Jada Cheng


Jada Cheng is the first, and likely the most well known model in my short series of lesser known models. She is new, but appears to be trying very hard to make an immediate impact, adding her web address to almost every photo she has even though her website is not yet open.

Many more photos after the jump.Resides: Queens, New York
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 5′4
Weight: 100lbs.
Measurements: 32-24-35

It’s no secret that I like darker skin, and I have no problem with dyed hair (I like it when it makes skin look darker). That said, regardless what you think of her as a beauty, I think many people can see that there is a sexiness to her photos, and I think a lot of credit needs to be given to her photographers, whoever they are (2 Names I could find are Mike Brochu and Matt Robinson).

But you don’t care. To the photos!








Other Photos:

Jada Cheng’s Future Site
Other Photos

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  1. Also, to Dr. Lee and Robin: If we receive any emails from models that do not want this free publicity, feel free and delete the post. I do not know when I will be checking my email over these next few weeks.

  2. To be honest, I can’t get past the bleach blonde hair. It just looks way too unnatural and kills her appeal for me.

    Too bad really, she has a near flawless, tight body…

  3. Way too fake for me – everything about this girl looks artificial, ironically with the exception of the one artificial thing I actually like (boobs).

    And Travis – although we give the author final say in such matters, our general policy is not to take down posts simply because the model doesn’t like them.

  4. sorry, but that is not dark skin. that is tanned skin. Tanned and blond? on an asian? no matter how beautiful its almost always a disaster.

  5. Wasn’t she on the show Dr. 90210 for getting a boob job? I’m pretty sure it’s her… check out asian sensation or something like that!

  6. Doc: Good to know – I remember the email from Donnabelle, so I did not know what our policy was.

    CEC: Not worried about this girl. But I figured out a way to get access to some of the “hidden” nude photos of some of these models that I will be featuring later. Unknown models that happen to have nude photos in their portfolio are likely to be less open about the world seeing them than known models.

  7. Quick someone call that crusader of Asian girls with dark or tan skin Adam Yurman!! What will this girl do without his beneficial assistance!??!

    Yes that was all just a joke…

  8. Travis: Well-done! The skin color-hair color contrast is quite striking, almost a “California kogal” style. I always find it amazing the range of “looks” that asian women can assume, from traditional, to demure, to school girl, to lolita, all the way out to the most provocative, Hollywood, Pirelli calendar “chrome-plated sex” look, which is more Ms. Cheng’s end of the spectrum. Personally I don’t find any of it unnatural/”artificial”, I guess because all of it (including the “natural look”) seems a fantasy of some kind. Anyway, I think only asian women can pull off this range, which is part of why I adore them.

  9. I think the only thing that would make me not like Jada, is if she spoke like she was from the ghetto. I think the dark tan is sexy though.

  10. I assume these photos are from before her Dr 90210 boob job? If she has one now then she will be pretty much 100% fake. πŸ™‚

    And I agree with CEC – I doubt this girl would be unhappy for her photos to be shown anywhere. πŸ˜‰

  11. She’s baaaack! ChΓ o mừng trở lại, cat-tien. Translation – welcome back, cat-tien. Foreign languages should be OK with translations, right?

  12. hey wings, you viet too? chau em Cat-tien :)) that is saying hello πŸ™‚ i am crossing my fingers cat is a girl other wise this can be weird:)

  13. Lawboy, it’s called the internet — you can find out almost anything and sometimes it’s even correct! In this case, I used Vdict.com.

    BTW, another vote for butterface.

  14. Nhi Kim Do is hardly outstanding, but still far closer to my taste than Jada! There seem to be an awful lot of Viet models on the import scene these days.

  15. ok, i like viet women, but kim nhi do has an ok face, pretty thick legs, but she makes up for it with a nice rack. she is a little better then jada…now if we can take kim’s head and put it on Jada’s body..then maybe doc will like it better πŸ™‚

  16. Jada is from before I found AS, so it’s like she is a new one for me. Her name rings a bell, having seen her on other sites.
    Interesting look – the blonde Chinese woman; not so many around (unless you count male Chinese hairdressers!)- which makes it novel and interesting. I don’t believe she deserved the many unkind comments; she is certainly a hot little package.
    And yes, I agree: the honey blonde hair in the last pic looks much better.

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