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Fireball Models is a model group based in florida and features names like Raquel Gibson (filipina mix), CJ Gibson (filipina mix), Tracy Nova (filipina mix), Cat Lee (filipina mix), Nickie Lee (laos mix) and Rachel Arenz (korean). Its not just a website with girls, its a real group, they actually know each other. The group also features new faces like Jes T. (laos mix), Heather Marie (filipina mix) and Tiffany Nguyen (vietnamese). Other Asians include Kim Nguyen (vietnamese), Rebecca Cameron (filipina mix), Big booty Nina Truong (vietnamese/chinese) and Playboy Model Lynn Delarosa (filipina mix). Thats just mentioning the Asians!Jessica Barton and Her sister Jennifer Barton are also in this group. Hollie Winnard, who was on beauty and the geek, Lauren Brooke from TNA and Reby Sky.



fireball model video at hin

fireball models video at spring break nationals

(Thanks to Fireball Models for the text, photos and videos!)

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  1. From the description I thought they were all Asian. FYI for the readers, they aren’t Asian.

    However, there are some hot girls (pun intended) of Asian and non-Asian descent.

    However they make the all too common and extremely short sighted mistake of providing no high resolution photos on their site. Internet marketing 101 folks: always share a healthy dose of quality photos with your name, logo, url on them; so people will link and spread your advertising for you.

  2. It says “Thats just mentioning the Asians! ” because thats what Asian-sirens focuses on. So the asian and asian mix models are being highlighted. There are all sorts of photos from various Photographers on each of the models gallery. Keep it positive DrNo. —

  3. jdrevenge, I dont think they Need a photographer. But as you can see they have worked with various photographers on projects and in some cases thier portfolio gallery. So if you have a project, go a head contact them

  4. Love some of those skimpy bikinis on the video. Mixed filipinas are always fascinating. Gotta seem them live sometime.

    Wished to see better quality pics, that’s for sure.

  5. Yeah Stripes – and this comment was definitely borderline as well. Indeed, the only reason it isn’t clearly over the line is because it isn’t aimed at anyone in particular.

    As for the girls, for me they’re just bland SoCal girls who I don’t think would get many people’s attention if they weren’t getting around in such skimpy outfits.

  6. Well, I agree that they aren’t the cream of the crop, as far as Asian Sirens are concerned, and not particularly my type.

    But, Doc, these kind of girls, even when more modestly dressed, get plenty of attention among men who are less discriminating that you and I.


  7. SoCal? LOL.
    I think only one of them is originally from soCal and is not one of the Asian ones.

  8. I don’t think I expressed myself clearly – I meant “SoCal looking”. It seems this look has pretty much taken over America sadly. In fairness though, these girls are still mostly more natural looking than a lot of real SoCal girls.

  9. Holy crap, I agree whole heartedly with Wylde8 on Jessica Thomas. She is in a class all her own. She’s like a sweet, sugary, spicy food product.

  10. i have to agree with doc an bigfoot. these girls are good and probably get a lot of attention but not exceptional. and some are not even asian:) wouldnt kick them out of my futon though:)

  11. C’mon guys, I thought Stripes’ line was pretty funny. My daughter is certainly better looking than me (not that that is saying much)!

  12. @number1fireballfan

    > So the asian and asian mix models are being highlighted.

    You are correct sir, and that is why I said that “from the description I *thought* they were all Asian.”

    I indicated the impression I had, and assumed I might not be the only person in the world that had that impression, and so I shared some feedback for other readers.

    Perhaps you thought I was questioning the legitimacy of the post; which I wasn’t.

    > There are all sorts of photos from various Photographers on each of the models gallery.

    “All sorts” does not equate to “high resolution”. Please show me a link to some decent pictures exceeding 1000 px in either dimension.

    I’m not saying anyone is a bad person for not posting bigger pictures. I’m just saying it is a short sighted move from an advertising perspective.

    > Keep it positive DrNo.

    Wasn’t I positive when I said, “there are some hot girls of Asian and non-Asian descent.”

