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I was looking at our links on the side and realized something – one of the most untapped areas of Asian beauty online are Asian webcam models. There are literally thousands of Asian webcam models all over the internet, but they rarely have any photos or information about them because in many ways they’re not real models. In fact, many of them became webcam models so that they could make extra money on the side without as much exposure. Above is a picture of a model known as CutyYOU from SakuraLive, and as far as I’m aware she’s not famous and has no real photos of her anywhere, yet she clearly as some potential as an Asian Siren.

So I thought it might be worthwhile to start a thread below for you to share your favorite Asian webcam models, if any. Post links to photos, videos, etc., to help other users out, and if you can find any galleries of a particularly attractive model, maybe I’ll also try to feature her here in the future.KimmyZone:



I had a video link here originally which is why I placed her here but it got taken down.

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  1. Then there’s the best ass in the Philippines webcam scene: SweetAsian23. And I’m not alone thinking this. lol

    She is very pretty and very feisty too. I like to visit her room, it turns out to be quite funny most of the times.

    More about her with links to her webcam (she seems to be working right now as I write this):

    You can never go wrong with her, she has a spectacular body, perfect skin, the works.

  2. Ok, one more for today (I could go on forever, lol). This one is special too, she is asian american (texas, I think) her name is Jenny and she always shows up with a terrific mood.

    This girl does some wild private shows. Forget about the ping-pong balls in Thailand. She can do things I have never seen before, I don’t think I can describe them here in this public chat. πŸ™‚
    Oh and a perfect body and great smile, to add up to the kinkyness.

    Some more info about her wild stuff, has a link to her webcam:

  3. hehe I got one line in before my time expired to babycake. told her she was featured at AS.com and she says ‘lol’.
    Kimmy Lee is gorgeous.

  4. Are you sure 00hjenny is a girl? πŸ˜‰

    I can see this post is going to get a big response, but the girls cited in the comments so far are all way too trashy for my taste, which is often how I feel about webcam girls. Can anyone point me to some web cam girls with class, or does that just not go with the territory? Still, the models Travis cites look alright (though hardly outstanding), and the SakuraLive girls aren’t too trashy either (they basically just look like usual young Japanese girls, which for me are far more attractive than trashy Thais and Filipinas).

  5. @longtack: she’s still a little too SoCal import model for my taste, but yeah, she isn’t too trashy. The NPModels girls are generally classier than most, as they are mostly non-webcam models as well.

  6. WoW!!!…I got to Lard’s comment, which just so happens to be the first comment, and checked out his fadpu.com link and managed to spend about two hours searching crazy dirty little vid clips. It’s new to me and thank you Lard. I like all webcam girls by the way. I want to thank them for sharing a little of their private sides.

  7. Oh Boy!…daznlover, sweetasian23 is just so up close and personal and hot. What a treat. Very Very Nice!

  8. Oh yeah!…I looked and I would most certainly say 00hjenny is a girl…if not considered me fooled. A happy fool at that.

  9. The only one who grabs me (of the bunch presented here) is the first girl in Travis’ post: CutyYOU. Of course I’m basing this on one small picture. But if that pic is representative, she sure is a big step above the normal webcam girl, IMO.

  10. arf, sweetasian23 (stage name: asile) is one of my favorites. Personally she is a good girl as well. I’ve known her since she was a naive girl messing up with a computer and a webcam.

  11. Doc, oh I’m 100% sure 00hjenny is a girl. In fact … I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see what I saw, I know you don’t like to admire the female genitalia πŸ™‚

    She does some amazing ‘vaginal’ magic tricks. Trust me, all woman. πŸ™‚

  12. Doc, don’t expect to get a lot of classy girls doing webcams. I mean, it’s a hard job and usually used as a last resort.

    Asian girls doing this are usually young and without much education, most of them are just avoiding working in a bar. So you don’t get many classy girls but you can chat to a few ones that can hold a conversation, once in a while, and at least you can find some funny ones, which is enough to kill some good time.

    Usually, the smartest and best girls don’t stay online too long, they find some boyfriend (mostly online but offline sometimes) and quit. Sometimes, they break up after some months and go back to working with webcams. I’ve seen it all too often.

    I know a few classy girls, MILFs doing cams. Sometimes they got divorced, they have some good personality but they can’t find a job. So they use the cams as a hobby or sometimes as a full-time job. I know at least a beautiful webcam model, american, brainy, with college degrees. But she isn’t asian. πŸ™‚

    Here’s a suggestion of a girl who is pretty funny. She is a pinay, living in Europe right now:

    I hang out here sometimes, usually always over 100 asians online:

    And for a smart girl, very pretty, with a curvy hot body, check out Pandalicious.
    Only downside: she isn’t going online a lot, lately. She has an impressive knowledge in music, a real encyclopedia:

  13. Doc, yeah… you won’t find much of that. You will find mostly some girls in their early 20s (who is classy at that age anyway) and most of the times it’s a hard job. Only a few girls can handle it in a classy way.

