4U – beauty image bookmarking

4U beauty image bookmarking

Alan has a great tip for us: 4u.straightline.jp. Very good photos with ability to build up a portfolio of your favourites or download as you wish. Lots of beautiful Asian girls.

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  1. wow look at her BUTT. only if it wasnt pressed against that board… and only if that bubble was real… 🙁
    she is one really cute girl..

  2. Some good pics from the set of more mundane compositions of pretty women. Life is good.

    Brazilian masterpiece Alessandra Ambrosio was in the set as well. She’s obviously not Asian, but who cares, she is hawt!…I’m sure FlipnIrish can trace some sort of Asian genetics in her blood line.

  3. Aw!! Sorry. Don’t know what happened? Only one link came out. I guess the addresses where too long? Doc, just delete these two posts if you want.

  4. I corrected the formating of your links (you put in carriage returns when you shouldn’t have). I’m not entirely sure your post is on topic though. 😉

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