Ayumu Kase


Ayumu Kase is a new AV model, 22, and has not been in a lot of movies or photos yet, but likely will be in the not too distant future. She’s also very tiny, at only 4’11.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 4’11
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Chiba










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0 thoughts on “Ayumu Kase”

  1. Wow!! 4’11” always does it for me!!
    And she’ pretty as well. Very nice find Travis!!!

  2. I like. Thanks Travis!

    And preemptive strike to the knee-jerk “pedophile!” criers who are sure to wag their fingers at us: She’s all woman. She even has hair to prove it. She’s 22. So go find someone else to judge!

  3. Yes, I think bland is a good description – there just isn’t anything about this girl that makes here stand out at all (except perhaps for the nose job). I am once again surprised by the very positive response.

  4. Maybe she is cuter on camera but I don’t see anything about her that makes her stand out from the many other Japanese babes that are out there who are equally as cute but just as bland. I need someone who either has a more cuter, hotter or unique look for me to pay attention to them.

  5. Cute spinner type, I would definitely notice her in a club or on the street, but a 7 or 7.5 is about right.

  6. Hi new here! I was wondering if you had any more references to Asian ladies under 5 ft? I luv em short and this ones a cutie!!

  7. 4’11”? DAMN. She is way too short. And she looks young too. Combine the two and I might actually not mind her cuz I would seriously think she might be some middle school kid.

    I might actually attack a guy over 18 that will hit on her cuz I might think he might a pedo.

    It will be a total misunderstanding.

    But I guess she is cute.

  8. “I might actually not mind her cuz I would seriously think she might be some middle school kid. ”

    This could be sooo misinterpreted. 😛

  9. he means you make it sound like you like middle school kids. Don’t worry, next sentence clears it up:).

  10. The heck? I didn’t mean to make it sound like that. I don’t think it sounds like I’m into little junior high-schoolers. I said I won’t pay attention to her, didn’t I? I’m confused…. and pissed off.

  11. don’t worry, we know what you meant. The phrase “I might actually not mind her” I think you meant you wouldn’t notice her but could be interpreted as you might actually not mind her. Less confusion if you write ” I might actually pay her no mind (attention) cuz I would seriously think she might be some middle school kid. Not mind say you don’t mind. Really though, don’t worry about it, we all know what you meant.

  12. Good things come in small packages. The touch of moistness applied to the panties in #7 is a nice touch too…

  13. I was wondering how long it would take for the pedo crap to start…not long I see. Most disappointing.

  14. At 4’11” she works for me. Being very cute is a great bonus to be sure. I love little women somethin’ fierce.

  15. No I’m sorry for being too serious. I forgot how playful the asian siren crew are. Maybe cuz I’ve been reading too much of the debates regarding women and such.

  16. Can you say “s-t-a-t-u-t-o-r-y r-a-p-e”?

    I was once with a Chinese girlfriend built like this and she was giving me a BJ in the park. Cops rolled up on us and demanded ID. I had mine – she didn’t. Cops harrassed me until they could pull her records using her SS# and the squad computer.

    I sincerely thought I was gonna go to jail.

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