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In the spirit of Australia Day & Chinese New Year coinciding today, I thought it would be appropriate to share a stunning example of the result of these 2 worlds colliding.Jaymee was born and raised in Australia, and began her modelling career at the age of 15. She soon became one of the top Asian faces in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Jaymee has made appearances in movies such as Gen-X Cops, Rave Fever, a cameo role in Pearl Harbor, as well as TV shows Las Vegas & Entourage.

In 2007 Jaymee was selected as a World Vision Singapore Goodwill Ambassador and travelled to Phuket, Thailand to learn more about the poverty, HIV/AIDS and child prostitution issues.

She is currently hosting AXN Asia TV’s Ebuzz & co-hosted The Contender Asia: Muay Thai, both of which were filmed in Singapore where she is currently based.

Unfortunately (for us!) her clean cut image leaves us without many ‘sexy’ pictures, and the few pictures there are online are mostly magazine scans or screen caps. I still find her amazing nonetheless.

Jaymee’s Info

Chinese Name: Wong Suk Mei
Height: 5′ 6″
Measurements: 34-25-35
Date of Birth: November 21, 1979
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
Nationality: Chinese Australian
Occupation: Actress, model, host







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  1. She looks like one of those models whose look is determined by the makeup and touch-up artists – I suspect she wouldn’t be especially remarkable in the flesh. Still, nice work Sefu – you’ve saved me the trouble of coming up with an Australia Day/Chinese New Year post!

    I have to say though: I am often amazed by how much our readers are swayed by the way the photography makes a model look, instead of considering how she actually looks in person.

  2. well its not just Chinese New Year…

    it’s also for Viets (Tet) and some Koreans…

    so try to find a Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean chic! haha

  3. “I often [am] amazed by how much our readers are swayed by the way the photography makes a model look, instead of considering how she actually looks in person.”

    Uh, since I have never had, and doubtless never will get, a chance to meet these beautiful women in person, what exactly are the options….?

    Seems to me that I am stuck with: (a) photos and (b) dreams. Our girls tend to look very good in both, at least in my experience. 😉

  4. Interesting & true point abt make-up & photo-touching.
    I guess you could have 2 core types of models – the truly natural beauties & those who may not look great initially, but have potential to look awesome with work – be it make-up, plastic surgery or digital enhancements.
    Luckily on AS, we get to appreciate both types with the added bonus of Asian heritage!

  5. There are two kinds of photos urgal: those which are obviously highly stylised and processed, and those which are not. I think it is very obvious that Jaymee’s photos fall into the first category (as do almost all fashion photos). The most extreme example of the second that I know of is of course Sachiko, who not only doesn’t wear any makeup apart from lipstick (she does have tattooed eyebrows though), but whose photos aren’t touched up at all either.

  6. I should point out though that the models who need makeup and touch-ups to look good are the mainstay of the fashion industry – they need to be that way so that they can morph into many different looks. Natural beauties usually have too much personal character for this job, which is why I think glamour models are frequently much more attractive than fashion models.

  7. Haha. Chinese New Year. Where the f is mah lion holmes? Its celebration time….

    Jaymee Ong is such a hottie eh? I would agree. 2009 is the Ox’s year? I think it is and this year could be my year. Swerte ako. I hope….

  8. Yeah, most photo retouchers will try to maintain a natural look in the skin (depends on the client though – FHM for instance goes for the creamy look of heavy retouching and doesn’t try to look natural at all, IMO). The extremely heavy retouching on her face in the majority of photos suggests that she may have some skin problems. Nothing against her personally of course. And you can’t fake the nice figure. Would be interesting to see some paparazzi photos from the HK gossip mags.

  9. I semi-agree with Dr. Lee. I think if I were to judge her based on those first two photos, she looks great. But the subsequent photos she just looks a little pretty. The makeup and photography are her friend.

  10. Ridiculously hot, indeed! Really ridiculously sexy too. 🙂

    Doc, you’re saying that she may not be as stunning as she looks in the photos up here? Let me dream a bit, lol.

  11. Oooh Oooh! She is hot. A nice down to earth hot. Oh yeah…welcome back LawBoy. A little leave of absence or what?

  12. Man I remember seeing her on TV when I was in Asia. She is smokin!

    I never could forget her ever since :p

  13. It seems the people who’ve seen her on TV really like her, so maybe she really is hot after all! 🙂

    And yes, Flip has been very quiet lately…

  14. Okay, there’s a comment from parfum I can finally agree with, although I didn’t really focus too much on her eyebrows.

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