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In my boredom last week, I took a leap of faith on YouTube and watched the trailer for the short film Agents of Secret Stuff, which premiered on 11/23. I did not have much interest in the movie itself, but became highly interested in Arden Cho, who also stars in the movie and is a beauty. Once I found out that Arden was also a model in addition to being an actress, I then had to write about her for Asian Sirens.Stats:
Age: 21
Height: 5’5”
Weight; 101 lbs
Ethnicity: Korean
Birthplace: Amarillo, TX
Location: Los Angeles, CA






Agents of Secret Stuff
Bloopers | Post-screening Interview

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0 thoughts on “Arden B. Cho”

  1. She’s an all around gorgeous girl. Even her hair is sexy in the fifth shot down…so sleek and straight.

  2. Very nice.She manages to to pull off “sexy” “competent” and “ice queen” without overkill on any of the three.She could make me pay fat alimony.

  3. Not enough cuteness?? Did you watch any of the videos? I thought she was very cute in the couple I saw.

  4. I’ve been watching her on YouTube for awhile now and wondering when she would find her way here. I think she has plenty of “cute” to go along with beautiful and sexy.

  5. the ‘cute’ isn’t really displayed in the stills but definitely in the trailer. all the same, I really hope she lands a better acting gig in the future because I’m not sure I could watch more than five minutes of that movie. cute girl or not.

  6. Extremely beautifully photographed and yes, she definitely comes across as more playful and cute in some of her YouTube videos.

    Great post, Candyman!

  7. O U T S T A N D I N G ! ! !

    Not ‘perfect’ but VERY pretty and pretty damn close to perfect!!!

    Love the brown bikini shot…wow!!!

  8. Very, very pretty, and petite–much to my taste. And yes, she does have a playfulness about her that is refreshing.

  9. Just amazingly beautiful. She actually doubled for Olympic Figure skating Champion Yu Na Kim in a commercial

  10. She’s so pretty I’m not even going to complain about a lack of nudity! Although it would be nice:-)

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