  13. pix of 1000 pixels are more are given to clients if requested. I dont think pictures have to be huge for internet marketing. but thanks for your opinion

  14. Stripes’ comment made me laugh…because it’s true…

    I love the “in a class of their own” phrase. Really, how many girls can be in a class of their own? Sounds like McCain & Palin, who claim to be such independent “mavericks” with their own intimate political party of just the two of them. Not.

  15. LOL. IMHO, 1000 pixels is not “huge”. You are correct, you don’t *need* big picture for internet marketing.

    I’m just saying, the bigger the picture, the more it will be spread around. Of course don’t have to release entire library. You have to reserve some premium content.

    Yes, its just my opinion, but I’d bet I’m not alone.

  16. @number1fireballfan

    Thank you for admitting that some people care about the size of the photos.

    I assume that you also willing to admit that Fireball Girls is a business.

    So if some people do care about big photos, then that means the bigger your samples, the more people will like them and share them.

    As a business, do you think Fireball girls wants more exposure, or less?

    And this was always my point, as you seemed to very artfully miss.

  17. Size does not equal exposure (that is just your opinion and more than likely some other people as well). The photos do not have to be big. Size does not necessarily cause it to go around. the Photo Just needs to draw attention. And they do.

    I hardly think they have lost many clients because they thought photos on thier side were too small. Im sure if they wanted to see something bigger the client would just ask for it.

    Fireball Models is not some pay site selling photos so its not the same situation. I think Size of photos are more important in a paysite situation.

  18. > Size does does not equal exposure.

    Correct. It is just a factor. Not the entire equation.

    > The Photo Just needs to draw attention.

    I definitely concur that “drawing attention” helps. But its only a factor.

    Let me give you a concrete example. I run an Asian themed blog. I don’t link to small or poor resolution photos. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. But I do agree that the majority of people will, of course.

    HOWEVER do you think the percentage of people that won’t link to small photos is higher or lower than the percentage of people that won’t link to big pictures?

    I’m not simply sharing an “opinion” as arbitrary as the preference for vanilla or chocolate. I’m sharing sound logical analysis.

    > I’m sure if [clients] wanted to see something bigger the client would just ask for it.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “clients”, but we are not talking about what clients “want”. We are talking about viral marketing as a promotional tool for the girls. If the girls are your “clients”, then they should want this, even if they are not aware they should.

    > Fireball Models is not some pay site selling photos

    If you goal is only exposure to get life or modeling for the girls, and not to sell photos, then that fact only INCREASES the benefit of larger photos. The photos are loss leaders.

  19. > If you goal is only exposure to get life or modeling for the girls

    I meant to say, “If you goal is only exposure to get live or modeling work for the girls”

  20. WHO’S WHO (the asian/asian mix ones)
    (for those who dont already know)

    CALLISTA M. (filipina)
    (currently on hiatus)

    CATHLEEN “CAT” LEE (filipina mix)

    CJ GIBSON (filipina-italian)

    HEATHER MARIE (filipina mix)

    JESSICA “JES T.” THOMAS (laotion mix)

    KIM NGUYEN (vietnamese)

    LENNILYNN DELAROSA (filipina mix)

    NICKIE LEE (Laotian-Irish)

    NINA TRUONG (vietnamese-Chinese)

    RACHEL ARENZ (Korean)

    RAQUEL GIBSON (Filipina-italian)

    REBECCA CAMERON (Filipina mix)

    SUSAN YEUNG (chinese)
    (currently inactive)

    TIFFANY NGUYEN (vietnamese)

    TRACY NOVA (filipina mix)

  21. Those were nice. Especially Cathleen “CAT” Lee and the little bar girl looking Heather Marie poppin a squat like the little hottie she is.

  22. Wow, not a single one of these girls really does it for me! Except maybe for Raquel Gibson, and even she isn’t that great anyway. I’d like to see Susan Yeung in more revealing clothes and better makeup though – she might be alright. Jessica Thomas has a good body, but her face…

  23. You dont seem to like any exotic looking asian models. most of your posts are negative in some sort of way throughout this site. But your taste is your taste.

  24. On the contary, these girls don’t look exotic enough for me – long term readers will know I prefer the classic oriental look. I am not fond of the “SoCal style” models who try too hard to westernise their looks – I want real Asian girls!

