Akiyo Tomonaga

Akiyo Tomonaga

Akiyo Tomonaga is a print and runway model signed to LOOK Model Agency.I first saw Akiyo in some photos for Audrey Magazine, a magazine for Asian American women. She was modeling for a fashion feature in their June/July 2007 issue.

There was not much information available on Akiyo (actually, a Google search for her name only yields the agency’s as a related result — another page result is for another woman of the same name) but her profile at LOOK does list these stats:

Height: 5’9″
(Dress) Size: 4 US
Bust-Waist-Hips: 34 – 24 – 34

The images below are not high-quality because they appear to be scanned images. I apologize for this, but a visit to her portfolio will direct you to more photos of her.

More photos of Akiyo:

Akiyo Tomonaga

Akiyo Tomonaga

Akiyo Tomonaga

Akiyo Tomonaga on the web:
Akiyo Tomonaga @ lookmodelagency.com (LOOK portfolio/stats)

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0 thoughts on “Akiyo Tomonaga”

  1. last pix the best but dont know about the ink though..nice post little christine. robin, she is putting the old guards to shame with christine flood here :))

  2. CEC32:

    That thought never crossed my mind.
    Now it’s all over my radar.Thanx

    While we’re at it…cheekbones?
    Nose just a tad? Lip implants?

    Matters not.She’s still very beautiful.
    My compliments to the doctor
    who chose restraint.

    At 5′ 9″ she’s a breeder.

  3. She doesn’t look like a Japanese.
    she has beautiful body as for model, but I think her arms are too small.
    Christine, what do you think about her arms? Let me guest, she can not hold her BF too long.

  4. hahaha, niners is right – i think that she is too skinny as well. but one thing that i like about this model is that, even though she is skinny, she has an ample amount of curves. also, she has beautiful facial features, fake or not (but hopefully not).

  5. Ar-i-ga-to A-ki-yo!

    I love that first photo and its natural aura. As for the other shots, I’m just burned out on overly-stylized images. They are so pervasive in popular culture, that they’ve lost any real charge.

  6. I’ve seen Akiyo featured a few times in fashion spreads in the San Francisco Chronicle (Look is a local agency here). She rocks.

    Another hottie at Look is Hyeran Shin.

  7. hey clint, i saw her, ashley ying, and akiyo on look’s website. i decided not to make a huge post on look’s asian models though, and maybe save these girls for a later post lol

  8. the first pic really doesnt do her justice, looks more candid than anything. the others, on the other hand…her features are so soft…but…when can count the ribs its time to set her down to a big bowl of pasta…and those lips, my goodness those lips look so soft and supple…

  9. She’s really pretty. Could gain some more volume, making her body a bit larger, like her hot lips.

    I don’t see many curves, but well, she’s a model, I expect that.

  10. I’ve seen her around town. she’s even more gorgeous in person. And she’s friendly and down to earth. A lovely woman.

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