Helen Su – Official Website Launch

Helen Su

It was a bit late, but Helen Su finally opened her official pay site last week. You can check her out at HelenSu.com. It’s not easy to make money with single model paysites these days; especially when they are non-nude like Helen’s. But still, let’s wish Helen the best of luck on her new site. For more pics of Helen, click
Helen Su

Helen Su

Links for Helen Su

Helen Su’s Official website
Helen Su @ MySpace
Helen Su @ Xanga
Helen Su @ Asian Sirens Nov. 2005
Helen Su @ Asian Sirens Aug. 2006
Helen Su’s Wallpaper @ Babe Blvd

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  1. Cute.

    Again, because there’s no “model ID” or suggestion thread or box, I must go OT. Who is this Asian model who appeared on “Chappelle’s Show” in the 2nd season? I recognize her, but I can’t remember her name, and she’s uncredited. Thanks.


  2. Ah, yes! ‘Tis the season for another highly doable yet highly forgetable hot So-Cal Asian babe. Mmmm, empty calories never tasted so good!

    Looks as though she’s found (and perfected) her ONE pose: back arched, tits and ass pushed out, mouth hanging open in that ‘I’m-almost-drooling’ state.

  3. K4K you mean, man! But unless Helen is going to show the goods…well don’t count on breaking the bank. But she is incredibly HOT! Good luck girl!….

  4. MEAN?!? Bah! No Grinch here!

    If she’s decided to have a career based on selling her looks and image then that’s what the public gets to critique.

    I’m not judging her personality or cooking skills or engineering brilliance, because that’s not what she’s putting on the block. She’s selling and I’m window shopping.

  5. Gotta agree with K4K on all counts. The fact that these girls look ‘doable’ is probably why so many of our readers like them, but the fact that they’re forgetable is also why I don’t. And I am also put off by the fact that a lot of these models do only seem to have one pose – the whole thing makes it look like there’s not much going on in there, which turns me off even more.

    On the other hand, I have to give Helen a big thimbs up for daring to look natural and Asian!

  6. Second you on that K4K.Just another hot…but forgettable…So Cal Asian babe.

    “Cooking skills…Engineering brilliance.”

  7. Surely she did’nt think this site was gonna generate revenue-right? She DOES understand that this is just a VANITY PROJECT and that there are probably cheaper ways to have a “contact me” web presence.


    Better yet honey-book me as your first “scene partner” when you do go porn.I have remote cam facilities.(fewer distractions)…and a female director.We come as a pkg.

  8. Helen’s cute. I give her props for looking mostly natural and I wish her luck with her site, but she’s just another Asian model with phony breasts. She’s also forgettable. Even I forgot about her for a whole year until someone wrote an article on her. She’ll appeal to the yellow fever crowd, but she doesn’t have that look that would make me spend money on her site.

    As for that honey on Chappelle Show, I’ll see if I can find her name in the credits.

  9. K4K, it’s all NorthMan’s fault. He put up all the photos with her arched back, instead of a few ones with her hips flexed.

    She’s very attractive to me, clicked my moind when I just saw her on the front page. Really hot! And her happy mood is great (check her myspace), seems a genuine smiler!

    As far as her site goes, I find it a bit out of focus on the first page and the join page. She should clearly state what the members get. I don’t get good information on that. Marketing needs to be better. And of course it’s difficult to sell her site if she doesn’t do nude.

    If she does some special cam sessions or so (even clothed), blog, 1-on-1 email, she may get lucky if she has a GREAT personality (I dunno). Helen, if you read this, it’s free advice. Buy me a drink next time. πŸ™‚

  10. Helen is just a self-important tease like so many others. Get naked while people still want to see it.

    She would make a good porno chick. She has those “do me” eyes.

  11. At last some sensible comments… thanks Robin!
    I am amused reading comments like “highly doable yet highly forgettable”. I mean, if after “doing” Helen you think that you would easily forget her, you certainly must be laying some mighty fine girls every weekend guys!

  12. Okay…some clarification: doable equates to attractiveness. She’s no doubt very pleasing to the eye but throw her in a bowl with the rest of the M&Ms and she gets lost.

  13. Just checked on what I said about her the first time around:

    “A fine example of an Americanized-Plasticized Asian model.

    Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Aug 23, 06”

    Good to see I’m consistantly judgemental of vanity πŸ™‚

  14. Helen is pleasing to the eye no doubt, but she’s not someone I would pay $20 a month to become a member for her site. Right now, there are a ton of Asian models that are on the scene right now and she doesn’t have the qualities that would differentiate her from the other models that are out there. Like K4K said, throw her in a bowl with the rest of the M&Ms and she gets lost.

  15. Well I don’t think she’s instantly forgettable but I do think she’s high as a kite if she thinks people are going to spend $20 a month on “implied” pix. Katherine Thom shows more than her and only charges like $15 I think. Her friends must be nitwits too…when talking about growing up in Denver her friends ask her if she’s ever heard of McDonalds or Walmart? What is Denver considered the boonies now?