  25. I agree on Susan Yeung. I see potential. Raquel is okay, but not really my type. I don’t dislike Tiffany Nguyen either. She has that generic look that I often complain about, but in her case there is something I like about how much skin she is showing. Not sure what it is, though.

  26. Admitedly I was trying the best I could to find a girl I liked here when I singled out Raquel – she isn’t really my type either, but she could be the only girl here who really looks like a model rather than an amateur, Susan Yeung’s potential aside. Tiffany falls short in the body department for me, and while her face does look fairly attractive in this photo, I don’t know how well it would hold up to closer scrutiny.

  27. It appears the beautiful Fireball Models and their great balls of fire have just been extinguished. I’m still gonna be a huge fan though. I will not tell a lie. πŸ™‚

  28. I figured you like the classic chinese and japanese looks, otherwise you wouldnt be here at all. but generally speaking, I noticed the the mixed asians, the dark asian and the non traditional looking asians are the ones most commonly referred to as exotics.

    Hey what can I say, some guys like the look of the girls found in Tokyo Auto salon more than the girls found at Hot import nights. thats just their taste. Its the opposite for me, i dont really like the plain jane look (in any race). Not gonna take a handfull of peoples opinion personally. These girls are usually really popular at every show they do.

    Mr arf. you cant just estinguish a fireball LOL.

    Gosh, whats the record for most photos posted in a thread on this site? LOL


  29. “i dont really like the plain jane look (in any race)”

    Actually that’s just the problem: these girls are plain janes for me. Not very pretty, only a couple of them have very good bodies, and girls of this style are a dime a dozen in SoCal. You’ll notice I refer to Risa Chigasaki as bland, even though she’s basically my type – a model really needs to stand out from the crowd for her to get my attention or adoration.

  30. These girls ‘do’ stand out, even with shows with over a hundred other models, thats the thing. They just dont stand out for you. Its You. You a what they call a very picky person. You dont even really like the one ones you kinda like. You dont like much at all. So its ok if you dont like any of them.

  31. It would seem that by the standards of most people, I am quite picky. But it’s only natural when you see as many attractive Asian women as I do – a model really needs to be outstanding to grab my attention.

  32. Alright, I’ve gone through Fireball’s painfully slow galleries, and I have to say that Susan definitely is my favourite. I think she lives up to the promise of the photo above – she really is quite sultry and exotic, and has true modelling ability. Check out her page and her gallery – not bad at all! I’m happy I’ve managed to find one model I like here. πŸ™‚

  33. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of Nickie Lee. Those piercing eyes and super cute face. She’s tiny at 4’10 but she is just so damned adorable! Very nice body… fake or not, I’d be most happy to partake! ^__^

  34. The one I liked the best, was the tiny girl in the first two pics (second from left in the first, all the way to the left in the second).

    None of the individual pics looked like here, but the recent “Niclalicious” looks like it could be her. Is that Nicky Lee from the individual pics? If so, that’s not a great pic of here, IMO.

    As far as the others are concerned, all are attractive enough, IMO (nothing terrible), but most are kind of typical (I guess).

    Raquel is pretty hot, but she barely looks Asian. Rachael and Heather look like they might have very pretty faces…but, that is based on one picture.

  35. I’m with daznlover on turning my head for sure. I’d have whiplash if I saw any of them at the beach or mall. The wifey would not be happy. And Bigfoot’s pick too…Nicky. Mighty yummy little morsel if you ask me.

  36. The sisters

    HIN Orlando

    Tiff w` Hoang sisters

    Tiff Fashion Shot

    More natural Tiff

    More natural Trace

    Trace w` Jess Barton

    Just a nice big picture, b/c I prefer big pictures where one can see more detail.

  37. As I suspected, Tiffany doesn’t hold up too well to closer scrutiny – Susan Yeung is the only model here for me.

    However, I can see why a few people here like Nickie Lee – she does have a certain cuteness about her.

  38. Actually, I went to the site and looked at some other pics of Nickie Lee, and the others. None look great in all the pictures, IMO.

    But, Nickie is very cute in most of the pics.

