Japan’s Pink Kink


The Japanese sex industry, often referred to as the “Pink Trade”, looks inexplicably kinky and oddly ritualized. But as strange as it seems, it is also pervasive and very lucrative. A recently published book, Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs by photojournalist Joan Sinclair offers a rare and unique look into a world that few outsiders will ever glimpse.Delving into a wide variety of sex venues, Sinclair’s photo documentary reveals aspects of kink that may be new even to seasoned observers. Still, in many ways the book only reinforces the wacky and wild view of Pink Kink.


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  1. I’ve bedded many Asian women…but never a Japaneese.If I actually end up doing one-would that mean that she’s somewhat tame?…or that I’m a welcome downshift from all the kinky JELLO/SUBWAY/BODY CAST salarymen in her culture?

    …And are Japaneese women prone to stay within their tribe?

  2. From my experience I would have to say no. I was in Japan more than a few years ago 🙁 and I managed to f*ck three lovely young ladies 😛

    They were by no means kinky, just white bread sex. But Asian sex none the less!

    I’ll also add that that was one of the first things I noticed when I was in Japan — the two layers of society: “a surface (tatemae) of formal and rule-bound social relations and a reality (honne) of real emotions, antipathies, and attachments.”

    I’ve always said that the Japanese are freaks behind closed doors. They are so strict in their rule and rite bound social relationships that they balance it by going just as far in the opposite direction. They do crazy, crazy things. And this proves it.

  3. stripes..i finally had a chance to “ahem” japanese girls and one very hot russian. They Are Not Tame in my experience…sure miss tokyo:)

  4. Yeah, they are often animals in bed, and are usually quite willing to do it with a white guy. However, the kinds of girls who like white guys also tend to favour slim guys (which counts me out!).

    Fortunately for me though, Chinese girls often like their guys a bit chubby (a lot of their most revered historical figures are on the chubby side – just look at the Chinese Buddha!). And although I enjoy Japanese porn, I like Chinese girls a lot better in general – they are more individual than Japanese.

  5. I think I personally perfer Chinese and Korean – mostly cause I’m not blocked by the language barrier. But, I perfer my Asians ASIAN rather than ABC’s – “Hua Cao” – American Borns.

    If I’m going for a girl with ancestry from another culture, I want her to be of that culture so I get fully immersed in it.

    Does that make sense?

  6. I agree with you CLM, in principle. To get fully immersed is the best option.
    I mean, the other way it feels a little… less true. Original is always better 🙂

    However, then I think about some AB asians and I get thinking how stunning they are, regardless…

  7. CLM — sure dude, use “F*CK” all you want, I don’t own the copyright to it…yet!

    If you are looking for culture, then it’s always best to go straight to the source. But if it’s beauty you seek, does it really matter where you find it?

  8. Krazy4Kobe

    I’d just rather have natural beauty than fake beauty.

    Which would you perfer:

    An average looking, rich girl with money who spends heavily on beauty products and fashion accessories or a poor girl without money for makeup who looks beautiful without all that extra crap?

    This is the distinction I made during my travels.

    Why is it the women in poor countries look so f*cking good?

  9. CLM — I think that’s a pretty broad stroke of the brush. Kinda like saying, “People in third world countries are always happy.”

    Beauty has nothing to do with economics (except maybe to have enough $$$ to pay for braces and good nutrition while growing up!).

    A beautiful girl will be beautiful no matter which country she orginates from.

    Would you also rank a Lada higher in beauty than a Ferrari?

  10. daznlover…i see CLM point and most true for most men….you dont get sick of driving a ferrari or a Lambo but you will get sick of f!cking the same girl no matter how beautiful she is….true guys? 🙂

  11. True dat!….of course I’ve never driven a Lamborghini or a Ferrari so can’t comment on those….damn! 🙁

  12. Who are you guys?!?

    I guess it’s all about personal tastes and desires. I don’t get off on cars and hi tech gadgets and a false sense of power (ie. sitting in a fast moving vehicle). If you get tired of banging an ultra-hot babe then that’s your cross to bear.

    Of course if she’s hot AND dumb…well, that’s another story! I can’t put up with stupid for very long, unless you stick her in a tub of green gel with a couple of her friends…

  13. I been living in Asia for the last 6 years and travelling around several of its countries. Seen many beautiful ladies around. However, I must say that in proportion I saw much more pretty asian girls when I travelled to the States. I dont know why, if it is the way they dress or move but for me they are hundred times more sexier than the girls over here. And I’m talking of natural looking asian girls living in the states not the ones with fake tits, blonde hair and blue contacts.

  14. OK BSM, the true question to you then is…WHAT STATES are you SPECIFICALLY talking about?!?!?! I need to know man!!!

  15. LOL, dl1 has still no asians in reach 🙂

    Lawboy, doing the same girl over and over is boring, I couldn’t agree more. Variety is king. Unless we find a very interesting one.

    CLM has a thing for top cars and I find it an unfair comparison to Longoria. I mean, look at her! 🙂
    But that’s just me, maybe.

  16. Oh, I’m talking about Boston, MA. Not that is full of asians but saw some very good looking ones!!!

  17. BlueSeaMonster has an interesting point. Where I live there are Taiwanese girls everywhere (in the suburb where I do my shopping they are the majority of the population), and damn there’s a lot of good looking girls! But when I went to Taiwan itself, they were actually quite rare. It seems the best looking ones like to move overseas for some reason. And like BSM, I’m talking about real Asian-looking girls, not that blonde-haired trash. 😉

  18. There should be some sort of caption contest, hah because the second picture is just too good to let slide by.

    Blonde-haired trash? The majority of Asian females or girls, however you like to put it, I seen with blonde hair are Vietnamese. I don’t know, it’s something I’ve noticed.

  19. I’d rather not point the finger at anyone in particular with such strong comments (that would be rude to the individual involved), but if you read between the lines of some of my previous comments, you can probably figure out the sorts of girls I’m talking about. Okay, here’s a clue: shiine’s comments are sadly correct – I say ‘sadly’ because natural Vietnamese girls are the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. So it really depresses me when they try to turn themsleves into the ‘baddest bitch on the block’. That’s all I’m going to say. 😉

  20. I must say that upsets me too. I know a few asian and non-asian girls, with beautiful dark hair that, at some point in life, decide to dye their hair, to make it red or blonde. Creating a new, very artificial look.

    Don’t they realize how beautiful their original hair looks? They just trash it for the sake of being trendy or bitchy. But not classy at all, for my taste. I do enjoy the occasional, tasty, slight blonde streaks, but that’s just as far as I go.

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