Filipina Comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto

Rufa Mae Quinto

Busty Filipina comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto is known for playing incredibly ditzy characters despite her remarkable intelligence. That combination has made her one of the most bankable stars in the Philippine movie industry since 2001. That, and her ample curves have made the covers of both FHM Philippines and Maxim Philippines. Think Paris Hilton with better gags and bigger boobs.

She tones down the ditziness and turns up the craziness as a sexually frustrated career woman in her latest comedy Status: Single. If you’d like to see Rufa get crazy, watch the trailer here. If you’d like to see Rufa wear bikinis, read on.

Rufa Mae Quinto
Rufa Mae Quinto
Rufa Mae Quinto
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0 thoughts on “Filipina Comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto”

  1. she is just too western in appearance to be remotely Asian. I realize Filipinas are a mixture, but this one looks very Latina.

  2. Great post Mike!
    I actually jus came from holidays in the Phils & lost my mind at the talent over there!…thanks 4 tha reminder.
    RMQ is kinda on & off for me…but when she’s on, O-M-G!

    Love the pic with the football….must be something with chicks & sports with me cos I also loved sefu’s post pic of Jaymee Ong in front of the soccer net!

  3. By talented you mean cuz they are photogenic or cuz some can sing?

    I wonder if they are talented in other stuff….

  4. Sorry, might have 2 clear something up. When I said “talent”, it’s another way of expressing the sheer amount of hotties.

    …but in saying that, I agree with Mike that Filipinas are broadly talented in the traditional sense too 🙂

  5. Okay happy slip is talented. Lol. No really she is.

    Yes talent extends to every race. But I have to agree with daznlover for the cosplay part.

    I live in the U.S. and I’ve seen several conventions…. we all know where this is going.

    I will say that I give alot of my fellow americans an “A” for effort.

  6. the last shot is not ruffa me it’s Nicole Scherzinger, lead of pussy cat dolls…

    now you guys have posted it there seems to some resemblance
    only skinnier :p

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