Japanese Model Reon Kadena

Here’s a video of popular Japanese mode Reon Kadena playing with her iPod. Reon was previously featured on Asian-Sirens in 2005 by our friend Badboy. Reon has a Wikipedia entry now too. For some pics click
Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena

Links for Reon Kadena

Reon’s iPod video
Reon’s Wikipedia Entry
Reon on Asian-Sirens

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0 thoughts on “Japanese Model Reon Kadena”

  1. see doc…this is the type of japanese girls that is more my taste..not so primitive eh? 🙂 would you guys get sick of coming home to her everyday?….well maybe, if your other girlfriend is Tiera 🙂

  2. anyone got the animated .gif of her i used to see it everywhere on myspace someone link it up here please lol, i want to post it everywhere my myspace 😀

  3. Robin……for some reason, when I searched the site, I only got Badboy’s entry. But now, I get yours too. Not sure why, I may have used search terms that were too narrow the first time. Oh well…..she’s worth another look!

    That animated GIF is really cool!

  4. i would bet my left fella that they are real…i know some girls in vietnam that has similar size and shape and they are definite real…:) but i guess we cant tell short of touching them…go for it doc:)

  5. judging from the last photo and the first photo..she’s defineitely got “BREAST AUGMENTATION”, not silicon guys…

  6. I’ve seen enough of her videos to know that she is 100% natural. When she lays down, they behave exactly as they should.

    Speaking of Reon videos, I’ve been scouring the web looking for her newest release, but can’t find one reasonably priced. Has anyone seen it? It’s called My Reflection.

  7. CharlesDarwin, the type of implants they use in Japan (underfilled smooth saline) behave very much like real breasts when they lie down – this isn’t conclusive at all. And I agree with hotbytes2000 – the first shot does suggest implants (although it isn’t conclusive either).

    I will have to go through more of her photos and videos when I have time to make a judgement. The Japanese-style surgery can be hard to tell from the real thing sometimes.

  8. Dr. Lee,

    How are the implants inserted.

    Believe me, I’ve “studied” all her gravure vids except for the latest one. I’m pretty confident that they are real.

    I believe she was also a junior idol, so she would have had to have had the implants at a very young age. Probably not out of the question for Japan, admittedly.

  9. The best I can do for a tutorial is here:

    Breast Surgery 101

    To answer CharlesDarwin’s question, the Japanese surgeons usually use over the muscle insertions, as it produces more movement (it also means the implants will tend to move to the side of the body when they lie down, looking like natural breasts). Once again though, I’ll have to do some more research to see whether I think Reon is real or not – with American models, you can usually tell from a single photo, but with the Japanese, it’s not so easy!

  10. Thanks for the link, what an interesting page!

    Got 75% on the test and I’m sure that the best way to test is to see them nude. This is getting interesting 🙂

  11. @daznlover:


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