  16. HelenSu.com is part of the babeblvd.com network. Those guys seem to know what they are doing. I also wouldn’t spend $20 a month for a subscription, but I think you would be surprised how many people would. If it’s well marketed, it could very easily be a profitable site.

  17. K4K hit this one outta’ park.”Americanized”
    -(translation: Anglophilic/Angry/Arrogant)-Asian babes are standard issue in SoCal.

    Camelgrass…I don’t know if you live in Socal or not …But every chik down there drinks from the same poisoned well.You’ve got 5’s and 6’s running around down there with a HYPERINFLATED sense of self.I liken it to the conceit of every real estate agent in that region who thinks the outhouse they just showed you is worth a million bux.

  18. BTW…this comes from someone who has bedded her type.I can’t say that I’m happy to have gotten to that frame of mind about it…But Cali will do that to you.

  19. I remember the days when models used to feel flattered and honored to be featured on Asian-Sirens. But I guess everything changes over time. I think it’s time we come up with some new slogans for Asian-Sirens that are more honest about what models can expect after being featured here. I’m sure if we market and target these new slogans correctly we can create a large new pool of Asian-Models to feature.

    Asian-Sirens – The Essence of Asian Beauty

    Asian-Sirens – Get your reputation trashed in a public forum!
    Asian-Sirens – Read what strangers want to do to you sexually!
    Asian-Sirens – Pray you are not our next featured model!
    Asian-Sirens – You better hope you are not a So-Cal girl!
    Asian-Sirens – Get beauty tips from thoughtless, ill-mannered men!
    Asian-Sirens – Minimal positive comments compared to other Asian sites!
    Asian-Sirens – Tell your girlfriends how you were put down on Asian-Sirens!
    Asian-Sirens – No other Asian site is ruder, cruder or lewder!

    I’m telling you guys, Asian ladies will be busting down our door to be featured here if we can just get this message out to as many of them as possible!

  20. I’m not sure but I think I’m sensing some sarcasm there….could be wrong but may be picking some up… πŸ˜‰

  21. Northman has hit it completely dead on. There seems to be a distinct dislike of the American Asians on this forum, actually a targeting of the SoCal models that I don’t undertsand.

  22. Wow-NorthMan.Easy there! She’s in the marketplace.Just like a car…just like a pair of jeans…just like a fine wine.As such-she’s not above a certain amount of critique.Worship-whether it be a woman,a toy,or a deity-requires a certain amount of DENIAL.For better or worse we live in an age of WARTS AND ALL exposure/over-exposure.

    P.S. She’s no less desireable…and certainly should we meet-I would look forward to her shredding my assumptions.Doubt it.;->

  23. I wasn’t being sarcastic. Northman just has a valid point.

    We are not talking about a car here, but a beautiful human being. If one doesn’t find her particularly attractive, one could refrain from commenting. Or just place a civilized remark about her looks.

    But I guess we are living in a web 2.0 world where everyone just shouts out their opinion just like that.

    All the same to me, but I still think Northman has a good point: There goes our reputation.

  24. Robin,

    I think the ruputation for Asian Sirens is pretty well established. Post images of asian women and then see them torn apart in the blogs. Pretty much sums it up.

  25. Here’s how I see it:

    Poster: “Here’s an Asian female I like…”

    Visitors: “What? You’re crazy…”

  26. When I don’t like a girl here, I opt for not saying it or at least writing in such a way that I will not offend her. I mean, she may come here and read it. I noticed Helen herself came to participate in other previous thread where she was featured.

    This blog is not so private, it’s open to the world wide public. Some of the above comments wouldn’t get told straight in the face, would they? Remember lots of people are reading us, including some asian models who are the subject themselves. Think of their reaction πŸ˜‰

    Regarding her site, like camelgrass says, there are customers for every kind of site. It’s a big world out there. Some guys really prefer not to see nude pics, believe me! I guess the key to her site is better marketing and more interactivity. And if she has a charming personality, she could land lots of visitors. I admit price is up but that’s her problem. I’m here to know the asian models, not their business plan. πŸ™‚

  27. β€œAsian-Sirens – The Essence of Asian Beauty”
    That’s why I read the blog, Asian Beauties. I don’t think every model featured here is equally attractive, but I can appreciate beauty even if it’s not my personal taste. I don’t see any reason to trash, demean or rate models.

    “Asian-Sirens – No other Asian site is ruder, cruder or lewder!”
    That’s the reason I often skip the comments; who cares about your penis size, the number of women you (purport to) have done or which position you would do this model in.

    So Northman and Robin – I am with you all the way on this.

  28. Actually Robin my sarcasm detector went off because of Northman….sorry for the miscommunication. Well like I said before I really do dig Helen. I think she’s gorgeous. But just don’t think a non-nude site will sell for $20 a month.

    I think everyone is entitled to make their opinion known here even if we don’t agree with it. Just so long as it deals with Asian babes and doesn’t delve off into European Serfhood of the 16th century…hate when that happens. ROCK ON HELEN!