  39. I just noticed Mary’s link to her Myspace page. I had to unblock Myspace to see it.

    From what I am seeing, Mary is absolutely beautiful. Her face, in the glamor shots, looks better than 80-90% of the women posted on Asian Sirens. I’m sure Doc will disagree. But, from the best shots, she has a remarkable face, IMO.

    Sorry I ever even questioned her.

    Now I really think she should contribute some pictures, here.

  40. Are you serious Bigfoot? Her facial surgery (looks like a nose job, chin job, eyelid surgery and fake eyebrows at least) is way too much for me – far too artificial for my taste.

    I’m sure she’ll come back here now and say she’s 100% natural. πŸ˜‰

  41. I can tell fake boobs, but usually not facial surgery, unless the parts look fake. I know too many part-Asian women who come by their noses naturally.

    The eyes look fine, to me. I’m not saying she did or didn’t have surgery, I just don’t really notice. I can’t believe you have no problem with obviously fake balloons on a woman’s chest, but can’t deal with a nose job.

    Different, strokes, I guess.

    This picture is fantastic:

    I like this one, too:

  42. I certainly don’t think everyone has had it, but the sad reality is that is very common these days amonst Asians – indeed, it is almost 100% amongst models or performers. There is a slightly contorted appearance to Mary’s face which is a dead give away, and which is very unattractive for me.

    It also has to be said that the photos Bigfoot points to are so heavily stylised that they reveal almost nothing about how Mary actually looks – people are easily fooled by glamourous photography it seems.

  43. Well, I did not that, in her GLAMOR shots that she looks as good, if not better, than the vast majority of Asian Sirens posted here (in their glamor shots).

    But, I think she looks damn fine in the more natural shots, too. I imagine most of the models that get posted here don’t look better in candid shots with digital cameras (no special lighting or makeup), than Mary does in hers.

  44. Why do Americans feel the need to impose their spelling on the rest of the world? The majority of the English speaking world still spells it as GLAMOUR. πŸ™‚

  45. My spell check rejects “glamour”. The “u” adds nothing. Off with it’s head!


    But, we don’t impose it on anyone any more than when a Canadian, or a Brit writing about US Football, writes about the “defence”. Yeech! But, hey, that’s the way they spell it.

    But, you use the language you use. I don’t expect those in other parts of the world to use the Americanized versions of words, why should we use the antiquated British versions?

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s late here. I have to catch some zeds.


  46. OK, this one is for the Americans. get ready to vote in a week. Who ever you vote for is up to you, If you cant make up your mind, Write us in, Vote for Fireball Models LOL

  47. Bigfoot: you (amongst other people) are the ones who are trying to to tell me how to spell. Why can’t you just accept that I use real international English?

  48. I think LawBoy wants to start using some Ebonics on our asses all up in dis piece. He’s from da hood? BOYEEEE! And Trace is hot.

  49. I don’t think I have ever told you how to spell, Doc. At the most, I MAY have chimed in on a “coulour” discussion, as a joke. You know, strictly for “humour”.


    Seriously, though, I don’t remember ever trying to impose US spelling on non-US English posters. I grew up less than a mile from Canada, so I try to stay sensitive to stuff like that. If I did, I admit I was wrong to do so.

  50. Trace and the other girl aren’t twins?
    They could have fooled me and make my secret fantasy come true…
    Guess it’s only half a secret, now.

  51. To Dr. Lee. Uhhh – I know you think you are a know-it-all, but seriously, I’m offended.. .The only surgery I’ve ever wanted was a boob job, because I have a fixation.. .

    But my mom laughed instead & gave me some birthday money.

    Moving on, I understand that surgery among asians are a big thing, but for some, like me, try to make do with what they have. Please remember that make-up can do a lot. I am 100% Filipino & natural.

    Believe me, I even get from other Filipinos that I look mixed at times, & this always surprises me.

    I bristle though at the negativity of your assumptions, only because I know they’re not true. I’m a sushi server that’s struggling to pay for one class a month, so don’t assume that I can afford those unbelievable amounts of surgery. Whatever the hell this “contorted” appearance you see, was my given birth defect, I suppose.

    On the other end of the spectrum.. .I would like to thank the positive compliments. What’s funny is I do my own photos when you see the head shots with a digital camera. I’ve been asked to model, but my confidence was never that high because I just feel insecure about my body, or I wasn’t tall enough [being 4’11”].

