Angela Harry

Angela Harry

Angela Harry is a half-Korean, half-British model and actress, born in Fukuoka, Japan. She is mainly known for her portrayal of Jan Ors in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Dark Forces II, released in 1997.Aside from the video game character, the only information (and pictures) I could dig up about Angela Harry came from her writeup at

According to, Angela was signed to Elite Model Management, a prestigious modeling agency that has managed names like Linda Evangelista, Heidi Klum, and Stephanie Seymour. She has been in print advertisements for Diet Coke and has modeled for L’Eggs Sheer Elegance pantyhose and Shiseido cosmetics.

Her career appears to have peaked sometime in the 1980s or 1990s, which, combined with insufficient celebrity, could explain why there was such scant information on her. lists her height as 5’10. The article from states that she was 18 years old in the early 1980s, which leads me to estimate that she is at least 40 years old now.

I do not know much about Angela, but I was struck by her glamorous looks while researching another Asian actress online. Perhaps one of our readers will have more info on her!

More photos of Angela:

Angela Harry

Angela Harry

Angela Harry

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  1. She does look exotic, but I wouldn’t peg her for half Korean if I didn’t know she was.
    By “half-English”, I guess that means half-Caucasian?

  2. her father was from the UK…doesn’t that make her half-English? would half-British be better?

  3. i think that her diminutive nose and her eyes kind of hint that she may be part-asian, but i agree that i probably wouldn’t have suspected she was asian at first glance

  4. oh – about the half thing. i don’t really understand it. half-____, half-____ refers to the countries of origin, right? or is it ethnicity, like half-korean, half-caucasian like cec32 said? cec32’s argument makes more sense because there could be chinese people in the UK, and she would not really be considered half-korean half-english if her father was a chinese man living in england.

    i’ve corrected it to half-caucasian, but i just want to make sure that the style is to name ethnicity and not nationality.

  5. Right. There are people of many races who are British nationals, so by stating she’s “half-English” doesn’t say anything about her race or ethnicity.
    I assume she’s half-Caucasian, but don’t think I’d bet on it.

  6. i feel bad for arf, ’cause…this girl modeled pantyhose! you know she’s got to have the best legs in town. but, no photos of her legs :[

  7. Hi Christine. Around here, what matters is a girl’s ethinicity, not her nationality (although that is of course an important thing to mention in any post!). However, I disagree with CEC32, and think it is more apropriate to call her half-British, as I think caucasian is too general in this context (more akin to Asian than Korean). So I have taken the liberty of changing your post back!

  8. Judging from that top picture…she does appear to have some nice legs. Thanks for feeling bad for me, christine…she is a hottie…:)

  9. This illustrates that with the mixed race hotties (half-____) sometime you get more of one half than the other; around here we prefer the Asian features predominating, and I think most would regard the more Asian looking ones to be more exotic. In the SuChin post hotbytes linked to the other MTV ladies and one was a smokin combo of German-Chinese
    I’d be less enthused if she looked more Euro.

  10. British is a nationality, like American, Canadian, etc. It says nothing about one’s race or ethnicity. There are British citizens of many races living in Britain. White, Blask, Asian, etc. One of her parents could be any one of those races or even mixed.
    If we want to know her ethnicity we should say she’s half-Korean (which is a nationality AND an ethnicity) and half-Caucasian (assuming the Bitiish parent is White).
    Besides, it’s not possible to be “half-British” or half any nationality. What would that country’s government have to do in such a case? Issue only half a passport?

  11. British is both a nationality and an ethnicity: it’s what you call natives of Britain. If I were a Korean citizen, I would be Korean by nationality, but Australian by ethnicity (although I’m actually half Dutch and half Croatian by blood, but let’s not get into that!). That obviously doesn’t invalidate Korean as an ethnicity, however – and nor does the same situation invalidate British as an ethnicity. Besides, caucasian is a race, equivalent to Asian (or more precisely oriental). So you could either call her Asian(oriental)/caucasian or Korean/British.

  12. Dr. Lee, nationality and ethnicity aren’t the same thing. I know ethnicity is made up of a combination of factors, but it’s bacially one’s race…. but for the sake of argument, let’s get rid of the word “ethnicity” and just talk about nationality and race.
    Saying Angela’s “half-Korean and half-British” doesn’t say squat about the racial make-up of her non-Korean half, which is probably what most here are curious about. I assume, by looking at her, she half-Caucasian, but like I said, it’s hard to peg, so I wouldn’t bet on it

  13. Every time I see her pictures, particular the top one, I am still drawn to that fantastic leg she has up. Man, I really do wish we could see more now.