  29. I have to disagree somewhat with my fellow bloggers here, for a few reasons:

    1) Pretty much everyone agrees that Helen is attractive – nobody’s saying she’s ugly or anything like that. That’s more than some other models featured here have gotten!

    2) I think our readers are expressing a legitimate fatigue with the endless parade of unremarkable so-cal Asian models these days. There will eventually come a point when people will want something new and different – or at least more remarkable – and I think our readers have the right to express that.

    3) Our readers are also making the legitimate point that it’s hard to see how yet another so-cal Asian model who doesn’t even want to go nude can charge $20 a month for membership to her site. I feel they also have the right to say this.

    4) If you feel the comments here are too negative, complaining about them is not the way to fix things, as that will only encourage the original posters to defend themselves. If you want to see a more positive tone to the comments here, simply post your own positive comments. If there’s enough of them, they will overwhelm the negative ones.

    This is the nature of a free and open forum anywhere on the internet – Asian Sirens is not unique in this. I will delete comments that do not comply with our guidelines, but apart from that, anything goes. And once again, the readers themselves can freely make it more positive if that’s what they want.

  30. Dr. Lee,

    I think point 2 says it all. Though I don’t see the endless parade of SoCal models you are talking about. With over 200 asian models that I have personally photographed in the SoCal area over the past 8 years, maybe a dozen or so have I noticed being mentioned here.

    I think you make it a legitimate attack on the SoCal models as being unremarkable. Your words. Doesn’t matter whether anyone agrees with that or not. Just a point of view as you have pointed out.

    Frankly it doesn’t matter what anyone says whether a particular model is worth paying $20 bucks for. You make it seem that only Socal Asian models do this, and maybe they do, who knows. But it seems that folks make it out to be a crime or something to charge for non-nude images of oneself.

  31. I would say her site is more a way to reach out, rather than providing a living. She is into events mostly, right.

    Regarding what Dr. Lee says, maybe really some people are tired from SoCal babes lately and Helen’s site happened to catalyze that here.

    Perhaps something to analyze deeper… I’ve counted about 4 or 5 american asian babes in the last 2 months. Hardly crowded. Maybe it’s all the media around us?

  32. And Asian Sirens doesn’t count as media?

    The basic point being, oh ye defenders of faith, the visitors to this web site are being presented with IMAGES of various women marketing, I say again — marketing, their PHYSICAL LOOKS and attributes.

    We, as citizens of free speech (hopefully), make comments based on these IMAGES of PHYSICAL LOOKS. So who’s at fault? We process what we are presented.

    I can’t comment on a models personality etc if I have no knowledge of it. All I know is what I see, and that dear reader, is most likely all the model wants us to know (and buy) — her LOOKS.

    So quit gettin’ yer G*d damn panties in a knot every time a user posts something anti-whatever!!!

  33. I guess she was more slammed by her marketing (did she ask to be here?) than most of the others in the past 2 months. True?

    I was referring to other media. Like I said, 4 or 5 american asians her in AS in the past 2 months. Hardly a overdose.

  34. Krazy4Kobe,
    Careful on stating that it is only the women marketing themselves. (IMAGES) as you put it. I agree that the comments are based on the images presented, and that in itself is a farse of reality in most cases.

    The 15k to 20K that show up to a Hot Import Nights show every weekend to see the SoCal asain models in person might have a different take than us mere readers.

    I think it is the fact that bloggers like to attack the SoCal models here that has gotten some attention, well at least mine.

    Being anti-whatever seems to be the norm nowadays, so that isn’t a big deal.

    And you are right about this being all media driven. I just wouldn’t take too much stock into the images being presented here, because for the most part, they really suck. Not the models per say, but the quaility of what is being presented as a representation of the model in question (featured) is what often spurs the attacks.

    I personally think that the readers, (maybe just the bloggers) here just flat out HATE and DESPISE the asian american models featured here because they don’t look really asian.

  35. daznlover,

    I don’t think any of these women asked to be featured here.

    If so, Who?

    Okay, not fair. Which model in their right frame of mind would?

  36. Ahem….

    And another thing!!! The models, such as Helen Su et al, whom set up websites and SELL monthy subscribtions do so with the full intent of doing just that — selling their image.

    They know full well that sex sells and are preying on the “weakness” of men to achieve certian financial goals. Therefore we, as potential free market comsumers, have every right to lambaste, criticize, and judge the product which is being sold — the look of the model.

    It all comes down to money.

    Perhaps AS should become a pay-per-comment site…see how many of us users are willing to part with hard earned bucks just to post a meaningless “She’s fake!”. When it comes right down to it, the majority of us don’t really care. Helen Su, Kiko Wu, Ping Pow Chew…it’s T&A, big deal. Walk out your front door and I bet you’ll see some without having to fork over $20.

  37. Krazy4Kobe,
    I think you got it right, sex, money, internet, Wow, imagine that.

    This preying on the “weakness” of men, give me a break.

    It all comes down to money. Really?!?!

    You make it sound as if she is some evil person out to rip off us humble folk.

    hmmm, making money off of one’s looks. Go figure. Oh, to be lambasted, critized for it, and be judged by the god like consumers. Oh what fun.

