Shruti Agarwal


Shruti Agarwal is an Indian model. Her father is from Madhya Pradesh and her mom is from Sikkim. I am told that at least one of those is Northeastern, which explains why she has a rough similarity to the Naga models we have featured in the past. She’s fairly famous but there are not a lot of photos of her online, which makes me wonder why I was unable to find many photos, but perhaps India keeps their photos hush hush.Stats:

Age: 24
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Indian
Located: Mumbai











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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous!

    She has a quality that allows her to appear more Asian in one image / pose and Indian at other angles.


    She’s georgeous. Only thing I don’t like about Indians is the women don’t marry outside the ethnicity. Some of the unnatractive ones will but the HOTTIES like this are almost always gonna stick to a rich Indian man.

    Fortunately We have Guyanese women here for men with Indian fetishes.

  3. nicholiservia – you’re absolutely right! My good friend is from Delhi, a smart London-educated, NYC based woman with body of pornstar. Through her I met quite a number of other women from northern India. Most of them don’t conform to what we consider “Indian” look. They’re tall, some have hazel or green eyes, light brown hair & absolutely incredible curves. And they love tight jeans. LOL. (I must admit many Indian men from same area are quite studly). I never really pushed hard, but I quickly found out they have no interest whatsoever in non-Indian mates. They will always go with one of their own. And if he’s an Ivy League grad they’d stampede toward him.

    Here, in NYC there’s quite a Indo-Guyanese colony, perhaps 250.000 strong. I worked with Guyanese equivalent of Tera Patrick (sans tattoos). She knew what she had & what her tight white t-shirts & Levi’s had on all guys during summertime.

  4. @TheCollector: her nose looks pretty much the same in all the photos to me. I am not expert enough in the anatomy of women from this part of the world to know if she has a nose job or not.

    And for me, the biggest problem with Indian women is the fact that they don’t age very well. I’ve seen many young Indian beauties, but I’ve never seen an Indian MILF. 🙂

  5. I agree with Dr. Lee on Indian women not aging well.

    They look great as young girls but my god…I’ve never seen worse mid sections or more narrow bodies on anyone as I’ve seen on Indian women. What’s funny is, the “snooki” fat ones are the only ones who keep decent shapes. The thin ones shrivel up.


    Guyanese women are darker than indian women cause the men are dark skinned but some of them have fair skin. I’ve seen some Guyanese knockouts, but they are really helped when their parents intermarry with Hispanics.

  6. Not for me, I like her face in pic 2 but it looks like her baby bump is starting to show.
    Doc is spot on about the aging thing from my experience

  7. Mixing my rock n roll songs here:

    “Hope I die before I get old..”

    but before I do (and she gets old)…

    “Tutti Frutti
    Wanna Shruti”

    Tried “Hot Patootie” too in light of the RHPS post before.

    Shruti in denim jacket and later in black bikini (standing) are my picks. Can’t for some reason, access the article link. (??)

  8. totally agree with the above. indian women explode after children.

    i do like this one. amazing body, pretty face in a strange way and i think i like the fact that she doesnt look “traditionally indian”.

  9. Yeah Doc.I’ve NEVER seen an Indian MILF either.Hmmm…maybe you will start seeing them with the rapid industrialization happening in India? This one is attractive as-is nonetheless.


    I’ve seen some Indian Milfs.
    They fall into Two categories (for me anyway)

    #1 light skinned ones that are on the fat side who actually resemble those Indian female goddesses on their statues.

    #2 dark skinned hourglass ones. for some reason the dark ones look real good.

    check this site on your smartphone or in Safari (it won’t work in Internet Explorer). What do you think of this girl?

  11. She’s pretty hot and sexy. Nice shape and face for an indian.

    They can be very sexy and very attractive when they’re young but I agree that most of them have fat, fat, fates…..


    Decent from the…from the neck down.(not really the stuff of spank fantasies)But is she really MILF-aged? Did you hear something in her Hindi(?) interview to suggest an age? Because I see a girl in her mid 20’s with a boner-killing voice of sandpaper.Points for doing the shoot on a train though. 🙂 Like I said…India develops it’s middle class and MILFS will flourish.Call me when they start looking like Priya Rai circa 2007.

  13. A lot of Indian (and South Asian women in general) get fat after marriage because they have no reason to stay fit afterward; they have this ingrained mentality that their looks have served their purpose because they’ve snagged a man. The only good-looking Indian MILFs are the “western wannabe” types like her:

    @TravisStroup: Why “told”? You can just google and do a little research. And there are tons of pics of Shruti available, but most pics of Indian runway models are unlabeled.

    @longtack: Shruti doesn’t rhyme with tooti…

    @nicholiservia: Indo-Guyanese women are not darker than Indians. They’re as dark as darker Indians because most Indo-Guyanese are descendants of indentured servants that the British brought from southern Indian states.

  14. So does the name Shruti
    Rhyme with beauty or booty?
    Whatever the case
    With that bod and that face
    She’s definitely an Asian cutie

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