Akari Asahina


Akari Asahina is advertised in several places as a Gravure model but that’s obviously not the case. I’m not a huge fan of her probable nose job, which appears pronounced in many of these photos, but I like the rest of her.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan















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  1. Works for me! Nose-job and all!

    Geeze – there’s nothing better than an Asian girl with hair in her lap!

    That third shot up from the bottom is fantastic! I love her milky skin and soft belly!

  2. Cute girl. nose job kinda ruin her cute face. I love her hair style on her 🙂

    Her skin seems soft..and I not tatted up..bet you guys love it huh haha 🙂 I’m kidding. I can’t imagine any tattoos on her. She’s fine the way she is 🙂

  3. The nose is a little strange (a la Escape From L.A.’s Surgeon General of Beverly Hill) but everything else is perfect.

  4. How refreshing…we have something new and naked on asian-sirens. I like her a lot better than the fried food and wings girls.

  5. Sweet, slinky, sexy… a delight. Agree that her nose is the weak feature, chiseled or not. Super shape to her breasts. They don’t look augmented to me so if they are they are well done, and modest.

  6. I have to agree about the nose thing…..its taking me longer then usual to check out her body. But still a nice addition to the gallery.

  7. Interesting symmetry here: She was’nt happy with her “old nose”…and I’m not happy with her “new nose”. Not bad from the neck down…but not a top draft pick overall.

  8. While I like her original nose better, the new nose doesn’t bother me all that much. She is a winner in my book.

    I find it curious that some who like boobs altered beyond the point they even look human are bothered by a nose simply because it doesn’t look Asian. It at least looks like a human nose.

    But you like what you like. Viva la difference!

  9. It’s really very simple Bigfoot: people like big, perky tits, but they don’t like big noses. Hence, making your tits bigger is a good idea, but making your nose bigger is a bad idea. Still, I’m sure you knew that already, just as I know not to take men seriously when they say they don’t like big tits.

  10. I think it’s been pretty well established that I prefer size B or C to D+, since we get into this discussion a lot, but I have also admitted to never being a breast guy when compared to, say, legs/butt/skin/eyes. I associate large breasts with fat, even when they are perky, and I find fat to be a turnoff.

  11. You’re one if the few guys I actually believe Travis, as you do make sense. But I’ve known many men who say they don’t like big tits who turn out to actually do like them, and the weight of opinion in internet fora such as this one clearly goes against reality, given how popular most larger breasted and/or augmented models are.

  12. There is a difference between “big” and “perky” and even between “big and perky” and “balloon-like”.

    While I’m not a huge tit man (true whether or not you choose to believe it), I definitely understand why men are attracted to large perky tits.

    What I don’t understand is why they are attracted to, and even prefer, tits that are look alien. Giant round orbs, that hold the same shape no matter what the pose or position look ridiculous, IMO.

    I also understand why one might not prefer a large nose. I agree her original petite “Asian” nose is more attractive. But the nose she now has isn’t a giant beak. I have seen much larger noses on very attractive women, and they didn’t terribly seem out of place.

    I think you understand where I’m going here. It just seems odd to me that people are so put off by her slightly larger, but very human-size nose. To me, she would have to have a Rhino horn to look as alien as some of the boob jobs that regularly get praised here.

    Again, I’m not talking about the tasteful, well shaped boob jobs many of these girls have. I’m talking about the bowling-ballesque implants we see from time to time.

    But as I said earlier, to each his/her own. I’m glad we don’t all like the same things.

  13. Actually Bigfoot, there is a sound biological reason for this. Sexually, animals are attracted to ideals, rather than present reality, so as to drive evolution forward. Large breasts represent fertility, and perky breasts represent youth, both of which are advantageous in terms of sexual fitness. Hence, it is actually natural to be attracted to an ‘unreal’ combination of both, as that represents the ideal we are striving for.

  14. I prefer a heatlthy and athletic butt/legs/abs, not to muscular, nicely sized A’s to decent sized C’s. Buttttt….occasionaly I like to look at large boobs as long as they don’t look to chubby in the face and waistline and have decent size nipples. I wish I could design and build my own like in the movie Weird Science.

  15. I like small tits, medium tits and big tits, just not cartoonishly huge ones. Now, if a lady with cartoonishly huge tits was to pass by wearing a low cut blouse, I would probably wrench my neck checking her out, but they are not what I prefer.

    For me, Francine Dee is over-the-top, but the total package is so gooooood I don’t mind so much.

  16. Okay guys – this is getting a little too off-topic. For the record, Francine’s tits are a little too fake for me too (her nipple position just looks too weird) although I don’t have any problem with their size, and I too like the overall package. On the other hand, I think Julri’s tits are about as close to my idea of perfection as you can get, so the examples arf provided are good ones. But let’s get this thread back to Akari now. 🙂

  17. Akari Asahina is one hot lady. I have seen Akari a lot before but never got her name until now. The first photo is awesome… it left me trying to guess her muff. LOL… You guys heard of GuessHerMuff2 blog right? The site is at http://guesshermuff2.blogspot.com

    I was hoping this time around she would be clean shaved bald in the pubic region from the way it look in the first picture with her sitting on the light bulb. But you rarely see Japanese girls going for the bald pubic look.

    Funny story, I read some guy on a forum saying Asian girls almost always go for the natural muff look and how he hate it. And that Asian girls need to learn to shave their snatches.

    He said a few years back some female Hong Kong celebrities got their nude pics leaked but the worse part is that they had bushy snatches. Like things wouldn’t have been so bad for them if they kept it shaved because being hairy down there disappointed the fans. Sound ignorant to me but it did make me laugh.

    I think he was Chinese but he was going off on Asian girls but I’m partial to Asian chicks so I guess I like bush then.

    Anyway, in the pics above Akari Asahina tease us with some pubes but she never really deliver the goods. I guess it is in compliance with Japanese genital censorship laws. Which I for one never could understand.

    Oh yeah, remember to check out http://guesshermuff2.blogspot.com


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