    Sounds more like a hate thing to me.

  38. hey Northman and Robin..not to distract from this blog, but i personally appreciate you guys for this site and for the effort from you guys to post these beauties and all the useful infor. this is a big reason why i like this site. the other reason is that as a public blog, i have always thought you are allowed to voice your opinions as long as it is, no offense,…”CLM comments”..not that i mind those comments ; )

    i can see Stripes, K4K, dazn, and Doc Lee’s point of view with this matter. there is no doubt that we love to see the beauties, american asian or not, as long as they are hot. maybe i am wrong but i thought we are free to comment about the models as a critique of their features, personality or other things as long as it is not “crude, or vulgar”

    I think a lot of us who blogs often on this site sometime have a lot of informal banters that may be somewhat crude or borderline in bad taste..me included. but i think mostly because it is a fun site and the guys here share a common interests. so either they express it scientifically or objectively or crude, rude or lustful like me, CLM, and K4K and doc…we still have a forum for us to sound our mutual interests…Asian Women…with out harsh censors or guidelines. It would be ashamed that we have to tone down our comments just because we dont want to offend anybody. if the models put themselves out there, they have to expect possitive or negative comments…havent you guys watch American Idols…i liken CLM to Simon…give it them loud and hard :))
    my opinions about this tread only apply to the models…i hope the guys who post the pix do not take it personally, Northman…we really do appreciate you taking your time to find these girls…Sulu Out :))

  39. not to beat a dead horse, but i wondered if the models posted here really want to know how the true public feel about her body, her photographer, her website and her personality? I would think if she is a good business person, she would really want to know if K4K think she is doable, or if CLM would like to impregnate her, or if doc thinks she has a fake nose or fake boobs..whether she has it or not..or if Lawboy wants to take her on a oversea trip to Thailand firstclass to visit adam and Newswork….although for us mongrel men, we cant express ourselves as eloquently or tastfully…i think our opinions are still quite useful for a model to use to improve herself….Sulu really signing out this time:))

  40. I don’t hate models that don’t really look Asian because hate is a strong word. I just dislike the dyed hair and fake breasts that most of these models have nowadays. I would go see Helen at HIN and take pictures of her like I do the other models, but I’m not spending $20 a month for her site because there isn’t much content on her site and she doesn’t do nudes.

  41. Candyman,
    Help me out here, what is an Asian Model suppose to look like?

    I seem to recall earlier this year a discussion about what makes an Asian Siren.

    I guess it is clear here who doesn’t make an Asian Siren.

    If a model doesn’t look asian, isn’t worth 20 bucks a month, and doesn’t pose nude, then?????? Okay, got it. Not an Asian Siren.

    All kidding aside, and just poking fun at all of this, I think it is clear that everyone has a soapbox to stand on in what they like and dislike here. I just think Northman made a valid point about what sums up the majority of these blogs folks make.

  42. Who cares what an Asian model suppose to look like. They’re not suppose to only look like this or that.

    Candyman is a grown ass man and would rather do real things like look at naked pictures and spend his 20 bucks on Mcdonalds instead. Only kidding. Actually who would pay 20 bucks to see some pictures of her, or any lame ass pictures for that matter, you can feed a starving African nation or something with 20 bucks =D.

    Oh and that was funny Lawboy.

  43. Aaaahhhh….stirring the pot was never so much fun! πŸ˜›

    Mosey man…take a look around, bud — I mean a really good look….now tell me that today’s society is NOT based on the pursuit of money and the proliferation of consumerism and capitalism. It’s not always evil or hateful…it’s just what we are. And I certainly don’t hate hot ladies!

    Do you REALLY think little Ms. Helen Su would strut her bodacious bod around in a bikini for FREE? Simply for the fresh air and exercise? Sorry pal, can’t pay the rent on salacious ogles and cat calls. These models aren’t evil, they are just playing the game like the rest of us.

    In closing, I reiterate: I’m presented with an image, I comment on that image.

    Thank-you and good-night.

  44. Asian models can look however they want to look. It’s their body. I just prefer models with their natural hair color and a little makeup and without the contacts, blonde hair, phony boobs, etc. All that mess is unnecessary because they’re already beautiful the way that God made them.

    I said before that Helen was very beautiful and she is an Asian Siren in my book, I’m just not paying $20 a month for her site that doesn’t have much content. Eventhough $20 ain’t much to me, I just want my money’s worth. Is that so wrong? I spent $10 for one of Ingrid’s sets and it was worth it because she is OMFGWTFHML hot.

  45. Helen is hot…i wonder if her pix are photoshoped…not that it is a big deal…but seeing some before and after photoshoped, you can’t really tell how hot she is until an in person meeting….why not nude?…
    candyman…ingrid is super hot, even with the P thing..but very island looking

  46. If Helen was offering her pics for free, then you wouldn’t hear me criticize a damn thing. However her pics aren’t free, so I’m going to be critical. Helen is up against all the other Asian models that are out there with their own sites. For instance Luana Lani’s site is $24.95 a month. Her site has a ton of content. Plus she shows off her goodies, so that’s a better value right there.

