(Tilae has asked that her photos be removed, and so they have been – Email had been sent a long time ago, but was sent to the wrong email address and not received until now)

Number 2 in my new model series is Tilae. She does not use her last name. Tilae has been modeling for a little over a year.Originally I had 18 photos I wanted to provide for Tilae, and I cut it down to 8 or 9. Despite her personal dislike of me =(, I like her. She’s pretty.

Age: 26
From: Atlanta, GA
Height: 5’4
Weight: 111
Shoe Size: 6
Ethnicity: Korean


Tilae’s MySpace Photos

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  1. I won’t say who she very strongly resembles, but I know Doc and Robin will immediately think the same thing as I did at first glance. Tilae’s tattoo is much bigger, though.
    Great find, Travis. Now, if you could just stop writing “more after the jump” when a “more” link is automatically generated whenever there is more! 😉

  2. I seem to get more clicks that way. My “views” tend to be fairly high. Though I may simply be incorrectly attributing that to the line, it seems like people are more likely to click “more” when I write it. Not members, obviously, but random visitors. I like it when the view number gets high. Makes me feel important =).

  3. You may be right. She may not have had surgery – I just find it hard to believe that the bridge of her nose is real. I welcome being wrong. Either way, I don’t particularly care.

  4. Sorry, Arf was responding while I was writing. She’s got a pretty nice butt for an Asian, too. Funny how she only lists her ethnicity as Asian. Says she’s an Army brat. so probably a mix.

  5. Wow, I definitely think I can forgive the tatoo, she’s so attractive. The close up does make it look like there hasn’t been any surgery, but after reading Travis’s comment, I agree with the comment about the nose….but hey I’d prefer to be wrong about that

  6. I was mostly too busy looking at her bod to notice her nose, but the facial close up helped. Anyway, surgery, schnurgery, she so HOT!

  7. Travis is absolutely correct IMHO – the accentuated bridge is highly characteristic of a nasal implant on Asians. And the boobs are certainly fake as well. Not exceptionally pretty – and her lower body is a little too stocky for my taste – but damn, she looks so fit and vital! Her abs are just sensational. She gives me the impression that she’d be very flexible, if you know what I mean. 😉

    Oh, and I’m guessing she’s Japanese.

  8. Hm… Really? You think Japanese? I can definitely see it, especially in the 2nd and 3rd photos, but in the others she looks more Korean to me. Her body shape as well, which is slightly stocky in her lower body (as Doc notes) but not as stocky as most Japanese women. But it is possible there is something I am not seeing. She could also be a mix, as Wingsfan mentioned, though I would be hesitant to believe that the mix is with Caucasian.

    Another mystery. She’s going to end up being Naga =).

  9. she is pretty but yes bad boob job unfortunatly (why they do such thing)

    they dont watch “Nip/Tuck” !! as its a good warning.

    hmm maybe vietnamese.

    (if japanese, maybe from Hawaii descendant )

  10. I like her tattoo, but she would look better if she had no tats at all just because of where she decided to get it. And despite the bad boob job, I really like her. Plus she’s not orange. Great find Travis.

  11. Her friends call her Tye. I found her blocked personal MySpace page. Neither Tye nor Tilae are names used by any of the common ethnicities. Also, she was born in the United States. The closest I came to anything even resembling a clue is that I found her personal MySpace through the MySpace of a Korean DJ that is friends with her in real life. That means absolutely nothing – but that is literally the only clue I found. Oh well. It was fun to look. =).

  12. Actually, she looks to me as though she’s a Japanese girl who has had surgery to make herself look Korean (not unusual these days) – hence most people’s impression. Another possibility is that she is Lao or Cambodian – they can have this sort of look too. That might explain the odd name as well.

  13. I’m not a tattoo guy, but I find it amusing that there are some posters here who rant against any tattoo, no matter how small, or how attractive the woman.

    In this case, though, that is a rather unfortunate place to get inked, IMO. But, I could put that aside, if this girl was more attractive.

