It’s friday again… Movieclip time! πŸ˜‰

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  1. This shit makes me hungry for some of that girls mikados. I wonder is she is wearing any panties? Nice hairdo and beautiful face.

  2. // comment edited. long link had to go. messed up the lay-out.

    Kind of on topic….certain photocopy manufacturers have increased the thickness of the glass in the machine because too many people at office parties were doing exactly what Ms. Mikado Youtube was doing and breaking the glass. Read on: link

  3. Since I’m originally from England, it’s European ads like these that make me realize how lame American ads are. Just try and put an ad like this on the puritan American TV and see how far you get. Sex sells in the US, but not on network TV! It’s a real shame.

    Teh girl in teh Double A paper is a real cutie.

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