  47. Just one more thing I’d like to add – the way this thread has gone, it looks as though Helen is some kind of paragon of what’s wrong with SoCal models these days, but I don’t think that’s the case. Indeed, as I said she deserves praise for looking much more natural and Asian than is usually the case for SoCal model these days. However, it is is true that she isn’t especially remarkable, and I think her web site has opened at a time when a lot of people are saying ‘enough already’. So this isn’t really about Helen herself; it’s more about unfortunate timing.

  48. Wow. I haven’t got the time right now to read all these comments, but this certainly has become an interesting discussion! (I wonder if Helen is reading along… maybe it’s good publicity after all ;-))

    People indeed are free to say what they want, but I still see a negative tendency towards certain models.

    Personally I don’t care where a model is from. USA, Japan, China… as long as she is Asian and beautiful.

    I would like to hear Marco’s opinion on this, since he is the one that founded this site years ago. Now in the new blog form ppl are contributing in a way they never did before. Let’s hope Marco finds some time this weekend to contribute to this thread πŸ™‚

  49. There is indeed a negative tendency towards certain types of models. And however true our criticisms of Helen maybe, they don’t reflect the reality that’s going on. These models are out to make money, so they need to appeal to a wide audience. The majority are not trying to appeal to those who truly appreciate Asian beauty because how many of us are really out there? They’re appealing to those who just want to see an Asian chick in something skimpy. Ain’t nothing wrong in that. Don’t forget that most men just want to see tits and ass so they won’t be as critical of Helen or other models from SoCal as some of us are.

  50. It’s not so much negativity as much as frustration (and no, not THAT kind of frustration!) with the market flood of “SoCal” Asian models. The term ‘SoCal’ is not meant to be derogatory or precise, even a model from Asia can be dubbed SoCal. It’s just more of a catch phrase, like Hollywood — good looking and flashy but all kind of the same.

    There are hundreds of them out there but very few have that something extra which makes them stand apart from the crowd.

    Helen Su — hot. Different? — not.

  51. [daznlover,
    I don’t think any of these women asked to be featured here.
    If so, Who?
    Okay, not fair. Which model in their right frame of mind would?

    Well, remember that it’s as easy as emailing saying: hey look at the site I just launched, may be interesting, thanks.

    And then AS may visit, evaluate and eventually decide whether to publish something about it, or not.

    What I meant is: is Helen marketing directly in here or was she just chosen out of the blue and, poor her, is having a big not-so-warm reception? πŸ™‚

    Anyway, very interesting points from all and I seem to notice, indeed, that it’s mostly a case of bad timming. Her site appeared at the wrong time. Most criticisms are about differentiation and her $20 membership.

  52. I was just thinking here that what makes AS different from most other places, and what I really like here is that we don’t get just a bunch of those comments along the lines of:
    so f*Ck*ng great
    I’d d* *** at the kitch** **ble
    f*ck m* b***s are so f**** and ready to **pl***

    Stuff like that. Which just feels like saying sometimes anyway just for fun, sure, lol

    But, I mean, I have to say it’s a great place to discuss asian beauty/issues with such stimulating and knowledgeable contribution. Learning a lot, enjoying a lot more.

    Look at this discussion, it could have gotten nasty or extreme on the opinions (compared to other forums). But everybody being so cool and ‘argumentative’ about the whole thing.

  53. Yes, I have to agree with daznlover – despite NorthMan and Robin’s protests, I think this has been an intelligent and civilised discussion of a legitimate issue. I will delete rude or vulgar comments, but there haven’t been any in this thread. And once again, everyone agrees that Helen is basically attractive, which is actually an unusually positive assessment – there’s usually somebody who will say they think a model featured here is unattractive, but not in this case. I think Helen (and NorthMan) should actually be pretty pleased with the response here!

  54. BTW, saying that she should do porn is not what I would consider to be a rude or vulgar comment – I think it is a legitimate piece of advice in this case, regrdless of whether it is well taken or not. I don’t think our readers stated it in a crude way – I think they honestly believe she would be well-suited to that market, and they are entitled to that opinion.

  55. she should do porn with me? oops…sorry i brought the conversation down a notch:)

    i can understand how you guys feel about socal models. i am sure there are some nice ones but they seem to be cut from the same cookie cutters…dyed hair, color contact lens, and usually a lot of plastic surgery…all this is not bad but a very good photographer friend of mine liken the socal models to a well polished 70’s Transam in the hood….not sure what that really means but it doesnt sound good. i think it has to do something with their personalities…but hey, some are pretty hot.

  56. Agreed Dr.Lee…NOTHING about generating revenue…of your own free will…in adult video is bad.Especially if you’re shooting,directing and marketing it VIA YOUR OWN WEB OUTLET.That is her “look” anyway.(if you’re reading helen…that’s not an insult…it’s high praise)

    I would be more likely to subscribe to that than what basically amounts to a fancy myspace page.

