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I visit the IMDb.com site daily. And today I spotted a little homepage item called: Fresh Faces of the Week. Highlighted was a photo of Jane Kim.

Jane is of Korean descent. She began her acting career with parts on The Sopranos, Law and Order SVU, Third Watch, Guiding Light and As the World Turns. She also is a formerly Miss Georgia Teen USA.She began working professionally in 2003 in New York. She immediately signed with Cunningham (C.E.S.D.) and began booking national network commercials. She’s been seen in Crest white strips, Motrin, Nokia, Tylenol, Payless Shoes, Flumist, Aquafresh and etc. She began working as a print model and has booked many national campaigns. She has been seen in Clinique, Nike, Avon, Aveda, Garnier Nutrisse, Loreal, Koleston (European hair coloring), Tag Body Spray, Redken Hair, Nestle, American express, Verizon and etc.

She attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Stella Adler Conservatory with scholarships. She was also offered a full scholarship at Donguk University in Korea (equivalent of NYU for theater in states) however, declined to focus on a career in the states.

Spoken Languages: Korean, Spanish
Musical Instruments: Piano
Athletic Skills: Martial Arts, Swimming, Aerobics, Boxing
Performance Skills: Martial Arts, Dancing, Ballet, Club/Freestyle





Jane Kim on the web

Miss Teen USA Pageant: www.pageant.com/janekim
Jane Kim at IMDb.com: www.imdb.com/name/nm2168330
Trailer for TransBeMan: www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi1253769753

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  1. Otherworldly beauty. And, although I think the 2nd shot is a knockout, the opening black and white shot makes it clear that that this is not about make-up. Ms. Kim’s facial structure – wide separation of the eyes, cheek bone placement, gentle goneal angle, nose shape, tiny chin dimple – is wonderful. Bravo Robin. She’s lovely.

  2. urgal if we go into that detail, her chin looks a bit uneven. But that wouldn’t bother me. She’s still beautiful and hot.

    With those legs, I bet Doc will like.

    She seems to be quite talented, in different areas.

  3. I can’t entirely agree with urgal’s assertion that how she looks in these photos isn’t largely about makeup (none of these photos are very revealing), but I suspect she is still quite attractive in real life, as she does indeed seem to have a nice facial structure. And dazn is right – I do like those legs very much!

  4. The pic of her in boots is fantastic. I’ll have to keep an eye out for her work. She’d be enough reason to watch something.

  5. I was going to say that her legs look a little too thin to me; but after looking at her pageant pictures, I thinks it’s just the angle of her pose. I agree with the Doc that she is probably stunning in real life (love the chance to find out). Like that would ever happen or lead to anything except my death:-(

  6. I wonder if she has reached her goal, and become a citizen of this great country?

  7. Very pretty.There is a decent size Korean merchant community in the Atlanta area.Wonder what her parents run?

  8. I heard she did some facial plastic surgery. Who knows if she did plastic surgery on her legs too. I thought she was pretty but after hearing about this, not so sure if I’d call that true Asian beauty.

  9. She just appeared in the USA Network show “White Collar” looking very lovely as you might expect. The episode was entitled “All In” and aired on Nov. 27. It can be viewed at the USA Network website.

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