Athena Buenaventura


Athena Buenaventura is a model from the Philippines that likes getting her picture taken. I have a hard time believing she’s ever worked with a real photographer though and she’s not doing your typical model poses but I like her stomach.Stats:

Age: 25 or 27
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: PH





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0 thoughts on “Athena Buenaventura”

  1. Eh…??? I wouldn’t say ‘no’, but there’s nothing extraordinary there…too many clothes.

  2. Another one that would probably have me sitting in a puddle of drool if i saw her in real life, but doesn’t really do anything for me as a model….

  3. Nope, (although I agree with kroos) no wow factor here I’m afraid. Rather mediocre as a model. And I am singing ‘Polyester Girl’ by Regurgitator as I look at her ‘plastic skin’ in pic 3. A bit heavy on the photoshop there I’d say.

  4. I love my pinay girls, but she isn’t really a good representation. I’d probably buy her a drink in a bar though….

  5. Looking at the first pic I could tell she wasnt my type, but thought she at least had a nice body. Looking through the rest of the photos I’ve come to the conclusion that that was the product of photoshop. Her body isn’t anything special and I don’t find her face pretty at all…

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