    Consider this Ms. Su…even hot name brand B-List celebs don’t bother with websites like what you’re doing.

    My disdain for AAA (angry/arrogant/anglophilic) SoCal Asian babes on this site is well known…but I can put that aside to give a pretty girl some career advice.THANK ME LATER.

  57. While I’m at it …The basic blueprint looks something like this:

    1)Select a theme that would be good for about five or six scenes.Example: ASIAN SORORITY SLUT ON THE RAMPAGE.

    2) Recruit 5 HOT guys.Three White.One Black.One Asian.The White guys will lead off in your opening 5-7 shoots.The Asian (a badass tatted pony tailed martial arts type) will show up in your next theme with the White guys.THE BROTHA’ HITS CLEANUP.That shoot’ll probably generate the most interest/income.

    3) Recruit 4 HOT girls.Two Asian.One White.One Black. Mix ’em in over your various themes in girl/girl/…girl/girl/guy…girl/girl/toys.
    I don’t care if you’re not BI.It’s good filler.DO IT!

    4) Make sure EVERYBODY you work with
    Few things induce erectile dysfunction more than watching condom sex.;->

    5) Make everybody sign releases.Pay’em a coupla’hundred bux.

    6) Post it on your site.Offer DVD’s with lingerie from the shoot .

    7) In six months-go to the BENZ SHOWROOM and order a nice black SL
    with the tags : AZNKITY

  58. Stripes, you’ve come a long way, baby. I remember back in the day when you’d pop up and “YELL” SOMETHING ABOUT THE TOPIC and everyone would remind you about your shift key. Now you’re throwing down thoughtful commentary and offering career advice. And that last line there ^^^ made me laugh out loud. I’m just so proud. πŸ˜‰

    Now…what about me? Can’t anyone ID my girl? C’mon!

  59. Almost every thread lately has at least one of the following comments…

    – Yawn, looks just like every girl in my highschool
    – Yawn, looks like every girl in SoCal
    – Yawn, I saw much hotter girls on the streets of Shanghai during my travels.
    – Asian americans aren’t really asian, the only real asians are on the streets of Beijing or in the back country of China working in rice farms.

    It is not clear why people that claim to like “asian-sirens” are so hostile toward asian models.

    Most of these girls are not A-list professional models but just attractive women that are trying to make a go of it. Of course they aren’t going to be flawless and of course a lot of the asian models are going to have similar styles and looks – western models do as well.

  60. I agree kaine. Really, what a boring thread. Some guys have too much time on their hands me thinks. If they had any personal success with the likes of hot women like Helen they certainly wouldn’t be writing long posts and spending so much time in these threads.

  61. To be honest, I do see hotter girls than Helen every day, and know several of them personally – perhaps that gives me a somewhat different perspective on these ‘SoCal’ models. But once again, nobody’s saying Helen’s unattractive – just unremarkable.

    And as K4K said, ‘SoCal’ is just a convenient term for a particular type of Asian model – they needn’t necessarily come from the US, although in practice they almost always do. So we aren’t tired of Asian Americans per se, just this particular type of model.

  62. gee camel just when we thought we can have an intelligent discussion, you go and attack people who enjoy this site and comment about the models. i guess if it is up to you, no one would spend time here writing about these posts because they have such successful lives like you right….before you assume too much make sure you know who your audience is whether or not they are or are not successul or who they are dating. not to start a cockfight, but i am tired of personally attacks about AS bloggers…just because we like to comment and spend sometime on this site, you assume we have no lives and not successful. i guess by that standard….dr. lee and the rest of the AS blog teams are a bunch of loosers right? what a jackass of a comment.

  63. Me thinks you have alot more time on your hands than I do. This thread is far from boring. Look at all the controversy that’s been caused. And the discussion for the most part has been intelligent. I work hard all week and I want to take a few minutes out of my day to look at and discuss Asian women. What’s so bad about that?

    No one is being hostile towards Helen, it’s that most of us dislike the SoCal look that is the trend these days. Helen’s cute and she looks good in a thong, but I don’t see anything that sets her apart from the other models that are out there. And now there are a ton of them out there when a few years ago, there weren’t so many. If she was remarkable, the she wouldn’t have needed surgery.

  64. Camel:

    Feel free to take your jet-set lifestlye elsewhere.I happily comment on AS in between clearing my desk of paperwork for a coupla’ businesses I own.And when I look in the mirror…I see the only man I would bed.

    The thread ‘aint boring…and even though she’s Socal…HELEN IS HOT.

  65. I do see hotter girls than Helen every day, and know several of them personally – perhaps that gives me a somewhat different perspective …
    You’re making my point for me. We ALL see ‘hotter’ girls than these models everyday – anyone who lives in a decent sized city does.

    I also see technically ‘hotter’ women than Beyonce, Scarlett Johansen and Kate Moss too. During the 90s when Cindy Crawford was huge, there were women out there that no one ever heard of that were hotter.

    These women all have a certain charisma, marketing or whatever that puts them over the top but some guys will always think it makes them seem cool to their friends if they say “Oh, I’ve seen hotter”.

