Japanese gravure idol Rio Natsume

I felt bad after bumping Focus off of the main page, as she was the only nude model on the front. To make up for it, I am posting busty (but still non-nude, sorry to disappoint) Japanese gravure idol Rio Natsume (born on February 20, 1985). The video above shows the first scenes of her 2006 DVD entitled Erotica.Rio Natsume was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. She is known primarily for her very large (J-cup) breasts. Rio weighs 115 lbs and stands at a petite 5’1. Her purported measurements are 38-23-34 (or, in centimeters, 98-58-85).

Rio made her debut in 2002, and has since appeared in several DVDs and photobooks. In 2005, Rio was featured in the video game Gal of the Sparrow 2.

More photos of Rio:

Rio Natsume

Rio Natsume

Rio Natsume

Rio Natsume on the web:
Rio Natsume @ ameblo.jp (personal blog)
Rio Natsume @ japanesegravure.com (large gallery)
Rio Natsume @ gijo.org

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  1. fyi, there is a rionatsume.com, but i don’t really think that that is her official site because it is ridden with ads for noaprcreditcards.com. however, all of the photos i posted are taken from rionatsume.com.

  2. Nice choice Christine – Rio’s one of a few models I’ve been intending to post on “one of these days”, but probably would never have gotten around to. I serioulsy doubt I could have done a better job than you have anyway. 🙂

  3. i was wondering this before posting, actually — i kept on typing rio’s name into the search box and i thought, “no way, this girl’s boobs are way too big for dr. lee to have missed her. there HAS to be a posting on her”

    i totally got lucky! 😛 but at the same time, rather unluckily, i drank too much coffee 🙁 and i really ought to be sleeping right now (it is 4:30 AM in the states).

  4. sometime big is too big proportionately … sometime too big a boob can make a petit girl looks fat 🙁 nice face though

  5. I’m not a big fan of GIANT breasts and, like LawBoy, agree they can make a small woman look a little fat.

    Rio wears them fairly well, IMO. (She’s no Reon, of course) :#)

    But, Rio is lacking something i think makes almost any woman sexier…a SMILE. For Christ’s (or Christine’s) sake, girl, are you that miserable? The pouting may work for some men, and it has it’s place, but nothing beats a smile from a beautiful woman.

  6. Actually, she smiles in several of her photos, especially the casual ones. However, like many Japanese models she has quite crooked teeth!

  7. You got that right, Doc. Instead of eyelid surgery, nose jobs and (God and Dr. Lee forbid) boob jobs, perhaps they should get some basic dental care.


    Even in the pictures where she is “smiling” she rarely seems happy, I think that’s my real problem with her look. Lighten up, girl. Enjoy yourself!

  8. She’s got such a little, girlish body, and then those giant boobs. What a combo. Here is my favorite pic: Pic
    There’s a funny video on the japanesegravure link with her on a treadmill, camping it up, showing a sense of humor.

  9. Oh my…what I would do with those. I would just love to suck on her lips, even if she has crooked teeth.

  10. btw dean is right! christ and christine are indeed interchangeable names, esp. at church ;]

    i should have posted more pics of rio smiling, but it hadn’t occurred to me at the time. i’ll take note for future posts. thanks dean! :]

  11. Maybe that’s her style…no smiling. With boobs like that and those pouty lips, I can do without a smile… 😐

  12. Just a note on terminology: Rio is a gravure idol, not an AV idol. AV is (penetrative) porn, while Rio doesn’t even do nude. Your post title had me all excited for a moment. 😉

  13. Yep, insanity is right – should have picked that one up myself! I guess I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the Christine flood – you do indeed deserve a rest! 🙂

  14. Hi Christine, your flood of posts is impressive, but as Lee said, be careful of burnout. You might want to spread them out a bit. One post a day or one every other day is plenty.

    Otherwise, thanks for the great variety of postings. Keep up the good work young lady! 🙂

  15. FYI, Clint. I keep getting “forbidden” for your last link.

    I swear I posted that an hour ago. I must be losin’ it.


  16. in bed? my friends tell me yo’ momma is.

    OHHHH, bet you didn’t see that one coming! *makes sizzling sounds*

  17. That’s highly unusual – you can’t link directly to an image, but you can display directories! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a server set up like that before.

    And Christine, I think you’re high on caffeine. 😉

  18. i was looking so forward to sharing some links of this cute woman naked with all my friends here, but it appears they were just other models…sorry guys (and gals)…i did give it an honest effort though…

    i just dont get the gigantic boob thing, i mean i just dont think i could be with a woman who everytime i have coffee i stare at her breasts.
    but then, i never have been with a woman with her own airbag system either…

    some guys (and gals) dig that, some go for the really tiny…oh well, viva la difference…and the feel of fake just feels weird…

    but this girl is hella cute though!

  19. In a couple of the pics Clint gave us above, Rio’s teeth actually aren’t all that bad. And, I really do love her lips.

  20. christine i love you almost more than these half naked womenfor all these awesome posts… i might love you more if i knew what you looked like but thanks for these great posts <3

  21. Brains are a powerful attraction-feature. If they come with good looks, sometimes we have a bingo (but there’s still more to it). 🙂

    christine, are you payed by the post or something? I’m having trouble catching up just reading, how do you find time to do all this? lol

  22. Afr, i already use those three pictures for my wallpaper.
    The boobies …… i like them. Very good.

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