    Once again, thank you =]

  52. Oh, & if you didn’t notice, I do have to draw in my eyebrows, they’re so sparse.. .But the above picture is myself without any make-up, if I could fix another thing, it’d be my teeth – hah.

    The wonders of make-up, huh?

  53. Mary Grace, I almost included that last pic (with glasses) with the glamor shots, to show Dr. Lee how damn cute you are w/o the effects of glamor photography.

    Whether you ever choose to model or not, you should work on that confidence. You are a very beautiful woman, so just enjoy that while you can.

    And, don’t bother with the boob job. You can just keep enjoying your friends’ boobs.


  54. Thanks Dean =] My boyfriend got me the Wii fit to work on exercising since I hate the gym & am a total gamer geek.

    Yea, I will enjoy my friends` tatas, or other things.. .

    Lol – okay, I have to clean my room & do laundry like a normal person. I don`t check this site often, so have a Happy Halloween everyone.

  55. Remind me never to be the douchebag that stands behinds two women making out and pretends that he’s somehow cool or associated with what makes that photograph important. I hate those guys.

  56. Hi Mary,

    After looking at your casual shots, I do take back my comments and apologise. It seems the glamour photos I saw distort the proportions of your face somewhat – is this due to touch-ups? Or perhaps they were taken at extreme close-up with a low quality camera? That would explain the “contorted” look I describe.

    However, I don’t think there’s any question that you’ve made your eyebrows the way they are now. πŸ™‚

  57. Dr. Lee – Maybe it’s the close-up, the lighting/angle, the fact that my weight keeps going up & down & affects my cheeks, or the 8 mpx camera.. .Whatever the case, I appreciate the reneged comments =p

    What can I say, I get tweezer-happy =]

  58. My apologies again. Actually, I was somewhat fooled by how professional your glamour shots look – I assumed the were done professionally, in which case there wouldn’t have been any distortion. But if they were done with a digicam then that would explain it!

    For future shots, you might want to try taking them from further back and zooming in if possible – they will look a lot less distorted than the extreme close-ups you’re doing now.

  59. Thanks very much for the advice. I’ve been meaning to get myself a tri-pod since I’m either using a ledge or the length of my arm to take a shot of myself.

    Or maybe someday, a real photo shoot! Woo!

  60. I think the cost of plastic surgery is much higher in the US than in parts of asia and it is much less likely that a young woman here would be able to afford it. Boob jobs are common but I dont think facial surgery on young women is very common here. certainly not so common that its reasonable to assume that 18 year old car models and promotions girls have had it. Most of these girls look natural (with lots of make up and primping) to me. Really pretty too. I really like seeing how a girl looks naturally. It is a huge tun on to see how fresh and pretty they might look without all the make up. I like the make up too. Mary looks really pretty. Also, at that age, a natural beauty doesnt need to do too much to look lovely. youth is the main ingredient.

  61. Mary don’t sweat the negative comments here. You look gorgeous in your pictures and really should consider doing more modeling professionally. Thanks for sharing so many pics with us.

    Oh and besides a very small amount of people on here who somehow find him funny(?), the rest of us think STRIPES is an asshole and a racist.

  62. For the record, Stripes is certainly a racist (at least judging him by his posts, here). But, I still find him kind of amusing and I enjoy many of his posts.

    And…I’m a white guy, (Not really, I’m Italian and Sicilian and I don’t consider myself “White”. But for the sake of the conversation, here, I guess most would call me “White”.)

    Of course the whole Todd thing is silly, but I kind of find it amusing. I am certainly not Todd.

  63. The whole term though is thrown out there to offend white guys that date Asian girls and his own inferiority complex to such guys. He can say it’s only for nerdy guys but he uses it enough that it’s racial undertones are pretty obvious.

    As a white guy if I kept throwing the word “charlie” around when referring to Asian dudes I’d be rightly admonished and probably banished while this jackass gets warning after warning and still sticks around. I have yet to read anything funny he has written but to each their own.

    Curious Bigfoot. If you’re Italian and you don’t consider yourself white what do you consider yourself?

