Two Asian Girls in a Cemetery

In keeping with the Halloween theme, here are sisters Michelle and Coy in the first of their 2008 nine-part video series, Two Asian Girls in a Cemetery. All nine parts were shot the same day during the girls’ stroll through Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas. Younger sister Michelle does most of the commentary throughout, talking about such things as the “Black Jesus” statue, scary movies, names on the headstones, and Elvira. Not to take anything away from her (because she is very cute and engaging), but ….check out Coy. ‘Nuff said.

The series was produced by Slumber Party Theater where the girls also appear in other videos such as Two Asian Girls in a Football Field. However, the SPT site is slow and ad-ridden so you’re better off going to their Break channel to see the rest of these videos ….and to check out more of Coy.

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0 thoughts on “Two Asian Girls in a Cemetery”

  1. Both cute, but Coy by a longshot, yes!
    Michelle is not very bright, and every twenty words says “whatever” or “and stuff”. She is really a uni student?

  2. Oh just wonderful!

    I got to see nothing at those sites or the video above (there IS a vid there right? All I get is a blank field of white.

    So, anyone gonna take pity and post a still shot – at least one – of Coy who, those who have been lucky to see, say is ‘sexy stuff’.

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