    Terrific stomach, legs seem to be fine and her face is just OK (not unattractive, but not spectacular, either). But, those boobs have to be a joke. Shouldn’t she have a malpractice argument, or at least get her money refunded? They look fine, under her clothes…but, off comes her top, and then, “WHOAH! Put your top back on, babe.”

  14. I’m onboard with the bad boobs movement! While I try not to look at train wreck boobs, the only person I’ve seen with worse boobs that comes to mind is the chick from Terminator 3!

    The tattoo…meh! Don’t really care. Definitely draws my attention down there, but I don’t need a tattoo for that! If she is going to have that tat there, she should be showing the entire area there not hiding it behind clothes…you know, to fully appreciate the artistry and aesthetics of the artwork! 😛

    Oh, and Tara Reid had some pretty messed up tits too!

    Help! Someone post a girl with hot boobs before I spiral into some bad-boob-funk!

  15. I’m no breast expert, but maybe she got the breast implants when she was less fit, and then after she exercised they began to tighten up and look more off center. The right breast looks almost too tight to have been created that way.

  16. I did. That’s how I noticed her. Also why I put that first photo first. Face shape and hair, especially. Like you said, only in some photos, but that’s how I found her.

  17. first glance, she screams Korean!! there was a Korean escort/provider awhile back in the Bay Area, California whose name was Tye. she now resides in Atl, Ga. hmmm..

    I know its hot her, but East Asian women do use names such as these to sound more exotic. btw, bad boob job!!

  18. Travis is basically correct – she has submuscular implants, which normally produce a more natural looking result, as it softens the edge around them. However, she obviously works out a lot, which means the implant will contort under the pectoral muscles, with results like this. I normally recommend submuscular placement, but for body builders, over the muscle is the only sensible way to go.

  19. Oh, and while agree she does look Korean, she still gives me the impression of being a Japanese girl who has had surgery to make herself look that way. I could be completely wrong of course, but from memory I don’t think I have been yet. But hey, there’s a first time for everything! 😉

    I don’t think she looks particularly like Sung Hi either – at least no more than many other “Korean looking” models.

  20. I feel in love with her legs in the 2nd photo. Unlike Doc, I really like strong, athletic legs (if not too much). She’s really so sexy.

    Then I fell in love with her completely in the 3rd photo. If she’s some executive, chances are she is smart too. So, athletic, attractive, sexy legs, terrific abs, she has most of it! Pretty amazing!

  21. Yeah…like daznlover, I am sold on her very shapely and heathy legs. WoW them thighs in the second and third photo down. Also, she has nice knees in the bottom photo. Oh yeah and her abs and butt. Nice. I think she’s swell…want to touch her. ;P

  22. I’m gonna say Korean.Giving big fitness points.She can always get a do-over on the boobs.Hell-now that she’s pulling down checks from Akon…maybe she can get down to Miami for a quality do-over.I’d certainly let her have her way as-is.I’m now very curious about what’s going on in ATL these days.Asian babes were’nt anywhere on the radar when I lived there as a kid.

  23. I now live two hours away from Atlanta and have heard first hand from a korean girl at a jewelry store at the mall, about the rather large korean community in the city. Big long story as you all can see from my writing. Simply exciting…yeah? Korean girls are hot!!!

  24. My first impression was that she was Korean. That said, while I’m usually very attracted to Korean girls, this one has a fairly harsh face. Not necessarily unattractive, just… severe. I definitely prefer softer looks in the facial dept. In some of her shots she looks… dare I say it?… a bit manish (particularly, the 7th pic and those that arf posted).

    As per her body, the legs are fantastic – and I’m not a legs kinda guy. That 3rd pic down is jaw-dropping!

    I would agree with most that the boob job is somewhat unfortunate (when her top is off), but it’s certainly not hideous either.

