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Jenny on Flickr

Another example that Asian women age very well. I found Jenny on Flickr.

My name is jenny and I have been living in New zealand for 10 years originally from China. I have been modelling for 20 years and enjoy the camera very much. I have a 19 year old son and he loves photography as well, I hope you like my pics and any modelling inquiries please ask away. I can be contacted via immaculate-imaging.
I’m Female and 42.

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  1. Because usually, Asian women do not age well. I’ve seen so many Asian women who at 40, look like my grandmother at 65. So I am surprised that she looks that good for her age.

  2. I’d make some remark containing “Jenny from the block” (or a variation on the theme) but there’s too many to pick just one…so I’ll leave you to make up your own. 🙂


  3. MILFs have taken the time to perfect their… skills and they know how to please a man, usually!

    19 year olds are great and perfect at their age, but MILFs have all the experience with them. Gotta love that too 🙂

  4. her face is showing some age…her body like a 20 yr old… I wish she had a daughter…..are you thinking what i am thinking? LOL

  5. that’s the first person in my whole 33 years who says asian women do NOT age well. someone’s been living in some kind of land of the lost minus without asian women.

  6. sorry, typographical error in my last message. i meant land of the lost without asian women. i’m guilty of drinking and typing while admiring this asian beauty.

  7. Hey I’m just saying is all K4K…but your welcome.

    Onto other things…It’s not the first time I’ve heard the bad aging comments. I have a female friend who LOVES to say that to me all the time. She’s a dream crusher and is always asking me to find an Asian girl over 30 who still looks hot. Well it doesn’t help that I live in Massachusetts where ALL women look beat by the time they’re over 24. So it’s kinda tough to judge around here…

  8. I know of one: my g/f’s cousin. Chinese, 40, two kids…and still very hot! Twentysomething guys still hit on her. She’s a real honey.

    Guess it all just depends on their genes and how they take care of themselves.

    (dl1 — just giving you a hard time 😉

  9. Yeah I know K4K! Ummm is your g/f’s cousin in Massachusetts?….yeah I know….of course not… :0(

  10. There is some totally sexest saying the Thai players like to toss out about women over 30, something like a woman is like a cigarette, better once it has been smoked half way (or something like that).

    Now that I’m getting older I like that saying more than I used to.

  11. Been living in asia for the last 6 years my experience says asian people tend to age very well.

    And Jenny is another probe of that

  12. LOL, K4B… your remark made me laugh, thought the same!

    asiansweetheart, some say that women get to their peak at 35 or so… and more and more I’m convinced of that. The wisdom can work wonders. 🙂

  13. The great thing about a woman like this is that she must’ve been hot at 19, and she’s still hot at 41. …some lucky guy….

    If she’s been modeling for 20 years I’d love to see some of her pix from the ’80’s. She’s got a thin bunch of recent ones on Flickr.

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