The Timeless Series by Guan Zeju


This information was passed on to me by Sachiko, who received it from one of her fans (thanks Chris if you’re reading this!), introducing us to the exceptional artwork of Guan Zeju. Presumably the reason he felt Sachiko’s fans would appreciate it is not so much the outstanding artistic quality and remarkable realism of his paintings, but the outstanding physical attributes of the subject of his Timeless series. 🙂 One has to wonder how much artistic licence he took in painting such a beauty, but whether this girl really does have such a stunning figure or not, I’m sure our readers can appreciate the results!

There are many more lovely Chinese ladies featured in his other artworks as well.

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  1. I’m not much into paintings on the wall, but I’d consider one of this for my living room… Impressive, the reality of the woman. Very attractive, of course.

  2. Yes, originals must be a lot.

    Wow, is that legal to sell those reproductions? Nice price, but i’m not sure if it’s the right thing, since it’s a living artist. I wouldn’t mind at all buying from a dead artist. The things I learn in here… ty for the link 🙂

  3. wow…i love these…i wonder if it would be appropriate for my office? 🙂 sexual harassment lawsuit probably….damn lawyers:))

  4. Unbelievable artwork and the model was phenomenal!! Thanks for the shots Doc. And Lawboy how bout just using them as a wallpaper? Computer wallpaper that is…

  5. As far as legalities of reproductions go, I think the issue is whether the works are copyrighted or not. I imagine they are, but the Weinstein Gallery does not help their case much by omitting any copyright statement on their website (I can’t find one, anyway) and I don’t see them on the pictures, either.

    Tellingly, a lot of these oil painting reproduction places seem to be in China, far from the grasp of real intellectual property law (and lawyers). Others in the US stick to stuff that is clearly public domain.

    Could US Customs stop this material on the way in? These guys are willing to ship these by the container load, so it can’t be too big a risk.

  6. Under international Copyright law, such works are automatically Copyrighted unless they are stated to be in the public domain. People only state the Copyright laws in an attempt to scare people off.

    The reality is though, there is no Copyright law in China in practice, although I believe the Chinese government is working on it. Still, this probably won’t hurt the artist: there is only one original after all, which some collector will always want. Also, the copies aren’t being passed off as originals.

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