    I just noticed a webcam model that had been absent for a while. Her name is thaieyes and she is absolutely gorgeous! With a super hot body too, great breasts. She has a smile that could wake up a dead man! Not kidding, guys. πŸ˜‰

    She’s not much of a talker, but she can get you addicted… πŸ™‚
    She’s online right now:

  14. Kimmy up there, she is very pretty. Quite funny too! I think she is from Hawaii, although her new profile says different.

    Another impressive woman is Pornsawan.
    She is a thai MILF, 31yo, mother of two. Not only she is quite sexy, but she can beat the crap out of you, if you mess with her. It’s not unlikely to watch her training martial arts in her garage, almost all nude, during free chat sessions. πŸ™‚
    Her profile:

  15. As we know, many of the cam girls from the Philippines, Thailand, etc, would otherwise be working in bars, meaning that for many (not all) real sex is not entirely off the table.

    Has anyone ever arranged to meet a girl they got to know via camming for a more private and personal session in real life?

  16. I only interacted with one webcam model in my life. I was much younger (maybe 7 years ago?) and she and I were planning on meeting in the Philippines. But then I started dating a lovely lady in real life and when that ended she was off the site. All I had was her full name and address and decided not to bother.

    Also, in retrospect the entire idea seems silly. At the time though it seemed like it would be fun. Anyone you meet though is just looking to come to the US. Back then that didn’t bother me as much as it would now.

  17. WoW!…she sure is amazian. At the 14:59 mark in the video she starts squirting everywhere. I must say she’s one of my favorites now. Must find her name.

  18. Ret Siger, the answer is yes, here. Not as many as I would like, lol. Just a few, in asia and out here in the west. It’s a good way to fulfill some fantasies… πŸ˜‰ If you charm them and if the girls don’t have a boyfriend (which most of them do, secretly, but they won’t admit it), maybe you get lucky.

    Live Travis mentions, I don’t think it’s a good way to develop a serious relationship. I’ve known girls that married guys after meeting in a cam site, but I wonder if the relationships are really solid.

    arf, she sure is hot and playful. I don’t know her name but I’m almost 100% sure she works in http://www.myfreecams.com
    She seems awesome and nice too, great pick wylde8. πŸ˜‰

    To share some more, here is another cam model from Thailand, she is very attractive, gorgeous eyes. With a funny name but she looks amazing:

    And a new webcam model, she is quite pretty, a filipina hottie named Natasha:

  19. @TravisStroup and @daznlover, thanks for the reply. FYI, I think you got slightly the wrong idea. I was not suggesting the idea of finding a GF this way. I was looking at from a commercial transaction viewpoint. The main benefits I would see from engaging the services of a cam girl is knowing the product very well with no risk of false advertising. And of course, from a human standpoint, its nicer to do business with people you know and like. When it comes to this area of business, its very natural to mix business and pleasure πŸ™‚

    I kind of assumed it was possible, but just wanted to hear viewpoints or stories of people that actually took that next step. Daznlover, care to give more details?

  20. I’d like to find her myself. I love it when gorgeous girls get naked in front of the camera for all the world to see.

  21. I actually have more honourable reasons for tracking down this girl (I know who she actually is), but of course I enjoyed watching her strip very much as well. πŸ™‚

  22. @Ret Siger:
    Sorry, I forgot to reply yesterday. You’re right, it’s possible to mix business with pleasure, but not always easy. Actually, websites have strict rules against exchanging contact info, so you have to be a little creative.

    And of course, no false ‘advertising’, you can know a girl, build a friendship and then go on vacation and pick a girl in advance, if you get lucky. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t give details out here in the open. Don’t want too much competition. lol
    But click on my name and in my blog search for the Contact page, send me a message there. I’ll get back to you with some tips. Heck, maybe I should even write a book on this… πŸ™‚

    Ok, 3 more suggestions.
    First, asianbabydoll, she is a veteran in the circuit already. She hasn’t been around for a couple of months, maybe she went on vacations or maybe she got a new boyfriend / sugardaddy. She’s rather petite but very muscular, nice 6-pack, which is rare with pinays (filipinas), specially webcam models.
    She sports an incredible list of awards (best model of the week, month, day, etc).

    Then there is LovelyGem
    She is tremendously sensual, hot tight body. Love the legs and the smile, too.
    She’s online now!

    And for last, filipinavamp:
    She’s Rose, a busty filipina, athletic and curvy. Size: 38D!!
    She craves the attention and has a dom side to her. For those who like glasses, she wears them sometimes. One of my favorites lately. And online now too!