    Doc: That’s the first I’ve heard of Japanese girls going for surgery to make themselves look more Korean. Amusing to think that Koreans tend to have quite a bit of facial work done themselves. So does that mean the Japanese ladies want to look like Korean girls who want to look more Western? ^^;;

  25. yes !
    completly agree with Sevendeuce on all the point.

    japanese girl are proud to stay japanese and not korean !

    its funny : a japanese girl who want to be korean (by making surgery)

    Anyway, she is ok !

  26. sevendeuce: actually, Korean plastic surgery is admired throughout Asia these days, and with good reason: it is normally quite tastefully done. Pretty much all the Korean stars have had it, even if they look completely natural. And Korean soaps and such are quite “hot” throughout Asia these days as well. Other Asian women don’t necessarily want to look Korean as such, but it has become quite fashionable to emulate “Korean style” facial surgery. Mind you, the Japanese have always had very tasteful and natural looking plastic surgery themselves.

  27. You guys are way too picky. You shouldn’t let a thing like a tat get in the way of admiring a good looking woman.

    Have to agree with a few of the others here tho. The pics make the boobs look lopsided, but then again perhaps that’s just the lighting. I never was a boob man. More of a leg/ass man myself.

    And I think she’s Korean also! The eyes, nose, and body proportions, IMHO, say Korean.

  28. I looked through the post and i dont think anyone has mentioned that she does not look 26 yo as posted. More like 30-33. and 5’4 111 lbs? with that nice firm and muscular body it would be closer to 125-130 lbs, right? Muscle is denser. Packs more weight at half the size of fat.

    aside from that she does have a very nice “overall” package.

    She does look on some shots Korean.
    Someone mentioned because her fitness they are more inclined to believe she is Korean? Is that true about Korean women?

  29. I definitely think she’s Korean. Boob job could be much better but at least she shows em. I’d say I agree with VNdessert and state her age somewhere closer to 35 but I hope you’re wrong in thinking she has a nice “package”.

  30. Flipping through her Myspace pics, I came across a picture of her and her Dad and another of her and her mom. As well as pics of her and her 3 sisters. Her dad is black, and her sisters look of a much darker complection than she does. And they also have less of the Asian features that she exudes. Her mom appears to me, to look of Chinese descent.

  31. Not to be too mean, but she definitely got the best in the looks and body department compared to her sisters.

    Arf. Arf, Arf. Please don’t get yourself banned — we’ll miss you man.

  32. she has a hot bod, just an fortunate breast job…doc, can that be fixed?

    arf, please behave so you wont get banned man 🙂

  33. Yeah, she could get another set of implants which hopefully correct the problems she has now (provided she uses the right type and incision).

    And arf, please don’t mix alcohol and AS, okay? 🙂

  34. The implants are almost so bad they’re good. Definitely not off the robo boob assembly line. The face is incredible, as is the body. But that tat is evil. The idiot guy who talked her into that (I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t do it on her own) should banished from society. And she is definitely Korean.

  35. I think she’s really pretty but man to compare her to Sung Hi? C’mon! They look nothing alike. Everytime a Korean girl gets a post here everybody says she looks like Sung Hi. Much different facial structure. I’m not even sure she’s Korean anymore. Someone else here already said and I’d agree with is that she looks most like Leanna Scott.

  36. Her boob job might not be as bad as some of the photos make it look. Below is a link to a photo of her from the side and her boobs look really good – at least to me.

    Deviant Art

    The site requires free registration, but the login on BugMeNot.com work if you don’t want to go through the registration hassle.

  37. Hey guys, I’m back and sober. I don’t even remember those comments up there. I’ll be more careful from here on out…promise. 🙂

  38. Dude…LawBoy, I kinda wonder if my wife got on the computer and did a little sabotage action. She does hate when I spend too much time here. Weird…the power of beer. 😐

  39. Alright arf, I’ve deleted your drunken comments, but as you know this isn’t the first time I’ve had to do this. I really can’t allow it to happen again, so please don’t mix alcohol and AS ever again, okay?

  40. We never thought you were a tranny, arf.
    Seems like I missed some of your posts, stop drinking. 😉

    I really love Tilae’s legs and her fit body.

