Fay Hokulani


Fay Hokulani was submitted by a reader. She is an interesting mix of Chinese, Indonesia and Peranakan. She is located in Singapore, models and blogs. At only 21, expect her to be around a while.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’5
Weight: 105
Ethnicity: Chinese, Indonesia and Peranakan
Located: Singapore













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  1. Spectacular!

    I guess we could nit-pick about her legs looking a little big in the last shot, or perhaps someone will point out some facial surgery, or something.

    To me, that’s really not important when it all comes together as nicely as it does with Fay.

    Great find, Travis (and the anon reader).

  2. She has a very interesting and exotic look. She’s one of those girls who I’m really not sure how I’d feel about in real life, but I find her quite attractive here – she’s well suited to glamour photography.

  3. I had to Wiki it, and that makes it even harder to understand what Peranakan is. From what i could gather, it is an ethnic group from southeast asia.

    The main thing is A + B = C = Peranakan

    A) Chinese or Dutch and various other seafaring cultures that had interests in this area of the world about 200 years ago.
    B) One of the local ethnic groups, so Thai, Philippine, Indonesian, Burmese

    C) The descendant so the first union would often seek a spouse from their overseas culture. So if dad was from China, then the son would import a bride from China, or a daughter would look for a Chinese husband.

    I guess the thing that sets them apart is they once the family became “mixed” they would try to find a matching “mixed” partner. So they never became assimilated into there host countries ethnicity.

    Thus they can be found in communities in Thailand, Indonesia, and all over southeast Asia.

    I summed up and over-simplified about 10 pages on Wiki, so any correction is welcome.
    Also I am not fond of the term “mixed” but I couldn’t thin of a better word.

  4. I should have waited 2 more minutes, Dean’s first link is way better then Wikipedia.

  5. I love her skin tone, and she’s very exotic. Off the top of my head, I think Peranakan refers to the descendant of Chinese and locals from southeast region of Asia.

  6. Ahh, I should had gone through the entire post before posting my own comments. Thanks for clarification. =D

  7. Ha, that’s what happens when I set my posts up weeks in advance. I saw this one and was like “Wow, this girl is kinda pretty. I wonder who I have coming up next?”

  8. I guess most of the guys here are caucasians. That explains the confusion.

    Peranakan is a Malay word. The equivalent english term would be straits chinese(after the Straits of Malacca). They are descendants of Ming Settlers who married local Malays, Javanese etc. That is generally the case.

    Because of the policies of Malaysia and Singapore, the Peranakan people are usually considered as Chinese although in Malaysia, some of them can claim to a certain extend, the special rights reserved for bumiputeras.

    Indonesian is not an ethnicity, it is a nationality.

    Regardless, there are really a lot of beautiful mix breeds in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

  9. peranakan is like an offspring

    peranakan from indonesian word…. ==”

    lowe right about indonesian isnt an ethnicity, bcoz indonesia have many ethnic like java, bali, dayak, etc.

    usually peranakan from chinese with dayak…

    i think she born from chinese with dayak.. bcoz her face look like dayak’s girl

    ahh dayak is native ethnic groups of Kalimantan (Borneo)

  10. LOVELY/EXOTIC…the elongated facial composition is a knockout!! I hope the ugly lip-stud in #4 was just ‘temporary’?!

  11. Daa-aammmmm…thats what I’m talking about!…..i spent a lot of time in Singapore, love the girls…..

  12. Very pretty. She has a straight, long-bridged nose similar to Dollhouse’s Dichen Lachman (who I think is also very pretty (except for the blondeness) — hey, why isn’t she featured here on AS?), but they are different ethnic mixes, so it’s interesting that they have similar features.

  13. She’s another one of those ladies that looks absolutely gorgeous sometimes, and okay at others. Photo 6, what’s up with that?

    Chairman Kaga: lol

    I was definitely thinking of a different fun way to exercise your heart when I saw her (ref her official website).

  14. Huh, strange that it changed my link. I was trying to link to her IMDb page:


    …which says that she was indeed in Neighbours (although not being in Australia, I’ve never seen it).

    I agree that Fay is prettier, I was just comparing their facial structures. But in any case, Dichen is definitely no slouch. 😉

  15. Indonesiah should have playboy magazine.
    If the girls as beauty as this one, they have to let that magazine operation in Indonesia.
    What a shame.

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