  23. @goldebear1: Actually, I know exactly who she is (I can’t reveal that I’m afraid), but I would like to know where she performs on webcam, as I need to get in touch with her.

  24. Ah, I see, so shes not a professional then? If you do find out which website shes on, could you let us all know? Shes quite the attractive girl!

  25. goldenbear, that girl is from myfreecams. But She quit a while back. She was with an account called “Asiangirls4u” and it’s run by a higher up and let’s random asian girls jump on it. They are usually very good english speaking asian girls. Mainly US girls.

    Speaking of Myfreecams…

    Asiangirls4u so far there is a Japanese girl named “Angel” and she’s pretty fluent in English and has a accent. Your typical Japanese girl. Almost like SakuraLive but ENGLISH. A plus. There’s also “Sally” who is half vietnamese half chinese. Girl girl with a booty too. She can be quiet and slight boring until you take her pvt or get to know her really well. There’s also “Cynda” she’s vietnamese and a super cute girl with some meat on her. She is sexy =D

    Ruby Renegade. Sexy Philipino Goth like girl. Get’s down and dirty to squirt as well ^_~


    PandorasBox_ She is a asian girl that doesn’t do any nude cam UNLESS you get really comfy with her. Best part about her. She’s a NERD and A GEEK. AND! A GAMER! Ooooo trust me, she gets all into it when you game talk to her. Just chatting with her is awesome. Fun personality. Just don’t be the typica beggar and say “shw tits bb” She will out talk you and murder you via just talking. She is a beast! And fun =D


    PandaRawr is a nude model and very educated. Similar to PandorasBox and she is elite status. Meaning she only accepts pvt when she gets to know you. Very cute and perfect english.


    MsHotYuna4u I personally brought this girl to MyFreeCams since she was on the other sites that were lame. This girl is amazingly sexy and not having her at MyFreeCams was a no no. Luckily I got her there and she is starting to boom. And she even got comfy enough to do free shows in free now. =D


    KimYi is a SUPER HOT MILF. She’s korean and man! Perfect English, Sexy Voice, Sexy Body, and oh yeah, she squirts and knows how to have fun.


    Mika Matsuo is a japanese girl that is super cute. Likes to show her cute little booty and has a super nice voice that’ll make you drool over her. She will only speak Japanese in pvt but trust me, this girl is dirty and excellent.


  26. Over at Streamate…and sistersites like twistyslive or youjizzlive or all those sister copies…

    We have…

    AwesomeJane is a sexy asian. Has a nice cam and nice toy and gets down to business. Am I the only one that notices she looks like the pornstar Katsuni? And yes, Katsuni makes appearances on Streamate as well =D


    CyberKim is a Philipina and has a exotic look and excellent english. She is super sexy and dirty in pvt =D She will ride you out of the screen like, literally.


    SEXYANGEL666 is a sexy chinese girl and she’s pretty good in english, still accent. Slightly expensive but she’s high quality. Excellent camera and super sexy.


    Sexy_Asian is pretty cute but your typical webcam asian girl. I think she’s chinese but she’s pretty good. Super clean lightskin tone body. And dirty πŸ˜‰


    Suki is new and is she on a roll. She is a small petite asian with a excellent cam and excellent english. She sounds super sexy when moaning so I suggest giving her a short is a MUST. She will top soon i’m sure of it.


    And then we have our pornstars that makes appearances once in a while.

    Nautica Thorn


    Jessica Bangkok




    London Keys


  27. Nudeadultcams.com

    Ling from NudeAdultCams and Camwithher


    Now we have angelsnbabes.com

    Mainly a site with Import Models doing cam shows and the best one I’m sure is

    KT-So Popular Import Model, in VIP chat, she will go topless and bottomless but hides very well. Almost better to have her stay in her fishnets and mesh to see them as she won’t cover them.


    Christine Mendoza is one of the top models in the world right now, like seriously and she’ll go topless and if you ask nicely, she’ll show them. =D One of the Sexiest Philipina evar!


    SweetKymberly is a sexy girl and she will go topless in VIP chat. She’s best friends with KT-So so if you catch them on a special day, you’ll get them both =)


    And that’s all I got for now.

  28. Great ones ZodiacD! πŸ™‚

    I know CyberKim for so long… she still rocks!
    Christine Mendoza…. I also have to check out her room more often. The price is outrageous but she’s worth it!

    Here’s another hot filipina MILF, 34yo, very charming, with a lovely smile. Tropicana21:

    And CutieThai, one of the most beautiful thai girls I’ve seen on cam:

  29. I wish that there was a way to filter out Thai and Filipinas (aside from Pandalicious) when searching for Asian porn and camgirls especially.

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