  41. Sheesh thanks for hijacking the thread Arf.. Surprised no post on the retirement of Felicia Tang on here. She was one of the greats.

  42. So you did Denver, sorry I missed it. But she should have a separate posting just for the retirement. She was in my revolving top three favorite models. She will be missed.

  43. Yeah you’re right…in breaking news Cal Ripken retired from the Baltimore Orioles….IN 2001! See? Doesn’t carry quite the same gravitas.

    Just sayin if we’re going to have a post up everytime an Asian chick sits down bareass at a piano or something then Felicia shoulda gotten some kinda post.

    But ok I bitched enough. Thanks for the awesome post on Tilae Travis. Hopefully she’ll start her own website. PEACE!

  44. That’s funny…I used to work at a golf course Cal Ripken Sr. played golf at every week at Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland. I would always see him out while I was cutting a little grass or fertilizing the greens. That was like way back in the 90’s. Also the more I see Tilae and that fit frame the more I lust over them legs and hips and nipples.

  45. She is hot but the nipples are ugly. I might just be picky with nipples, but it ruins it for me. They are big, not perky, not the same size or shape, and not pointed in the same direction.

    With her top on she looks much hotter to me.

  46. I guess I’m the opposite when it comes to nipples. I like a little size and shape. And the not so round shape is a plus too. Little nipples are for guys in my opinion.

  47. her myspace shows her standing with an african american man she says is her father and her mother, who looks korean to me. She says she is an army brat so it fits. Nice mix.

  48. last comment… She has some seriously awesome thighs. they look great from every angle. and in between.

  49. Definitely not her bio dad. Especially after you see what her sisters look like. I would assume the dad met her mom in Vietnam on a tour and married her after her real dad either took a hike or was KIA.

  50. Father KIA??? We would be looking at 40 year old girls if they were from the vietnam war. I dont think so.

  51. I had her pegged for Korean from the start (and I still say she looks a lot like Sunghi) and I agree with Denver in that she’s not mixed. I could be wrong too, but I’d say her (step)father probably met her mother after she already had Tilae, while he was stationed in Korea.
    Even today in Korean society, a single mother’s chances of remarrying with a Korean man are slim, so many have to “settle” for non-Koreans if they want to remarry.

  52. With legs like that, she’s certainly the marrying type, in my opinion. They’re perfect in every way. I think redlaw has found his dream girl?

  53. She just posted on her MySpace that she will no longer be posting her pictures on her account, she doesn’t want people stealing her pics for other websites. Guess she doesn’t want the extra exposure.

  54. Unreal. Shje’s my favorite model posted on here in months and now she gets shy. Come on Tilae! You need the exposure….especially of the Playboy variety.

  55. Aw, if she wants them taken down, I would be happy to do so at her request. She does not need to be upset or anything.

    Isn’t she a model, though? Isn’t the act of being shown publicly what a model does?

  56. Shes hot, what a bod!!, she looks like she could do the Dallas cowboys (& their cheerleaders!) & not even raise a sweat!!

  57. Fav model of 2008. Too bad she doesn’t know how to promote herself. Hey Tilae there’s a whole world outside of Atlanta!

    Just a few other tasty shots I ran across…

  58. Wowza. She was not happy about this post. Check out this from her MySpace:

    All those from A**** Siren… FYI I AM 100% KOREAN! I am not a korean wanna be (omg!). The comments that were made were very cruel and shallow. I have NEVER had ANY facial surgery done. Not all koreans fit your ignorant stero type. Who the HELL has the time to sit there and do nothing but guess what nationality I am, if my nose is real, talking about my tattoo, and giving your opinion about parts of my body! You feel it’s your right to make whatever comments you want. I have every right to speak up and defend myself against cold hearted people like you. I won’t go on about all you ignorant people that took the time to look me up, steal pictures, and assume things about me, because it’s a waste of my time. Exposure is positive networking that works in the models best interest. It’s very apparent this site does nothing of that sort. I just want you people to know that I am fully aware of your lame site. Travis you will be hearing from me very shortly.