    My point is that a person may think that it makes them sound sophisticated to say “I see hotter everyday” when it actually makes the person sound like very sheltered and naive.

    It’s like going to an off-Broadway play and then complaining that you’ve seen much better acting from Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

    Most of these girls aren’t trying to be the ‘hottest’ girl out there or superstars – they are just dabbling in entry level marketing while they are young and doing car shows.

    Do you think that Helen Su’s is trying totally revolutionize the modeling industry by introducing a never before seen look?

  66. Hey guys, Helen just called my house and says she is pissed off after reading all the comments here. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  67. Wow, I havent been here in a while. Seeing 78 replies is somewhat bothersome, as I like to read all of them (makes me wish topics had 5-15 replies like they did when i joined). Anyways, with no disrespect towards Miss Su, I must agree that she is just another forgetable model, though very attractive. Oh, and no, it has nothing to do with her being asian-american; it just seems that there are so many models – on the web and off – that are really nothing more than attractive models, and honestly, I dont see the need for several hundred models that are nothing but models and have nothing else to offer. So, Ms. Su, if you really want to show off your beauty and get noticed, do something extra-ordinary.

    ps. has the little advisory at the bottom always been there?

  68. My point is that a person may think that it makes them sound sophisticated to say “I see hotter everyday” when it actually makes the person sound like very sheltered and naive.

    I was only making this point in response to camelgrass’ comment – he found it hard to believe that some of us do see hotter women than Helen around, but the fact of the matter is, I do. Where I live I really do see at least one gorgeous Asian girl every day – and I mean real Asian girls!

  69. @Dr Lee, I understand what you’re saying and I appreciate your taking my critisisms personally. It is nice that adult conversations are encouraged here.

    I agree that there are hot women in every decent sized town but it seems like that revelation has to be made in every thread (not you). As a photographer, you know first hand that being ‘hot’ and being a good model are not the same thing.

  70. Yes, that is absoutely true. And to be fair, most of the gorgeous Asian women I see would probably not make great models – they are simply too modest.

  71. hey arf…give me helen’s number. i will call personally to apolize ; ) she is hot…my thing is, i have seen and DATED AND BEDDED much hotter…hear me Camelhumps :)) j/k….

  72. Hopefully Hellen is a pretty confident girl to handle the heat.

    In any case, arf, if you send me her number I’ll be glad to do some damage control on behalf of the guys.

  73. Dr. Lee
    You as a photographer should also point out that some of the most beautiful women out there wouldn’t make a good model, just for the simple fact that they don’t know how to model.
    I think Asian Sirens has more to do with that essence of beauty that use to be the main focus. A lot of this women are not models, mere eye candy actually that someone with a camera was able to capture.
    I think that the bad rap that you give the Socal Asian Models is that they are just mere eye candy, and maybe that is all they will be, not models working the glamour or commercial industry.

  74. Hi Moses – I actually do make exactly that point above. To be brutally honest though, I don’t think a lot of import models these days succeed as models or eye candy. I do feel Helen basically succeeds on both levels, but perhaps not enough to justify $20 per month for non-nude photos.

  75. Dr. Lee,
    Okay then, which import models do you wish to be brutally honest about? Who doesn’t succeed as a model or as mere eye candy?

    Is it me, or are folks actually having a fit over a mere $20 for membership to Helen’s site. Is this what all the fuss is about. She’s not worth it, or the site is not worth it? The fact that she doesn’t pose nude for any amount of money? Is that the probelm here? Are the folks here that hard up for a cheap thrill? I don’t get it.

    This damn thing we called money, and what one is willing to pay for. At Glamourcon last month I had 15 models, the majority of which were Asian and I had a poster calendar of each being sold for $20 each, and they all posed in bikini or lingerie. I printed a little over 150 and brought back about 20. Some models sold great, others did not. Point is, everyone has different taste as to what they will purchase and how much they are willing to pay. Perhaps the Socal market can afford to be a bit more affluent, carefree and the rest, well, can’t.

    $20 for non nude images, folks pay that here.

    I’ve got Asian model images I’ve shot that have sold for $300 each in gallery showings, and the models have their clothes on. Go figure.

    Helen Su was at Glamourcon and there were folks waiting for her to appear, asking for her and she did have folks attention there. So is she worth the $20 a month. To those folks , I’m sure she is.

    Okay Dr. Lee, let’s see who you are willing to be brutally honest about. Which I’m sre you’ll avoid and will stay with your generalities with broadside attacks.

    The fact that you like Helen, but not enough to pay for. Well, at least you have a position.

  76. Hi Moses. If you go through the archives you will be able to see which models I’m talking about.

    The issue of what’s worth paying for and how much is an interesting one. If you compare many different things, there are a lot of discrepancies in apparent perceived value. Personally, I think Louis Vuitton bags look like crap my grandmother wouldn’t be seen dead with, but people pay a small fortune for them. The fact of the matter is this: the value of something is determined by one thing, and one thing only – the market.

