Mihiro Taniguchi

Mihiro Taniguchi

One of my all time favorite Japanese kawaii girls is Mihiro Taniguchi. Her unique combination of innocent appearance and willingness to do some explicit AV is what I like most about her. She looks like the kind of sweet girl you’d see doing her college term paper at the local cafe. Mihiro’s able to look so innocent and still be sexy at the same time in both softcore semi-nude idol works and in hardcore films like Obedient Toy, Superstar and Max Cafe. According to one fan site, she’s been in a total of at least 41 AVs by now. To me, she still looks fresh and new.Some facts

Name: Mihiro Taniguchi
Birthday: 1982-05-19
Blood Type: A
Height: 153cm
Body Measurements: Bust: 82cm Waist: 59cm Hips 84cm
Hometown: Tokyo

Some Mihiro Taniguchi weblinks

Mihiro’s blog
Mihiro bra and panty pics
Partial Mihiro Filmography




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0 thoughts on “Mihiro Taniguchi”

  1. Adorable!

    I know some will complain that she is too flat, and that she has too much pubic hair, but you won’t hear me complain about either. Yes, she might look better with a tiny bit more breast, and a little less hair, but she’s pretty darn cute, as is.

    I particularly like that she smile and looks like she is actually having fun.

  2. I much prefer a girl who completely shaves, or, at the very least, trims almost everything – but hey, it’s just a preference. I could definitely forgive Mihiro for her excesses. ^_^

    That said, I’m not much of a breast kind of guy. I’m much more interested in a cute face and a nice, tight butt – she has exactly that!

    Definitely a 10 in my books!

  3. Love the natural tits that are completely proportional to her body type. Good for her that she’s bucking convention (not easy thing in Japan) by not getting fake ones.

    Cute Cute Cute! Everything that I adore about J-girls!

    And once again for those complaining about the hair volume: genitals are blacked out in Japan, hence giving the illusion that there’s far more hair than there actually is.

  4. i dont get it!
    why do japanese girls not shave…
    like, im japanese too and i just dont understand why they dont spend the time to shave some of the hair and make it look a little nicer than… a bush. lol

  5. The last pic with the devil horns is great. Not sure if its a still from a movie or what, but its a very interesting pic. Devil horns are hot.

  6. javporno, isn’t it because it’s easier to censor in AV? I mean, that’s one possibility to explain the lack of shaving for AV // Photobook idols.

  7. she is seriously freakin’ cute! I can’t believe a straight man would look at her and COMPLAIN about anything!! He should drop to his knees and thank God for giving him a chance to view such a gorgeous creature!

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