  64. In my view, its not that STRIPES is unfunny or racist, its just a very old and not so funny joke. Observational humor is one thing but tedious repetition is another.

    For over a year, it has been the same TODD comment over and over again. We get it. There are a lot of nerdy guys who get Asian girls that are probably too hot for them. Good for them.

    I dont consider myself nerdy but I am proud to say I have a hot asian wife that is hotter than I probably deserve. It wasn’t anything about me other than my persistence and charm that won her over. I would hate to think that anyone might consider me unable to date hot white women or she superficial because we are an interracial couple.

    The perpetuation of stereotypes and ignorant generalizations is against what I think is the basis of this website. It is the appreciation of differences and beauty that is what I like about AS. Asian women are generally beautiful to me. Some more than others but in general more so than other types. Many men would not agree with us. To each his or her own.

    I congratulate any man who is able to find a woman to love him and if she happens to be hot, sexy and intelligent (asian or otherwise) good for him. It is the person that points and ridicules him that is truly a loser.

  65. darklighter,

    It’s funny you should ask that. Many Italians I know think of “White people” as those from northern Europe. White bread types, who know-not of spice and are straight-laced and uptight. Talk about stereotypes. :#)

    We Italians have SOUL, dammit! We are fun loving people, who dance, sing, drink and love, everyday. (There was a movie, either Zebrahead or Jungle Feaver, where the black girl is dating an Italian guy and says something to the effect of, “He’s not really White, he’s Italian.” I laughed my ass off, as that’s what I say!)

    Of course, as I am half Sicilian, there is a decent chance I have some African ancestry, somewhere in my family tree.

    Would you consider the Spanish “White”?

  66. Mary Grace you’re a beauty and you were quite cute on your 14. You’re fantastic now.

    If I see it right, you are next to your boyfriend and you are the one french kissing that other girl?

  67. redlaw,

    Of course you are 100% correct. I don’t mind stereotypes used for comedic effect, but they really have no place in a serious discussion.

    And, you are luck to find a women you love, who also loves you, for who you are.

    Are their people who are shallow in the way they date and marry? Of course. But, I have to assume they are a very small minority.

    When I hear a guy like Stripes blame every Asian Woman/White Man combo on the Todd syndrome, it makes me think that he is insecure. Like the Angry Asian Chick (or whatever she was called) if you go looking for prejudice/conspiracy or other ulterior motives in a situation, you are likely to find them. In most situations, that says more about the person who sees these things, than about the world itself, IMO.

  68. Didn’t mean any offense Bigfoot (not that I think you took it that way) I was just wondering. I have alot of Italian friends and I’ve always heard them refer to themselves as “white”. The Spanish as in right from Spain and pretty much all the people from European countries I personally always considered as Caucasian. Just some are darker or lighter depending on climate of that particular part etc.

    I’m sorry to get us off topic I just thought it was interesting. Because I once heard alot of Japanese don’t consider themselves as Asian. I thought that was peculiar too but I suppose everybody has their own self-classifications.

    Nice way of putting things by the way Redlaw. It is a tiresome lame joke, and congrats on your girl too.

    And of course thanks for the new pic N1FF!

  69. No offense taken, at all, darklighter.

    People directly from Spain can be considered Hispanic, as can the Portuguese. That’s what the term originally meant (from what I understand). Now, it tends to be used to describe people from countries in the “new world” that were ruled by Spain, and speak Spanish.

    Anyway, that was interesting…now, back to the girls. That little Nickie really is pretty cute…but, she doesn’t look very Asian in that picture. :#)

  70. I have to say, the commentary here is pretty interesting! I’m going to have to chime in more often. My personal favorite Fireball girls, by the way, are the two girls in the October 29 10:16pm post. I love the blue eyes and dark hair together.

    Anyway, quick question: what’s the story on the tattoo in the 7:02pm post? “Pig” seems an unusual choice, though I suspect there might be a story behind it…

  71. Mary, you are very cute, but please lose the cigarette — it’ll stunt your growth!

    P.S. I’m short also and an ex-smoker

  72. Daznlover, I am the one in leopard print sucking the life out of that poor gal – lol!

    Also, I was a bit lost, but then found what “Todd” meant. I will agree that the whole thought-process on that is so shallow.

