Introducing, Julie Hoi!

Julie Hoi

This Malaysian-born beauty is most famous for appearing at various car shows and doing a little modelling and acting. But she has most recently been seen hosting a TV show following around Team Petronas (car racing).You can visit her website, which she apparently made herself and check out her bio and a few more photos.

And in keeping with the current ‘Australian’ theme, she attended University here, so we’ll claim her!

Julie’s Stats
Name: Julie Hoi Wei Chin
D.O.B: 21st July 1984
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 47kgs
Measurements: 34-24-36

Julie Hoi

Julie Hoi

Julie Hoi


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Photos From Julie’s Homepage

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0 thoughts on “Introducing, Julie Hoi!”

  1. I was already curious about what “Aussie flavors” were down there.If Julie & Ying Ying are any indication-I gotta’ hop a plane .

  2. I just don’t want to have to moderate an off-topic political slanging match – I’ve got enough on my hands. 🙂 I do have to keep our threads on topic.

  3. Nice post sefu! A cutie fo sho! Esp. love the painted shot!

    A great addition to the Aussie contingent!….quite fitting considering its Australia Day long-weekend!

    Keep ’em coming!

  4. Yep, it’s Australia Day tomorrow, and we’ve got three Aussie models on the front page (Sachiko, Che’Nelle and Ying Ying), one “sort of” Aussie model (Julie) and three Aussie post authors (Sefu, Sachiko again, and myself). The Australian takeover of AS is nearly complete. 😉

  5. The first picture is my favorite. A lovely smile and knockout eyes!
    Well done SeFu. Oz is definitely lookin’ up.

  6. Am I the only one here who doesn’t find Julie to be all that great? She has a decent body and an ok face – but she’s far from being at the top of the class on this website.

    Sorry to add a bit criticism – but it had to be done! ^_~

  7. I tend to agree with you Seven. Her body rocks and her face is nice but there is something missing…

  8. Hey Stripes, what neighborhood do you live in? I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl who lived next door to me look That sexy! Oh how I wish!

  9. she’s not aussie..shes 100% malaysian. she goes out to clubs a lot, shes got some work done on her chest (maybe thats why the nipples are awake..LOL) and face, so i don’t really fancy her. shes got the sort of attractive, ‘blank’ face one gets when you mess around with nature too much

  10. oh yes, sorry to disappoint you mates, but i don’t think she has ever been to australia. she attended curtin university’s distance-learning course at metropolitan college after she dropped out of the monash course (also in malaysia)…but tells everyone she’s from curtin university. now you know why i don’t fancy her. 😉

  11. The post says she is Malaysian. As for which uni she went to, I guess it is a concern since that’s what her relation to Australia is in regards to this post, but it’s not a big deal to me since I will never meet her and since I can’t prove otherwise and have better things to do than to prove or disprove where she went to school. As for having work done, I’m cool with it so I am not disappointed. Julie is a cutie and it’s her body. As long as she doesn’t get bad surgery, I’m fine with it.

  12. Yeah – the position that surgery always equals bad is absurd in the extreme. It’s actually pretty rare these days for models and performers not to have some form of cosmetic surgery, so the only real question is, is it good? Julie’s results look fine to me.

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