    So basically, the only thing that’s relevent here is other pay sites, and whether the punters think it’s worth it. It seems the majority of our readers have voted ‘no’ in this case. However, they may not be representative of Helen’s actual market, and she may make a killing. I wish her the best.

  77. EXACTLY! Thank-you Doc.

    Don’t matter if you are peddling your T&A or pet rocks or trips to the moon — free market forces will determine if you are successful or not! The market forces do NOT care who or what you are or if you have feelings. So get out your product, set your price, and enjoy the ride. πŸ™‚

  78. Doc,
    Just name the models is all I ask. It makes it more simple to know who you are referring too. Is that too much to ask?
    It is agreed that the market place drives perceived value.
    I think you need to clarify readers verus bloggers though. There is a huge silent majority out there. And what they vote????
    In the end, in regards to Helen, what money she makes, and if it is all worth it to her, will be determined by her and probably her alone.

  79. Hi Moses. To be brutally honest, I can’t really name names, as these so-called ‘models’ were (quite literally) forgettable for me. I could go through the archives and dig them up, but quite frankly I’m busy enough moderating this place as it is. πŸ˜‰

  80. Oh yes, your point about readers versus posters is well-taken, and there is some evidence that some of our most vocal posters are not representative of the majority of our readers. For example, breast implants almost always draw negative comments here, but the most popular models in terms of search engine stats are those with the biggest and ‘fakest’ implants.

  81. i am not sure why people take criticism so personally…please take it for what it is as long as it is criticism relating to your body and product if you are a model. Mosses, i think you are getting a little touchy about comments about these models, but they are opinions only…for all we know the true market out there do support socal models and the likes of Helen…but for some of us here, she and her site may not tickle our fancies…but that is just an issue of taste..”you like tomatoes i like potatoes” the fact is we love contribution here and you are welcome to contribute..i personally love some of the socal models…Abby Rattan? natasha yi, flo jalin and kay sivilay..my fav..so not all socal are bad..kay is amzing!…so take a easy brother

  82. This is old news guys. I’m already reading the newest posts. πŸ™‚

    Thanks Helen, it’s been quite a group therapy to discuss this thing here. πŸ™‚

  83. As a European national residing in France, and speaking as a professional photographic artist that has worked with many, many asian models, it seems to me that the comments I have read herein-above sadly reflect the mentality of American culture (or lack of as the case may be).

    I have numerous American friends who I feel sorry for when I observe what seems to be the mainstream mentality of American men towards women. I observe a distinct lack of culture and lack of education (especially the latter), not only in this case but in many others also.

    Let’s hope that the US and its citizens reviews its policies towards other human beings and let’s hope it happens sometime soon !

  84. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I have to say something. I’m not going to get too inflamed because Thomas did not bring any specifics to the table for me to really comment on and this thread should stay on the topic of Helen Su who again is hot, but not worth $20 a month for her site that doesn’t have much content. And I know France needs to review its policies towards other human beings as well. Who made them so exempt? I guess we don’t remember last year’s riots, or the laws they enacted that mainly target Muslims, or Rwanda, or Algeria, or Vietnam. I can go all day, but this is the last I’ll speak unless the discussion goes back to the topic of Helen Su. Stuff like this should be separate.

  85. As a European national residing in France, and speaking as a professional photographic artist that has worked with many, many asian models, it seems to me that the comments I have read herein-above sadly reflect the mentality of American culture (or lack of as the case may be).

    What comments are you referring to? You do realize that many of the harsh comments were made by non-Americans right?

  86. Thomas….we american will keep this mind about your highbrow attitude the next time you guys get invaded and beg us to come and save your asses:)

    candyman..i wholehearted concured with you…USA may not be perfect with our records but for a frenchy to critizize is pretty funny given their colonial records and dismal civil rights violation of their own citizens…but i digressed..can we keep it about tits and asses please…

  87. I agree, this thread shold not be digressed, so I will contain my response to these last few remarks.

    Firstly, I am not French, I am a British national residng in France, although as I stated, I consider myself a “European”.

    Prior to becoming a full-time artist, I worked for more than 20 years in sustainable development, incorporating human rights, in close colloboration with both the UN and the European Commission. My decision to finally retire from that service was greatly influenced by world events and world attitudes, the attitudes of which one can unfortunately detect here in some of these postings.

    My comments are based on current and future circumstances, not the past, and I’m sorry, but I remain of the opinion that this nature of arrogance towards society can only be harmful. As I have also stated, I have many American friends, all of whom concur with me.

    I shall comment no further in this thread, as after all it rightly pertains to Helen Su, and I personally wish her the very best in her endeavours.

  88. I guess what our readers want to know is how your comments relate to this thread. Anyway, let’s end this digression here – it’s definitely getting off topic. I am not going to get into my opinion on this matter, as it is not a simple, one-dimensional issue, and that would get things even further away from what this thread is supposed to be about. Let’s get back to Helen, or at least issues directly related to her!

  89. Back to Helen. She’s very pleasant to look at, a bit more natural than some of the other silicon import models.

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