    It’s all about preference and what your attraction is. My boyfriend now is actually my first asian boyfriend. All guys previous were “white.”

    The subject can branch from theory to theory, but it doesn’t matter. When I dated my “white & nerdy” boyfriends it was because I admired their intellect, which was on-par if not higher than mine. I mean, who the hell wants to date something nice to look at, but really can’t keep your interest in any other way? Sure there were a lot of “hot, smart white guys,” but who wants an egotistical man-whore? [Please note, this is my point of view from personal experience!]

    Not to mention, sometimes its the nerdy looking guys who are more open and may have a lot more interests in common with, say, the “asian” gal. IE: video games, anime, manga, etc.. .Which was the case for me. Plussss, maybe finding each other on a dating site helped first, lol.

    Ex #1 & Myself 2004

    Ex #2 & Myself 2006

    All-in-all, when all is said & done, nerds rule the world =p

    Denver11, being Filipino is a pain in the butt. At least in terms of claiming what, well, what we’re suppose to claim! Yes, I’m an islander, but I reside on the Asian continent. So wtf am I? I remember when I cared, I viciously argued & debated that topic. In the end though, we’re all a damn melting pot of something and as long as one is comfortable with who they are and has a sense of their culture and roots, that’s all that matters.

    [I don’t know what I just said, but I’m exhausted, so disregard if it does not pertain, thank you!] Good night as well!

    FYI, I have always loved ogling that Nikki gal.. .Cute as a button & outright sexy!

  73. WoW…”I am the one in leopard print sucking the life out of that poor gal”. Sounds like Mary Grace may very well be one coolest chicks around these parts. πŸ˜›

  74. Repost of Nickie 4’10 the shortest in the group

    photobucket has a problem with this photo for some reason.

    And here’s a final pic. The other half lao, Jes.
    Who is the tallest 5’7

    Nickie is the shortest however she dosent Look the shortest in person

    Rebecca is 4’11
    Anna Marie is 5’0
    Hollie Winnard is 5’1
    (all 3 of these girls sometimes appear shorter)

    the othe Super petites are
    Tracy Nova 5’1
    Callista 5’1
    brandi 5’1
    Karla Molina 5’0

  75. Mary Grace, I love it the way you suck life out of your girlfriend’s… That’s sexy. πŸ™‚

    Btw, you filipinas are kinda asian but also hispanic (hot topic in this thread) because of the strong past spanish influence. From my point of view, it makes for beautiful and passionate women, that mix of europe and asia.

  76. One of my coolest girlfriends ever, was a Filipino. She was Asian-looking (as opposed to Hispanic-looking) and was a little nerdy. She was really beautiful, though, and a ton of fun. Very smart and very cool. She is married now, with children, but we have stayed in contact through the years.

    That may be one of the reasons I think Mary Grace is so hot…although I’m guessing I would think that, anyway.

  77. That is SO cute, Mary Grace. You have a terrific smile.

    Your friends look very cute, too. Love the school girl look. :#) (Damn dirty old man.)

    Great pic, thanks for sharing.

  78. wow…first time we had a member post a pix..great pix, very cute…..bigfoot..i think we are all dirty old men..especially doc and adam πŸ™‚

  79. Thanks, Mary.
    You look very sexy and your gfs are looking great too.

    Now I realize I was probably knocking on the wrong doors for trick or treat… πŸ™‚

    Looks like a lot of fun there!

  80. Mary, I’ve shot at Vuong’s house before, I used this makeshift studio for a shoot. I’m imagining Krystle’s reaction to having her picture on this site (she seems to model for Vuong a lot). Oh wow, on second look, I know way too many people in this thread.


    I would be very interested in working with your friend, Chelly, in the future.

    Oh, and Voung’s site (under production) is if anybody is interested. [He could use the publicity]

  81. Mary Grace, admit it, you like making me happy, don’t you? πŸ™‚

    Your girlfriends may be AS post girls! Chelly and Natalie are beautiful and that’s a nice photo work.

    Natalie’s mom is still young and very attractive also. Runs natural in the family, I see.

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