    I don’t know why she was yelling at me. I think she’s hot =P.

  59. This girl is ridiculous. We had a fair balance of opinions from both sides as to whether she had rhinoplasty or not, and what ethnicity she is. People are just expressing their opinions, and most of them have been quite positive anyway. In my experience, the girls who really vehemently deny surgery are often the ones who’ve actually had it; those who haven’t really had it tend to just laugh such speculation off, as they don’t feel insecure about it. This girl is obviously hopelessly insecure, and just doesn’t have the mettle to be a professional model.

  60. Oh yes – I’m sure Tilae will trash me now, but I don’t care, as I’m not insecure like her, and I know that having a presence on the internet means some people will inevitably say nasty things about you (this is certainly nothing new for me!). And Tilae doesn’t have any legal right to demand the removal of any of the text here, as nothing here is libelous.

    I’m sure everyone here is happy to take her at her word regarding her ethnicity; my speculation (and others’) above was exactly that – speculation, because she didn’t state her ethnicity herself.

  61. Yeah well I never thought her face looked altered but her boobs definitely were but I L-O-V-E her boobs and the rest of her body WHEW-WEEEE!! Still my favorite new model posted up here of 2008. I’m sorry she takes such offense because I agree with the Doc that most of it was very positive or lustful (in my case anyway). You’re a gorgeous woman Tilae don’t let a few critical comments blind you to the overwhelming positive ones. WE JUST WANT TO SEE MORE OF YOU!!!

  62. Travis,

    I am asking you to please remove ALL of my pictures and to not place anymore on this site or any other site. Please remove them as soon as you can.

    Thank you,


  63. Very beautiful images. Unfortunately the images posted here are either stolen from Model Mayhem or MySpace, and copyright notice has been photoshopped out, making this website subject to criminal prosecution.

    Nothing wrong with posting beautiful women images, as long as models have given permission and signed a model release given photographer permission to post to this website. I have not given anyone permission to post Tilae’s images on this site.

  64. Hi Paul,

    It is not our policy to remove copyright notices – it is our editorial policy to give full credit to our sources where known. I will enquire with Travis as to if he removed them, or simply found them that way.

    We also respect the wishes of the copyright holders if they want images removed, but are you sure you wnat to throw away all this free promotion?

  65. As thin-skinned, reactionary, and temperamental as she is, she won’t last in the modeling business!

  66. In fact, I am 95% sure I did not remove anything, but I cannot remember. It was too long ago.

    Photos have been removed. I do not have anything to do with comments, nor editing/moderating privileges, so that is up to Dr. Lee.

  67. Funnily enough, this is the first time I’ve looked at her Model Mayhem pics (it was crashing my browser before for some reason). If I did (instead of just going on the pics Travis posted), I would have concluded she was Korean too – it looks quite definite in her MM pics.

  68. Paul, I don’t know if you’re reading this, but Tilae never asked me to remove these photos, ever. Not “requested you several months ago to remove those images, and you ignored her.” It was never requested, and I always do it, always. Seriously – always. I have not yet once left photos up intentionally ever when asked to remove them, even at times when the site’s moderators asked me to keep them up. So while there may be some rage against me for posting something that was clearly made public, there has yet to be a time, ever, where I have not gladly accepted a request. Maybe she thought she emailed me and didn’t, but I have never received anything, and I have every email I have ever received from anyone in my inbox.

  69. In addition, I don’t recall taking the copyright off anything. If I did, which I do not think I did, my only thought is that it was one of my first posts and I was still figuring out how to shrink images in MSPaint. But I still am fairly convinced I did not remove anything.

    Your email was polite, of course, but I felt that these are things that should be clarified.

  70. One final note, Paul, I would also be happy to feature anyone if you would like to show off your portfolio, so if the model has not been featured on this website before and you would like to show off some pictures, please let me know. Copyright will be kept on, of course, as well as a link to a website if you like.

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