  14. getting too hung up on details here. if hse is half this or half that, oh who cares what she is? she is stunning to say the least.
    and i am with arf on this, those legs my goodness!

  15. For goodness sake CEC32, this is getting ridiculous. Did I say nationality and ethnicity are the same thing? No I did not! I just said British is an ethnicity, referring to the native peoples of Britain. Once again, if we take your argument to its logical conclusion, we could never list a country as an ethnicity, unless that country has had zero immigration (pretty much impossible these days). So once again, if what you are saying is true, we can’t even talk about Chinese, Korean or whatever – we could only say our models are Asian or oriental!

  16. hey arf, if you go to the goldsea article on her, there are pictures of her along the right column. i think on one of the pages there’s a shot of her wearing some thigh-highs and a dress. this is the most revealing shot of her legs that i could find.

  17. Doc, on my point of view, it doesn’t make any matter her nationality or ethnicity. Let’s put her beauty on the first priority in our list, as Christine does.

  18. ethnicity is culture and race and as there is no korean race, per se, any more than there is a british race, then ethnically she is korean and briton.
    the same plays out in the states, my mother was from yugoslavia and my father is from kansas of german stock. so, am i simply caucasian or am i german/serb? a child of a black and white marriage or union, are they black or are they white? most of the time it is whatever THEY identify themselves with. so, in regards to ms harry here, what is she? well, she is whatever she says she is!

  19. Exactly oedispusrex! It just doesn’t make any sense to not specify the native country on the caucasian side, while at the same time specifying it on the Asian side. You either have to do it for both, or neither. And I think that everyone can agree that Asian Sirens would lose a lot of its informational value if we don’t specify either. Indeed, we have been using this convention on Asian Sirens since Marco started it more than a decade ago – I’m not sure why CEC32 has chosen to speak up against it now!

  20. Promising legs but I’d have to see more of them to make a conclusive judgment. So I found some better ones, regarding the legs department. 🙂

    If her father was a U. S. Air Force colonel and her mother Korean, then why is she half… british?? Should be korean-american?

  21. Well…daznlover, their all lies. She is actually a pathological liar and was born a dude, which makes her a tranny. SURPRISE! ^o^ Kinda weird? Of course, I’m just joking…I really do think she’s hot.

  22. daznlover, i think her whole background is weird – korean and british couple living in japan? former us air force colonel? say what?

  23. christine, I could guess that web page you got the info from was wrong. She is probably asian american. Much more likely as a background, since the US had a very large presence in Japan.

  24. 😉 that’s why i always cite the pages i take info from if it’s not backed-up a bit on the web (at least two or three sources confirming it) so it’s not a-s’ error

  25. She looks very much like a model I remember seeing all the time in local print adds in the 80’s here in LA. I always thought she was very attractive and slightly Asian. This might be the same girl but much more busty than before. Definitely glamorous here but she adopted a much more girl next door persona early in her career if she is one in the same. Nice indeed.

  26. You’re 100% on-the-money onegameref, she WAS that model! In fact, she appeared almost weekly in Sunday newspaper Mervyn’s ads, where I first noticed her. I didn’t know her name, until I saw her on a few episodes of V.I.P. as the evil,”Brainiac” scientist, Dr. Tina Stokes. after those appearances, it looks like her T.V. career lost steam. Last I read online, she was being repped by a Portland OR modeling agency.

  27. Wow. The comments are nice… and, humorous. [She’s one of my two sisters.]

    Great to see she still draws interest after all this time. I’m really proud of her.

    Our Dad is of Irish/English descent, born and raised in Indiana. He did a few tours in Seoul, in the USAF, and that’s how he met our Mom.

    About a year after high school, she landed a contract with Shiseido to be the face of their Fairness line of cosmetics. This made her HUGE in Japan. After a few years, she moved back to So. Cal. and started doing tons of print work for The Broadway, May Company, and [as mentioned above] Mervyn’s, amongst all the other work she did.

    Basically, she became about as successful a model as one could be, without being a “supermodel” that everyone knows by name. The Asian part of us has always hidden our years, so she had an unusually long career. [20+]

    She’s with a couple of agencies, last I asked. Which I rarely have done, since she’s had such an insanely long career.

    Have a good one!

  28. I have been a fan of AH for quite some time after seeing her profile on Goldsea. She was featured in the magazine Face in the 90’s also.
    Looking at her features as a painter, she has qualities similar to Liz Taylor and Christy Turlington–timeless beauty and spirit in her eyes. If there is an archive of her images, please advise. I could paint her images endlessly if more reference photos were available.
    Mr. Harry, brother of Angela, do you know where to find such an archive?

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