Jasmine Fox Li

Jasmine Fox Li

Jasmine Fox Li was one of the early 2000’s import models that was well known by those that love Asian women – and not really known by anyone else. She had a website for a long time, she was pretty big on the import scene and she used to have photos all over the internet that were good for a little… light reading…Somehow she disappeared. Her website is now empty, it is difficult to find any photos of her on the Internet, and pictures of this Cambodian model are sparse.

I know modeling is not for everyone, but when hot Asian women like Jasmine Fox Li decide to retire from modeling, the Internet world becomes a slightly emptier place.



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  1. i heard she opened up a business. yes it’s sad she left. i always thought she was goregeous. she decided to move on. more power to her.

  2. i had met her just before she left the scene in Columbus shes a really nice girl. she started a makeup business . she put on some pounds too

  3. Thanks Dr. Lee. I’d be willing too, but I’d feel bad about plugging my book everywhere (which I somewhat need to do, since these book projects are how I make money). I love writing these posts though. Thoughts?

  4. hapa77 –

    I’ve noticed a lot of Cambodian women put on weight once they reach their late twenties. Is that coincidence? Or do Cambodians have slower metabolisms?

    Either way, most attractive Cambodian women that do put on weight still manage to look attractive. So more power to them.

  5. Hi Travis. I don’t see a problem with it, as long as you don’t hit us over the head with it. For example, you already link to it from your name, and people will click on that when they read your posts. Also, you can refer to it if you post a comment that has some relevance to your book. e.g. I mentioned Sachiko’s blog in the context of the recent Tila post due to her very public support of atheism.

  6. I hung out with a couple of Cambodian honeys in the late nineties… if you don’t mind a couple of kids, or brothers and ex’s heavily involved in gangbanging activities, they are very hot but its just not worth the risks…

  7. Okay, well. If you don’t mind sending me an email and telling me more about it, I’d be happy to think it over. Robin has my email address. Sounds like fun.

  8. Jasmine was great. She worked a few of the asian hostess clubs in SoCal as well, where she was EXTREMELY fun. The did some soft-core to semi-hard-core stuff under the name of Trinity, sort of early cam shows. If interested, I can provide the links. Some were quite revealing. She was always prone to putting on weight, but her extacy and cocaine habit kept her weight down. She and her good friend (another Long Beach CA Cambodian) Paulina AKA Kami Boh of Dirty Debutantes fame were great fun for those in the know in LA for quite some time.

  9. Guess I found her a bit too late to ‘visit’ her club. 🙂
    She’s pretty hot.

    Travis, from where I see it, most women everywhere put on some weight at their late 20s! I agree that’s less on asians, but still quite a few there too.

    I’d think that japanese, then the chinese have the least obese older women, what do you guys think? Still, obesity is gaining ground, even there, as far as I know.

  10. Wow, I almost forgot about this girl. She did look pretty good, but it sounds like I would be pretty disgusted by her if I actually had the chance to hang out with her. Just my opinion.

  11. If you come across a website that is “not longer available” there is always a backup. Go to http://www.archive.org and paste the “old url” into the search box. I found an form from 2002 http://www.jdmuniverse.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1672 that had links back to a streetdreamsx.com website. So here is what I was able to find using the archive site. http://web.archive.org/web/20020702113102/http://www.streetdreamsx.com/thumbposts/jasminetan/asiangals.htm, http://web.archive.org/web/20020702113102/http://www.streetdreamsx.com/thumbposts/jasminebed/100asians.html, http://web.archive.org/web/20020702113102/http://www.streetdreamsx.com/thumbposts/jasminecroptop/4whw.html

    Sorry for the long links but the blog would not allow me to make them shorter.

    I just hope the links come out right.

  12. If you were to go to a yahoo group, the link of which is below, you will find a lot of interesting things, but in “files” you will find a folder entitled Jasmine-Trinity with some screenshots, and in links you will find links to 2 rapidshare files that will require linking with HJSplit. This is from Aznflix. As I recall, this was the best and when I have a chance, more will be added. Hope you enjoy, and hope this way of posting the links is OK.


  13. Is Jasmine Fox Li doing porn now? Because there’s a porn star named Jasmine Leigh (or Leih) who looks like Fox Li with some added pounds. Does anybody know if this is the same woman?

  14. They do not look anything alike in the slightest. They don’t even look like the same gender, let alone the same ethnicity, size, height, age or person.

    If you need more convincing beyond that they look completely different, Jasmine Li has significantly larger nipples. There is no nipple reduction surgery.

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