is an ‘Asian Siren’ and it is more about if she fits the forum not if she is sexy, and as such is arguably worth debate.
    For me she is sexy and a Fillipino so deserves her spot but if the majority of girls were similar I would probably go somewhere else. That said the variety of this site is one of it’s strengths IMO. 🙂

  23. exactly right Luke, and again, it doesn’t hurt to remind readers and contributors the point of the forum is the incredible variety of ‘Asian’ sirens out there.

    It’s a definite plus if they also happen to be sexy!’
    I suppose the same line of thinking could be applied to whether or not they’ve had surgery.
    But how far do we ‘water down’ the comments. Will it be simply ‘yes, beautiful, sexy’ or ‘not for me’ and that’s it. Next and same ol’ comments – empty of real comment. Thankfully such comments are in the minority and we do get intelligent observations – another good reason to keep coming back to AS.

  24. I’m not a big fan of pink hair, but I love that photo of her. I would have to agree with wylde8 that she seems more of a fashion model than a siren — meaning to me that most of her photos aren’t that sexy. Or perhaps she’s just wearing too much?

  25. I see your points Luke72, but I still feel that if a model were half white and half asian, there would be far less hateful and mean spirited comments and debates about whether such models belong on Asian Sirens. Kind of like how half whites are much more ‘accepted’ in Asian countries than half black to a degree.

    It’s like that one model that was in Playboy and featured on here, she had asian blood but looked mostly black.

  26. That’s a fair point and you are probably right. I wonder if it is because the Caucasian genes seem less dominant and therefore the ‘Asian’ seems more obvious’. There have been a number of models that look pretty much white to me that probably haven’t raised as much debate, Maria Ozawa is one example that comes straight to mind but the nudity was a diversion.

  27. Hmmm not sure why people think she has a black woman’s body…. I’m married to an African woman and she’s nothing like this girl LOL.

    The first photo I could almost understand because of her skin tones and hair, but that’s about it.

    She’s a pretty girl but certainly more of a catwalk model than siren, but at 5’5 she’ll not get a look in.

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